Money tree leaves turning yellow might be worrisome for you, but it is caused by minor factors that are easily treatable once you know what you’re dealing with. Learn some of the most common causes of money tree leaves turning yellow along with how to treat them in this informative article.

Leaves of Money Tree Plant

Why Are The Leaves On Your Money Tree Turning Yellow?

Incorrect watering routines, wrong humidity levels, or improper soil composition are just some factors that can influence why the leaves of a money tree are turning yellow. This is a common problem faced by plant lovers who grow this plant, so read our comprehensive list below to find what these other reasons might be.

– Overwatering 

Many people who come up to us with complaints of having a money plant with yellow leaves often tend to overwater their plant. Some clear-cut signs of overwatering include yellow, wilted leaves.

Leaves on the lower part of the stem are most commonly affected, while the leaves and stems themselves also appear swollen and mushy. Overwatering is closely associated with root rot, so it is always a good idea to check if your plant smells rotten.

– What To Do?

  • Don’t worry about your leaves yellowing due to overwatering. Unless root rot has occurred, there is still hope for your money plant.
  • All you have to do is to stop watering your plant unless the soil has completely dried up. Sticking a pencil into the soil will tell you whether it is dry or not.
  • Use well-draining soil and pots to prevent moisture retention.
  • In case of root rot, remove the infected tissue and spray with a good fungicide.

– Underwatering

Not giving your plant enough water will also lead to the yellowing of its leaves.

Yellow leaves caused by underwatering will be dry and crispy. The soil will also feel dry and crumbly upon touch. Even your pot will appear to be lighter when lifted up.

Sometimes, you may be watering your plant regularly but it might still end up being underwatered. This occurs when the weather is too hot and dry and sucks up the moisture from your plant.

Why Money Tree Leaves Go Yellow

– What To Do?

  • Simply add in more water! Increase the frequency of watering.
  • Water as soon as you notice the soil becoming dry. Try the pencil sticking method to gauge the moisture level of your soil.

– Low Humidity Levels

The money tree plant needs at least 50 percent humidity levels at all times for its proper growth.

Although it can survive drops in humidity, if such a thing happens too frequently it can lead to the money tree plant leaves turning yellow. This is then followed by a severe foliage drop.

You will notice this happening most often during the winter season when the central heating dries out the room and sucks moisture from the air. This dryness leads to a fall in humidity which then causes the leaves to turn yellow.

– What To Do?

  • Invest in a good-quality hygrometer and keep a close check on the humidity levels around your plant.
  • Use a humidifier to increase the humidity levels of your money tree plant.
  • A cost-effective alternative is to place a pebble tray filled with water under your pot. 
  • Keeping similar plants huddled together also raises the surrounding humidity levels.

– Poorly Draining Soil

Money leaves turning yellow and falling off might be due to your soil not having adequate drainage. Inspect it carefully after each watering and see if it retains moisture for longer than two days.

Poorly draining soil tends to retain moisture for periods longer than necessary, which, in turn, often causes a fungal infection called root rot to develop in the money tree plant.

Root rot causes leaves to turn yellow and brown spots to form. If left untreated, it can progress and cause further damage to the plant. This happens when you choose the wrong type of soil for your plant. An ideal soil should have pebbles or sand mixed with it to improve its drainage.

Another factor that leads to poor drainage of the soil is a pot without an adequate drainage hole. This also leads to water retention as the excess water is not given enough of an outlet to completely drain out.

– What To Do?

  • If your leaves are turning yellow due to poorly draining soil, you will need to repot the plant in a more suitable one.
  • Make sure your pot is of the right size and has a large enough drainage hole.
  • Choose your soil carefully. Money tree plants love sandy, peat-filled soil that allows good air circulation and water drainage. You can also add pumice, perlite or other similar materials that increase drainage.
  • A soil with too much organic content is not necessary for this plant.
  • Also, remove the water collection dish from the bottom of the pot as soon as it has collected enough water.

– Too Much Fertilizer

Although fertilizing is a beneficial practice in general, the money tree plant is not too fond of very frequent fertilization. Regular use of fertilizer will cause your plant to suffer from a condition called fertilizer burns.

Early signs that your money tree plant is being over-fertilized is that the leaves will turn intensely green at first and develop brown edges. They will then turn yellow and eventually exfoliate. 

– What To Do?

  • Hold back on using fertilizer for some time.
  • Flush your soil with abundant water to remove built-up toxins and salts in it.
  • Only fertilize once a month during the warmer growth periods. Don’t fertilize at all during the colder winter months.

More Reason Why Money Tree Plant Develops Yellow Leaves

If none of the above-mentioned common reasons seem to be responsible for your money tree turning yellow, check out the following additional reasons why your plant might be suffering this way.

– Unstable Temperatures

A money tree with yellow leaves might also be due to exposure to sudden changes in temperature on a regular basis. You will notice this most if you keep your plant near a draft or vent from which cold air frequently comes in.

Average temperatures around the money tree plant should be 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures above or below this will definitely spell trouble.

– What To Do?

  • Don’t place your money tree plant anywhere near a source of extreme temperatures such as a vent or a heater.
  • Buy a thermometer and use it to find out exactly what temperatures your money plant is being exposed to.
  • We love using a digital thermometer that keeps a record of the minute-by-minute temperature readings around our plant.

Money Tree Fixes

– Sunburn 

Have you ever noticed that your money tree leaves turn yellow when you place them under intense direct sunlight? This is because this plant can only tolerate indirect light. Placing it directly under the sun, or in a southern-facing window that receives bright midday sunlight, will almost always lead to a pretty bad sunburn

You can tell that the yellowing leaves on the money trees are due to sunburn because they will have a scorched, brown appearance. Moving this plant from a relatively less bright area to a brighter one all of a sudden will also cause sunburns.

– What To Do?

  • Move your money tree plant to a partially shaded location. When kept indoors, keep them in a warm, sunny room with plenty of indirect sunlight. When kept outdoors in a garden, place them under the shade of a larger tree or plant.
  • If you want to place the money tree plant near a window, we suggest you choose an eastern or a northern-facing window.
  • An eastern-facing window receives only early morning direct sunlight that is very mild in intensity. For the rest of the day, your plant will only receive indirect light.
  • On the other hand, a northern-facing window only ever gets indirect sunlight. These windows also provide your plant with the most consistent light.
  • Say you have decided to move this plant to a location with brighter light intensity. Always expose it to increased light intensity gradually. Allow your plant to acclimatize to bright light one step at a time.

– Pests And Bugs

Common household plants are prone to pest attacks by bugs such as aphids, mealybugs and spider mites. These insects suck the sap out of your plant and produce yellow spots on the leaves. Over time, this can lead to the whole leaf turning a sickly yellow color.

– What To Do?

  • Check your plant regularly for signs of pests and bugs.
  • The safest method is to remove these insects manually. Pick them up with tissue paper or dislodge them using a water pick.
  • If this fails, you can always use an insect repellent spray to get rid of them. 

Closeup Leaves of Money Tree Plant


Will repotting my Money Tree prevent its leaves from yellowing?

Repotting your Money Tree can improve its health and reduce yellowing leaves by providing fresh nutrients and adequate root space.

Can I spray water on my Money Tree leaves to stop them from yellowing?

Spraying water on Money Tree leaves won’t stop yellowing. Address underlying issues like overwatering, nutrient deficiencies, or pests.

What is Money Tree lacking if it turns yellow?

Yellowing Money Tree leaves indicate potential issues like overwatering, insufficient light, or nutrient deficiencies. Identify and address the specific cause.


Many factors might be responsible for the yellowing of your Money tree plant. Luckily, most of them are reversible and you can deal with them easily.

  • Leaves of the money tree plant can turn yellow because of both under and overwatering.
  • Yellow leaves due to excess water will appear mushy and wilted whereas those due to underwatering will appear dry and wilted.
  • Check if the humidity levels around your plant are falling below 50 percent. If so, use a humidifier or a pebble tray filled with water.
  • Using soil with poor drainage might also lead to the yellowing of leaves. Increase its drainage by adding pumice, perlite, or sand.
  • Your pot should have a drainage hole of an adequate enough size.
  • If the yellowing leaves have brown edges, this is a sign of fertilizer burn. Only Fertilize once per month during the growth period.
  • The Money tree plant can only tolerate indirect light. If you place it under intense, direct light, its leaves will turn yellow and gain a scorched appearance. Move it somewhere where it receives only indirect light.

The Money tree plant is a lush-looking plant that looks great in indoor spaces. Never experience your plant getting yellow leaves ever again!

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