Makita XBU04PTV leaf blower can be a great addition to your yard machinery, as its blowing performance makes yard work easier. As a homeowner, professional landscaper, or gardener, you always want your outdoor space to look neat and attractive- only the best tools can get you this result.

Closeup Review of Makita XBU04PTV

So, we have brought you all the details of this Makita blower, including its advantages, disadvantages, features, and special effects, to help you make a decision on whether or not purchasing it will be in your best interest.

Pros Cons
Multifunctional yard tool It is bulky and heavy
Convenient and easy to use It is expensive
Powerful blowing and suction power
Fewer emissions

Makita XBU04PTV Highlights

This cordless leaf blower has numerous winning specifications and features, one of which is its 3-in-1 function, which makes it suitable for commercial and residential leaf-clearing jobs.

It is a winner among other handheld blowers because of its effective operation, among many other things, some of which include: 

  • Built-in brushless motor
  • Multifunctional with vacuum attachment kit 
  • Variable speed control
  • Two 18V Lithium-ion battery system
  • 25.8 pounds weight
  • Reusable collection bag
  • Speed lock control
  • Blower nozzle with extendable tube
  • 61 decibel noise level
  • Resistance to harsh conditions
  • Star protection controls
  • Three-year warranty

Makita XBU04PTV Review

Makita XBU04PTV Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Multifunctional yard tool
Convenient and easy to use
Powerful blowing and suction power
Fewer emissions
It is bulky and heavy
It is expensive

The primary feature that attracts buyers to this cordless blower is its ability to perform different functions. It has a blower, mulcher, and vacuum features, which users can easily switch between using the vacuum kit as they need to without slowing down the cleaning process. 

The versatility of this leaf-blowing tool, which makes it very convenient for yard work, is a great reason to purchase it. Although the machine is very efficient, its weight can be a problem for many people, especially after use for an extended period, as it is considerably heavier than other handheld blowers. To elaborate further, it has a total weight of 25.8 pounds, which can quickly cause fatigue during operation, but of course the job it is doing is greater if you wish to compare it to the productivity.

Another excellent feature the Makita leaf vacuum/mulcher has is its high airflow capacity. The airflow is the amount of air coming out of the blower’s nozzle per time. This machine has a 473 cubic feet per minute airflow, which is strong enough to dislodge large leaves and seeds. 

On the other hand, it is also a great option to know that it has a relatively high airflow capacity can compete with a few gas-powered backpack leaf blowers, in comparison. The key reason behind this is that the amount of air it blows per time, users can get yard work done in half the time it would take to do it. 

Additionally, the machine has multiple airflow settings that allow users to reduce or increase the speed and volume of air that comes out of the nozzle to suit the task at hand. This airflow control button is easily accessible, as a result the user has the freedom to switch back and forth between the airflow settings as the machine is doing its work, and remember that you are not limited to only two settings or three, you have a variety of them.

How Has Makita XBU04PTV Evolved?

The Makita XBU04PTV has evolved by having a better speed setting, now, you can have a variety of them, but in the previous model the XBU01PT you have two speed settings. Also, the old one requires a 36V battery whereas this one is 18V, which means it’s less power consuming. 

Evolved by Having a Better Speed Setting

The Makita cordless leaf vacuum has come a long way from what it was. With an improvement in its power output, airflow capacity, and reduced noise level, this blower model is one of the best on the market. The battery capacity on this blower has improved over the years. An older version is the Makita XBU03SM1, which we highly recommend reviewing and compare it.


Features Breakdown

– Built-in Brushless Motor

The motor on this blower is a 4-stroke brushless motor, and for that reason, it can be called a brushless blower. With its high-performance motor, this blower is able to generate a high air volume and airspeed (473 CFM at 120 MPH) that is on par with many gas-powered blowers. 

Gas Powered Blower from Brushless Cordless Blower

If you consider the fact that you can get what you would be able to get from a gas-powered blower from this brushless cordless blower is impressive, and it will be money well spent.

The motor on the machine makes it suitable for both commercial and residential applications, and this is a great deal, if you think about it. You can power through the piles of leaves and other debris with this leaf-blowing tool easily, as the machine is powerful enough to be able to do it in a swift manner.

On the other hand, when you have a closer look at the motor on this Makita blower, remember that it is the key that makes it more environmentally friendly, as it produces zero emissions. Basically what this means is that, if you invest in this blower, you can rest assured that you’re not increasing your carbon footprint, just as it is powerful enough without any emission. 

– Multifunctional With Vacuum Attachment Kit

As previously mentioned, this leaf-blowing tool functions as a blower, vacuum, and mulcher, and users can switch between each application with the Makita leaf blower vacuum attachment kit

On the other hand, think about the aspects, such as the blower, vacuum, and mulcher features on this single machine make yard work more convenient for users, they can help you in different ways. You can switch between the type of cleaning you want to do mid-work- whether it’s blowing or vacuuming. This feature really benefits anyone that does yard work on a regular basis.

– Variable Speed Control

This cordless blower kit has a control for adjusting the airspeed and air volume it produces. The control is useful when you need to change the airspeed to your preferred setting for specific tasks.

For example, if you’re working on stubborn stuck leaves, you will need a high blowing and even vacuuming power, and if you’re blowing around delicate plants, you will need a low blowing power, so you can always adjust accordingly.

When the adjustment is done in a proper matter, it will give you the freedom to be efficient in your needs and to work on your own pace, because you don’t need to set it significantly to the product’s givens. 

Moreover, you can even consider the speed control features as ones that are responsible to help in a longer run to save battery and give a longer run time. On low speeds, the blower will last longer, and at high speeds, you get a relatively smaller run-time, and it will get things done in a very neat manner as you would take your time and clean the yard. 

– 18V Lithium-ion Battery System

You’ll find two 18V lithium-ion batteries in the brushless blower kit, which makes a total of 36V. These batteries are what power the blower and give it the juice to perform.

If you check it from one end, you can think of it as when the lithium-ion cordless blower battery is fully charged, it has a longer run time, about 15 to 17 minutes on low to medium speeds, which is a great choice. 

18 v Lithium Ion Batteries in The Brushless Blower Kit

On the other hand, when you aim to use high airspeeds drain the LXT brushless cordless blowing tools’ battery much faster. The batter would be giving you about 10 minutes of run-time, this is because this mode is one responsible for the excessive speed, and this would result in the usage of the battery. 

That’s sad, given how much this blower can do, but the duration is short, but if you look at the bright side, it has a relatively short charge time, about 45 minutes to get a full charge on it. While it is a powerful blower, it is more suited to clearing medium-sized spaces.

– Star Protection Controls

This Makita mulcher or blower tool has a control technology that enables the machine and its battery to share information that will help keep it in optimum condition. This technology can monitor and protect against things like overheating, over-discharging and overloading with the data it reads. 

In short, even while you’re completing a task, the in-built technology helps to protect your tool, as the manufacturer company is one that thought if this point, and knowing their machine and it’s skill, they created this self-protective factor. 

– Blower Nozzle With Extendable Tube

This feature adds more length to the nozzle and gives users more control while they’re operating the blower. 

When you get this blower, you will check that it has a five inches adjustment range on the nozzle, making it more convenient to maneuver and point it exactly where you need it to go. When this nozzle is set, the machine would tackle the debris and leaves in a smoother manner.

– Resistant to Harsh Conditions

This blowing tool also features an extreme protection technology that protects the machine in harsh weather conditions. This is why the blower is said to be durable. It has protective layers that keep external contaminants like water and dust from the vital parts.

In addition, you should know that it will be a great addition to your yard tools if you live in arid regions where it gets dusty all the time. Which means that whether rain or sunshine would subject it, this blower will serve for a very long time as long as you maintain it properly, so if you forget it around these weathers, it will still run smoothly.



Overall, this leaf blower is a great choice for anyone seeking a strong, effective, and multifunctional yard tool. With its fast charging design, multiple speed control, and 4-stroke motor, it is a great option for both business and home use. 

Although it is somewhat hefty and pricey, and with a few other disadvantages, the advantages this blower provides far exceed its drawbacks. What you need to consider before purchasing is that this is a productive machine, that gets three things done which means you don’t need to buy other machines to compete with the given aspect. One very good alternative is the Makita UB1103 model.

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