Morning lilies never fail to bring a smile to everyone’s faces as they greet the day with cheerful blossoms. Exquisitely formed and fragrant, lilies bring beauty, elegance, and simplicity to any garden and room.

19 Morning Lilies The Best Types of Lilies that Love the Sun

We have compiled the most popular, attractive, and desirable lilies that love the morning sun to inspire your gardening and decorating dreams.

List of Morning Lilies

1. Golden Splendor 

This particular cultivar is known for its deep golden flowers that seem to bring the sunshine in. Whether in the garden or in your room, these cheery flowers bring vibrancy and joy to all homeowners.

It has received numerous awards from horticultural organizations all over the world, and we’re not surprised. We would probably send letters by morning lilies if we could. The plant can grow up and becomes four feet tall and produce a flower cluster of around 12 to 20 lilies per stem.

Golden Splendor

On the other hand, this morning lily’s blooms are shaped like trumpets and show up during the mid to late summer season each year. This particular variety produces a very sweet scent, touched with a bit of honey mixed with peaches amidst a floral center.

Despite their ornate appearance, these lilies are quite easy to maintain, as they tolerate drought better than other lilies. However, they do need to be planted in an area that receives at least six hours of full sun.

2. Pink Perfection 

If you’re looking for a delicate and feminine appearance for your garden, then Pink Perfection is a great option for your house. These lilies produce amazing trumpet-shaped blossoms with pink and purple hues.

The Pink Perfection is a popular cultivar due to its showy flowers, which can get up to 20 blossoms in one flower cluster, as they would show prosperous growth. As they grow so much the fragrance starts to spread from each bloom and as it has notes to be quite sweet, extremely floral, and strong.

Pink Perfection

Remember that you can never go wrong when you have these flowers in your garden or home. They make wonderful specimen plants, as well as cut flowers. Just like the Golden Splendor, Pink Perfection lilies can grow up to 6 feet tall. If you plan to cultivate these types of lilies, you can plant them in a large bed.

Otherwise, you can grow them in containers with a minimum of three bulbs in each pot. The planting depth should be around eight inches to make sure that the bulbs have enough room to grow.

3. Regale 

It is agreed upon that this is one of the most impressive lilies in the trumpet varieties. The white flowers are splashed with purplish-pink streets coming from a delicate golden throat.


Hence, the regale lilies are exactly as regal as their names suggest. The plant is subtly vibrant without drawing too much attention, yet onlookers are still captivated by its charm and beauty.

Of all the cultivars that belong to the Trumpet lily family, the Regale has the most intense fragrance. Strong, sweet, and irresistible, this lily is often used as cut flowers for interior floral arrangements and bridal bouquets.

4. African Queen

It seems that the trumpet lily family has a lot of royal members, with the African Queen being the most colorful of them all. The petals are beautifully colored in shades of orange and apricot, as each flower has a beautiful pink throat in the middle.

African Queen

You would truly appreciate their wonder as they mimic the magnificence of the sun every morning. This variety never fails to impress even the most jaded lily connoisseur.

On the other hand, the fragrance is less intense than the Regale but more intense than other trumpet cultivars. Note that if you are looking to get the most out of the African Queen, plant them in clusters, and doing so will give you a vibrant morning glory flower wall as fiery as the African sun.

5. Arabian Knight 

A member of the Lilium martagon family, the Arabian Knight is a wonderful specimen of the Martagon lily family. This lily family is sometimes called Turk’s cap lilies, as Martagon comes from an old French word that translates to a style of turban.

Note that the Arabian Knight is extremely attractive due to its golden petals decorated with rich mahogany patterns.

Arabian Knight

Each flower’s natural tendency to face downward make the whole plant even more appealing.

What is most impressive is that each flower cluster can produce up to 50 blooms. Additionally, the Arabian Knight blooms early in the summer and grows back yearly, as it is self-seeding. Basically, each plant can reach up to six feet tall, making them incredible specimens to be placed in the borders and hedges.

6. Claude Shride 

Bright and showy Claude Shride lilies have deep red petals studded with orange spots. With its typical downward-facing flowers, this cultivar looks great when paired with other flowers of the same color family. Just like any lily in the Martagon family, the flowers are waxy with strongly recurve petals.

Claude Shride

Claude Shride lilies can be planted directly in the ground or in containers. The plant typically grows up to six feet and produces spectacular flowers during mid-summer. However, as the flowering has finished, the leaves and stems will turn yellow. In addition, once this happens, cut them back as the plant is a self-seeding one.

7. Manitoba Morning 

The Lilium martagon pink flower of the Manitoba morning is nothing short of dramatic yet feminine. The flowers are wonderfully tinged in pinkish-red colors, with creamy centers and rich burgundy spots. They will brighten up your balcony or your garden if you plant.

Manitoba Morning

This cultivar is a bit shorter than most Martagon varieties, as it tends to grow up to four feet tall. However, their height is only compensated by their amazing blossoms, which can get up to 50 blossoms in one flower cluster, which is what makes it one of the favorite morning lily amongst gardeners.

Note that when planting these lilies, place them in areas that receive around six hours of direct sunlight.

8. Black Out 

The Black Out is a member of the Asiatic lilies. Sometimes known as Asiatic hybrid lilies, these flowering bulbs produce large blossoms that come in varying colors. They tend to grow shorter than other types of lilies, while their flowers are usually unscented. Note that despite the lack of fragrance, they make up for it through their beautiful blooms.

Black Out

On the other hand, the petals of the Black-Out lilies start with a dark purplish center that eventually ends with a deep carmine red. Just as most of the lilies, these would grow best in full sun, and this one is no exception despite its name. You can expect to have four to five Black Out lilies in each stem, thriving all together.

9. Black Spider 

These flowers might be beautiful enough to cure people with spider phobias. Each creamy white blossom has a dark center with dark burgundy spots coming from it. Each stem can produce up to seven beautifully patterned flowers.

These are perennial lilies that would grow up to two to three inches long. They require proper moist soil, and if you keep the soil dry, the plant would easily start to die.

Black Spider Morning

In addition, remember to prune out the yellow parts of the plant, and note that this is a self-seeding plant that will keep growing.

What you must know about these beautiful flowers is that no matter how beautiful and unique they look, you must not touch it unless you are wearing gloves, because the stems may cause a serious skin rash. In addition, if you have children around, you must make sure that they don’t touch the plant.

10. Brindisi 

These lovely flowers have fantastic pink gradients, from a deep pink center that eventually lightens to a gorgeous pink. Clusters of upward-facing and elegant flowers come from stems that reach up to four feet tall.


As you provide very good moisture to the soil, the plant would thrive and grow till three to four inches tall. Note that it needs chalky soil and average watering in order to grow in a healthy environment.

11. Citronella 

The flowers of the Citronella lily are pendent, meaning they face downwards. Sunny and cheery, the flowers are golden yellow with burgundy speckles and patterns. The bulbs tend to clump together when mature, producing up to 20 glorious flowers per stem.


Note that you should water it properly but make sure that water won’t sit on top of the soil as it would cause damages to the plant, in addition, it needs to be watered thoroughly during its blooming seasons.

12. Dot Com 

Large creamy white flowers with dark berry centers are produced from this cultivar. The flowers can get up to eight inches wide, with each stem producing up to nine flowers.

Dot Com

Dot Com lilies are great options if you’re looking for attractive and patterned blossoms, they will flower if you provide proper moisture to the soil, you can always mist the soil with some water.

13. Casa Blanca 

The Casa Blanca is a member of the Oriental lily family. If you’re looking for highly dramatic perennial lilies with intense fragrance, then the Oriental lily might be the one for you.

Note that the flowers are large and star-shaped, with varying shades of white, yellow, pink, and red.

Casa Blanca

Grow some as your landscape plants or in containers to enjoy their scented beauty throughout the year.

The Enormous and white flowers of the Casa Blanca is a star in its own right. The petals are almost pure except for light green striations emanating from the light green starburst center.

14. Tom Pouce 

The soft purple-pink petals have a wonderful pastel yellow rib, making Tom Pouce lilies a perfect plant for sweet and serene gardens.

Tom Pouce

It grows up to three feet tall, flowering profusely during mid to late summer.

15. Entertainer

Definitely one of the showiest Oriental lilies, the Entertainer showcases bright pink flowers with white margins and centers. It is a short plant, growing up to 20 inches and producing up to ten flowers per stem.


Remember never to keep the soil bone dry, because it is one of the morning lilies that require proper moisture to bloom up their pink petals.

16. Anastasia 

Anastacia is a member of the Orienpet lily family. An Orienpet lily is the result of hybridizing an Oriental and a Trumpet lily. By crossing both cultivars, the Orienpet lily possesses the best of both worlds. Blooming two weeks earlier than the Oriental lily, the flowers have a pronounced fragrance, size, and performance.


However, this cultivar has rosy pink flowers that hang downwards. The pink emanates from the center of the petals and fades into creamy white at the tips, making the entire flower look like a striped blossom fit for a beautiful arrangement.

17. Belladonna 

The large, golden yellow flowers can grow up to seven inches wide. Belladonna blooms through the mid-summer until early fall, decorating gardens and homes with their cheery blossoms.


In addition, don’t forget that the soil must be a well draining one, because it doesn’t like it when water sits on top of the soil, hence the pot must have holes at the bottom, and it should be water draining, and providing proper aeration.

18. Silk Road 

The crimson strip and center of this cultivar make us want to grow this garden dazzler as soon as possible. Producing up to 40 flowers per bulb, the Silk Road is one of our Orienpet favorites.

Silk Road

This lily would require a well draining and a slightly acidic soil to thrive and grow happily. In addition, to see these morning bloomers in their best colors and health you must provide full or partially shaded sun.

19. White Heaven 

White Heaven belongs to the Easter lily family. Easter lilies have become some of the most recognizable blossoms in the lily family, where it is known scientifically as Lilium longiflorum.

The Easter lily is especially popular on many somber occasions, making it the unofficial mourning lily for church services, wakes, and funerals.

White Heaven

Despite this association, the Easter lilies are popular garden flowers due to their beauty and delicate fragrance.

Dreamy and almost celestial, this Easter lily flower looks just like a heavenly trumpet. Note that the fragrance from this morning blossom is just perfectly sweet, making each seven-inch flower a perfect addition to any garden.


Morning lilies always bring a smile of joy to anyone looking at them. What makes these lilies, so special is that they are morning lovers that would give your garden or balcony a very nice and vibrant look, in addition, they have significant fragrance that would fill up the place.

Now that you know all about these trumpet shaped or self-seeding beauties, which ones will you be adding to your home?

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