Moss poles are beneficial but often expensive or unavailable; hence, searching for moss pole alternatives is more relevant and essential. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of them that are accessible and cost-effective too.

plants on bamboo PolesTherefore, here we will introduce you to nine support alternatives for plants that will get the job done quickly and walk you through the installation and installation procedure for use.

List of Nine Essential Moss Pole Alternatives

A moss pole is a sturdy stick layered with moss that provides support and nutrients to your climbing plants’ mature leaves for their healthy growth. But due to being costly, many moss pole alternatives have come into existence.

They include bamboo stakes, wooden sticks, PVC pipes, coirs, or chicken wire trellises. Here are the nine DIY alternatives to moss poles. Have a glance!

– Bamboo Stakes

1. Bamboo StakesBamboo stakes have many uses, so being a pole is one of them. They are cheaper and easier to obtain and modify and provide a firm structure for any plant to grow onto. These stakes are minor source of nutrients that can be remedied by wrapping moss around the structures if there are no natural nutrients in them.

The plants can start climbing bamboo just as they would climb a moss pole, with the advantage of the bamboo being pest resistant. Moreover, the stick would not look messy or out of place and fit right in with the plant vine. 

The only drawback of using this alternative is that, unlike a moss pole, the bamboo pole will not be able to provide the plant with any micronutrients and could potentially damage the roots when put into the soil.

The procedure for installing a stake as a moss pole is simple. All you need to do is gently insert the stick into the soil in the middle of the plant pot and, if required, loosely tie the plant to the stake to encourage it to climb up the bamboo. 

Plants like Monstera Deliciosa or Monstera adansonii with aerial roots need vertical support to climb and support their weight as they get bigger and heavier, hence wooden sticks come in very handy . Thus, stiff poles are the best moss pole Monstera Plant. Keep in mind that if they do not get this support, they will start to plant aerial roots and grow horizontally.

– Metal Pipe

A metal pipe could be another great alternative for indoor plants. It is strong, sturdy, and would be able to provide a proper structure to even heavier vines. It is also unaffected by extreme weather conditions, whether wind or rain. 

It can blend in with the garden décor you’ve got going with a little creative effort and is durable and long-lasting. The drawbacks of using a metal pipe are that once attached, the pipe is very difficult, if not impossible, to move. 

There’s no room for adjustments later. It also offers no micronutrients to the plants using it for support and lacks round, smooth edges, which could cause some climbing problems.

If you’ve decided to use a metal pipe to replace a moss pole, you first have to look at the type of vine supported by the pipe and <