Milwaukee M18 Fuel is Blower is a second-generation leaf blower, an upgrade from the Milwaukee M18 jobsite blower, designed to meet the needs of large property owners or landscaping and maintenance professionals. The blower has a more optimized performance with a higher speed, longer run time, slimmer build, ergonomics, and user-friendliness.

Product Review of Milwaukee M18 Fuel

So, to help you decide if this tool is a good fit for your cleaning needs, we have extensively reviewed it and its features, so you have more than enough information to guide you before purchasing it.

Pros Cons
Lightweight design and easy to use Short battery life
Quiet operation with a strong blowing force Air intake tends to suck in user’s clothing
Comfortable handle
It is compatible with the same manufacture’s batteries and chargers of other tools 

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Highlights 

It might not seem like much to some, but the improvements made to the Milwaukee M18 Blower Gen 2 make it a strong contender among other handheld battery-powered blowers and a suitable substitute for gas blowers.

Axial Brushless Motor Milwaukee M18 Fuel Highlights

With high efficiency and reliability, you cannot go wrong with this improved tool from Milwaukee as it has a compact, stylish but solid build, with more power, less weight, and an increase in air speed of 20 percent. 

  • Cordless Battery powered handheld blower
  • 8.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • 18V Axial Brushless motor
  • 450 CFM air volume
  • 120 MPH air speed
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Two speed settings with a lock on button
  • Weighs 4.9 lbs
  • Noise Rating: 63 DBS
  • The blower kit comes with a 9.0 ah battery, and a rapid charger
  • Five-year warranty

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Review

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Lightweight design and easy to use
Quiet operation with a strong blowing force
Comfortable handle
It is compatible with the same manufacture’s batteries and chargers of other tools
Short battery life
Air intake tends to suck in user’s clothing

The axial brushless motor on the blower delivers up to 450 CFM air volume and a 120 MPH maximum airspeed, which is plenty of power output to blow any type and size of leaves or debris from any surface. With the amount of power on the Gen 2 Milwaukee M18, and the fact that you do not have to drag a cord around or deal with irritating fumes while working, medium to heavy-duty cleaning feels like a breeze. 

A 450 CFM volume is strong enough to let you push leaves and debris over several meters without getting close or bending down and risking quick fatigue. This is the type of leaf blower that has the ability to clear the debris and the leaves that are from 50 feet away. 

On the other hand, what you should be also thinking about it the fact that the airspeed is not as strong as that of gas blowers, but for a battery-powered tool, it is more than enough to get the job done, but again, if you have a yard that is not that big, this is a great one that you can invest in.

Just shy of five pounds, the Milwaukee blower totals a weight of 4.9 pounds with the battery attached, which means that when you are ready to work with it, this is the loaded weight that you would be using. With this impressively lightweight tool, you can return from a long day of battling heavy leaves and stubborn debris feeling as energetic as when you started because this blower would not weigh you down. 

In general this is a lightweight machine, that has the ability to also allow you to maneuver the blower easily, is partially due to its slim design as well as the brushless motor it runs with. When you are working using it, you won’t feel pressured because the task won’t look like it is something that will take ages to finish, since the lightweight design will help in this. 

A variable speed trigger and high/low dual-speed setting on the handle of the Gen 2 M18 blower provide you with more control. You can use the low speed mode, illustrated as a tortoise, for lighter blowing or enclosed spaces. 

While the high speed mode, illustrated as a hare, is best for tougher, more demanding jobs and open spaces. There is also a lock button you can use to key in and maintain the selected speed in each mode to help reduce fatigue and strain on your hand.

On the other hand, you should remember how this blower is not just easy to use; it is also easy to assemble and start-up. Once you get it out of the box, you only need to attach the blower tube, slide in the battery, and start it, and these could be key features to think about and to consider. 

You also would not risk disturbing your neighbors or exceeding the noise limit if you live in a noise-restricted area with rehab centers or nursing homes because the blower produces only 63 decibels even on full throttle. Which give it an impressive rating considering the amount of power it generates.

How Has Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower Evolved?

Milwaukee M18 Fuel has evolved from the generation one, with its air speed and how it would accomplish the task in a faster way than it would have done so. On the other hand, the second generation has also become lighter in its weight. An alternative light leaf blower you should check out is the Ridgid R8604301B Jobsite Blower.

Blower Evolved With Its Air Speed

To elaborate further, when you think about comparing to the Gen 1 version with an airspeed of 100 MPH, the Gen 2 has an upgraded airspeed of 120 MPH. It also has two speed settings, unlike its older sibling with just one speed mode and weighs just 4.9 lbs which is less than the 5.7 lbs of the previous model.


Features Breakdown

– Lithium-Ion Batteries

A blower with a substantial output, such as this Milwaukee tool, is bound to use lots of power. To augment it, Milwaukee designed its blower to utilize an 8 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, giving it up to 20 minutes of runtime. 

In this duration, it is simple to say that the timing is definitely not enough time to get all of the blowing chore or task accomplished, especially if you are a lawn care professional, but you must bear in mind that this Gen 2 blower generates a ton of air and uses a lot of power to do so.

Therefore, getting one or two extra batteries you can swap out the used ones with while they charge is advisable. Also, if you have other M18 Fuel power tools, such as the string trimmer or mower, you can use their battery packs and chargers for your blower as they are compatible. 

As a result, if you want to think smarter, you can save yourself some money as you would not need to order the whole kit, including the Milwaukee M18 blower with battery and charger, because the blower comes as a bare tool. If you think about it, the company has granted you the choice, and have made the job easier for you.

– Airflow Capacity

The Gen 2 M18 blower has more than enough power to tackle any magnitude of cleaning with an airflow of 120 MPH speed and 450 CFM air volume. This airflow allows you to seamlessly clean all kinds of dirt from large-sized landscapes, yards, walkways, driveways, etc. and as a result, your place will look clean and tidy.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cleaning with An Airflow

With this output, you can conveniently push large piles of leaves from several meters away at a decent time. Compared to the Gen 1 blower with a wide tube, this one has a narrower tube and a larger impeller for increased pressure and better concentration of airflow to tackle tough leaves or stuck debris.

– Lightweight

While using the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower, you would quickly tell that it was designed with user comfort as one of its top priorities. The blower has a total weight of 4.9 lbs, weighing considerably less than most handheld battery-powered blowers.

It is also well balanced, so its weight makes it easy to handle and carry around during prolonged cleaning, drastically reducing your fatigue rate. It also makes the blower convenient for women and older people to use.

– Low Vibration 

Due to its brushless motor and reduced vibration setting, the leaf blower produces little to no vibrations at full throttle and barely noticeable vibration in low mode. When the motor is brushless, it would make the task simpler, and would increase the durability of the machine. 

On the other hand, handling the blower is comfortable because of the rubber over mold handle, which is large enough for landscaping professionals or contractors who use thick gloves with both hands and soft enough to be handled with one hand. Regarding the sound it produces, the blower has a noise rating of 63 decibels, so you do not risk potential damage to your hearing.



If you have a large yard or are into commercial lawn care, you should not miss out on the opportunity to experience the incredible features of the second-generation Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower. 

Not only will you be impressed with its powerful airflow, but you will also always look forward to the next cleaning day because of its lightweight and ease of use. If you are ready to say goodbye to gas blowers, do not hesitate to get yourself one of these blowers, because this is one worth investing in. We also suggest checking out the Ego LB6151 leaf blower.

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