Mountain style landscaping can help nature lovers mimic the natural environment and bring it home. The style combines elements generally found in the mountains, such as plants, water features, boulders, and rocks.

18 Mountain Style Landscaping Designs You Will Love

If you plan to bring the mountain vibe to your outdoor living spaces, read on to find some incredible ideas.

List of Mountain Style Landscaping

1. A Fountain Display

Having a modern house does not mean using elements that do not complement it, simply because you want to have mountain-themed landscaping

– Adding Greenery

Beautifully blossoming flowers and native plants to the area helps create a gorgeous focal point.

A Fountain Display

With the landscape design, the house tends to be the background of this feature. This way, you can enjoy the water flowing from the fountain as the plants and flowers add color and vibrancy.

– Advancement

Fortunate to the increased knowledge of landscaping experts, you can use a fountain display in your front garden for a fantastic mountain vibe.

2. Stones and Boulders

Stones and boulders are common features in a mountain environment. 

– Increase the Aesthetics

Mix natural stones and boulders of different sizes in your garden. Bonus point if you can create an artificial stream that passes through the stones and boulders. The latter would increase the aesthetics and make the mountain home landscaping in a unique way.

Stones and Boulders

– Sensory Boosting

The sound of the water splashing as it passes through the stones and boulders brings in that magical mountain vibe. Grow some plants and allow the moss to grow on the stones and your boulders for a more authentic look.

With this idea, the irregular shapes of the stones and boulders create an addicting diversity to the eye

3. A Modern Fire Pit

Another mountain-style landscaping for modern houses to achieve a mountain environment. 

A Modern Fire Pit

– Warm Feeling

It is ideal for the backyard because it would increase the warm and cozy feeling of your landscape. Gas is used for the fire pit for a smokeless, ember-free moment with your loved ones. 

One or boulders can help add some detail to your set-up. Since mountains are not transparent, have tall trees in your backyard to provide you and your loved ones with privacy as you make memorable moments. 

4. An Elevated Fire Pit

This mountain-style design is great for a backyard, where all the magical moments are created with loved ones.

An Elevated Fire Pit

– Use Brick Stones

In order to promote your garden involves having an elevated fire pit, in addition to this, the fire pit walls can be made using brick stones to give a mountain-style view. The sitting area is also made of rock or bricks, and simple garden seats are put around the fire pit.

The landscaping design has some tall trees in the background, and more rocks are added to create a desert style landscaping. It mimics the leeward side of a mountain.

5. Miniature Garden Waterfalls

Who said you cannot create miniature waterfalls in your garden? 

– Relaxing Environment

Waterfalls are common in elevated, mountainous areas and usually, waterfalls at high speeds as rocks help create a path for this phenomenon. They make the place feel cozy and give a village-feel. 

Miniature Garden Waterfalls

The sound from the running water and the design helps create a relaxing environment. Trees, flowers, and underground plants give this landscaping design an extra refinement.

– Material Used

Use boulders and pebbles on elevated spaces to create your miniature waterfalls. Professionals can help create the elevation and the water path if your backyard is flat and spacious. 

6. Tall Plants

Tall plants help create a mountainous illusion

– Cozy Feeling

Vertical accents and tall structures in your backyard are some of the approaches that help bring out this theme.

Tall Plants

They would even make the place surrounded by this unique greenery, which would relax your sight and mind.

– Helpful Plants

Some tall plants you can use include perennial hibiscus, hollyhock, delphinium, and hardstone black-eyed Susan. Although this approach may look like ordinary landscaping ideas, it creates a mountain theme in a unique way.

7. Rustic Accessories

After preparing your outdoor living space to achieve a mountain style, the next big thing is incorporating rustic accessories. 

Rustic Accessories

– Adding Character

These accessories help add character to your backyard and can be anything that comes to your imagination. Some of the rustic accessories you can use include: old whiskey barrels, repurposing an old wheelbarrow to serve as a plant container holder, and other antique pieces.

8. Create a Mountain Lawn

When you think about a mountain lawn, you do not think of well-manicured grass and plants. 

– Mulch as Grounding

On the mountains, sticks, leaves, and tree barks are always falling all the time. It means the ground below is mostly covered with falling material.

Create a Mountain Lawn

Similarly, bring this concept to your backyard. Instead of having a grass lawn, consider having wooden chips or tree barks for your ground cover like red mulch for example. 

To consider the kids’ chill playing environment, plant some grass on a small portion to ensure they enjoy their time outdoors like everyone else. 

9. Plant Purple Cone-Flower

The mountain environment often looks lively all year long. 

– Lively Look

It can be challenging to replicate this effect, seeing most plants are seasonal. Consider planting the purple cone flower to ensure you keep your backyard landscaping design looking lively.

Plant Purple Cone-Flower

This low-maintenance mountain landscaping design is resilient and flourishes in all seasons. It also helps attract insects and birds, creating a natural mountain vibe that keeps your visitors hooked to the view.

10. Building Rock Walls

Mountains are often rocky, with most of their masses being stone, rock, and a good percentage of vegetation. 

Building Rock Walls

– Invest in Bricks

This design is more of a South West style landscaping and aims at blending the large, barren space with other elements in the outdoor living space for a seamless look, and this would be made of bricks of different colors.

More detail is added to this feature by pairing them with plants native to such areas as shrubs to achieve a natural look. 

11. Levels of a Flowered Garden

Naturally, mountains are never leveled, you can create levels of a flowered garden in your backyard using natural stone. 

– Combinations

Use stone to create different levels and plant various flowers such as daffodils, columbine, poppies, and other colorful mountain flowers.

Levels of a Flowered Garden

– Planting Trees

You can also plant some trees native to mountain areas, such as aspen and spruce if they can grow in your area. The trees provide relaxing living space with their cool shades and amazing breeze.

– Adding a Tub

In this set-up, you can add a hot tub for luxury relaxation. With the beautiful flowers and the amazing trees, it can be tempting to want to enjoy a hot bath in such an environment.

12. Faux Plant Wall

With a small backyard, it is possible to replicate a mountain setting using faux plants.

– Creating an Illusion

From a distance, you’d confuse a mountain with a forest because of the vegetation that grows if you are on the windward side. 

Faux Plant Wall

– Process

Consider using frames on the walls leading to your backyard and pinning some faux plants. The plants can be anything from grass, ferns, or shrubs. The faux plant wall creates a mountain vibe and makes you feel like you are climbing one.

13. Overgrown Plants

No one controls the growth of plants in the mountains. 

– Increasing the Natural-feel

They are nature-controlled, and when they can no longer thrive, they wither, die, and new ones grow.

Overgrown Plants

Hence, it is key to know that you must bring this natural aspect of mountain vegetation by allowing plants in your backyard to overgrow. Overgrowing the plants bring the wildness found in the mountains to your outdoor living area.

– Creeping Plants

You can adapt beach style landscaping by growing tropical plants such as palm trees and leaving them to overgrow. For your walkway, allow ground vegetation such as grass, creeping thyme, English ivy, and others to grow between your stone tiles.

14. Pebbled Pathways

With dense vegetation found in the mountains, there are always trails that people use to navigate them.

– Stepping Stones

You can use pebbles on pathways leading to your backyard for an outstanding mountain-style landscaping design, especially if you have some stepping stones.

Pebbled Pathways

– Pebble Mulch

Tall plants make this mountain style more realistic. Consider plants such as orchids, palms, bird-of-paradise, teak, and fire brush. Allow them to grow densely with few spaces left between them. The transition from the inside of your house to this near-perfect mountain style design is breath-taking.

15. Keep It Natural

Mountains are natural, and the houses or the landscape look natural as well. 

– Simplification

It means that when replicating their environments, you should aim at having your elements look as natural as possible. For example, when setting a fireplace, avoid going for pre-made fire bowls. Stone and split boulders make an excellent choice for the fireplace.

Keep It Natural

– Seating Area

For the furniture, consider that made from logs, twigs, or reeds. These materials offer a natural mountain setting, creating that soothing feeling nature brings. 

– Adding Fence

If you feel like your backyard is too exposed, you can fence it using natural materials such as twigs or bamboo, all of which can be found in the mountains.

16. Zen Rock Garden Style

A Zen rock garden helps create a lush mountain feeling. 

– Gravel Walkways

It features a gravel walkway and boulders for the wall. Raised gardens are also evident in this set-up, filled with plants of varying heights. You can even palace stepping stones and add dark-colored pebbles.

Zen Rock Garden Style

– Planting Requirements

With this landscaping idea, plant species are mixed—seasonal and perennials, to ensure your backyard remains vibrant all year long. Also, these plants are allowed to overgrow and represent natural mountain vegetation.

17. Ivy-Covered Wall

This style uses live ones, unlike the faux wall that uses faux plants. 

– Weaved into the Backyard

Allow the Ivy to cover your wall that leads to the backyard. Add some detail by growing tall trees, such as palms, for a cozy, mountain style chill spot.

Ivy-Covered Wall

– Trimming Option

You can trim the Ivy to control its growth, especially if you have a small garden. Some neighbors can feel uncomfortable when this plant goes to their side. Trimming also helps maintain a neat look and identify the dead parts that must be removed. 

18. Water Landscaping

The mountain landscaping style is a perfect choice for homeowners who love keeping their environments looking modern. If you want that mountain lush, the water landscaping is something to go with it.

– Features

A large waterfall pool is also a notable feature, adorned with another water feature like a coy pod.

Water Landscaping

A walkway made of pebbles connects this backyard to the house to bring out the mountain feel. 

– Add Trees

Trees, such as alpines, are planted in the backyard, and vegetation around the pool, and generously in the backyard. Ferns also complement this set-up, combined with some showy flowers that blossom throughout the year.


Mountain style landscaping provides many options for homeowners that appreciate the natural mountain set-up.

Some of the great options include the following:

  • Adding brick to the landscape would elevate the style of the place and the house would feel like it’s a cottage house in a village.
  • You can always add a fire pit with a comfortable seating arrangement, to give a cozy feel.
  • Overgrown plants would always make your place very nature-oriented and raise mountainous aesthetics.

Although most of these designs require considerable space to actualize them, you can also enjoy mountain style landscaping for your garden. With the ideas listed here, it is possible to find an excellent option that will replicate the environment you are eager to have.

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