Looking for good ideas for multi level paver patios? We have you sorted. Listed here in this article are some creative and aesthetic ways you can revamp your patio design to make it look even better than how it looks now! Keep reading to find out what these ideas are and maybe to gain a little inspiration.

6 Ideas for Multi Level Paver Patio

Tips for Your Patio Design

1. Same Style for Both

The one thing to keep in mind for a multi-level anything is that you can make all levels look similar by sticking to either a color scheme or using the same materials. Doing this will make all levels seem like they belong in the same house as they will match each other.

Color Multilevel Patio For Your House

There are many ideas for various patio styles online. Several of these are multi-level. However, the reason they look pleasing to the eye is that they match and complement one another rather than look like total opposites.

 Having them look opposite of each other is the last thing you want in the design of your patio. They will look mismatched, and their designs may clash with each other, leaving you feeling confused as to what it is exactly it is you’re looking at. Having your patios complement each other is always the best option.

They don’t have to be completely identical, either. Making all levels of your patio seem totally identical can deprive them of their unique character

However, just by using the same colors and/or materials, such as sandstone lite, multi-level landscapes, especially patios, can bring the right attention to the outdoor setting of your house. Why not experiment with using the same colored furniture or the same wood texture on the floor? 

Try it and see; even something as small as having corresponding cushions can elevate how your patio looks.

2. Ground Level Extension

Patios are too pretty to only be of use once a year, that too, in good weather. What if there was a way you could be able to access your patio and make use of it even in the snowy winter time or during the summer rain spells?

Weather Extendable Patio for Outdoor Comfort

In this idea, we would advise you to consider your already existing covered patio space to extend outward onto your lawn or backyard. Cheap patio pavers can help you here. 

This way, you will have the covered space to give you protection from nature’s many moods and one open, uncovered space for the rest of the year when the weather is good enough to be able to sit outside.

For an elegant, multi-level feel, you can have your extended patio dug lower than ground level and add a fabulous set of stairs that will not only elevate (literally!) the design aspect of your patios but also make them look more appealing and sophisticated.

This idea is especially great if you have a large family or if you like to host multiple guests at one time. What is more, is that if you like outdoor cooking and have an outdoor kitchen, you can have a nice split between the covered cooking area and the open dining area. The ideas are endless.

3. Natural Landscaping

One of the greatest things we have on this beautiful Earth is nature. Nature is hugely diverse, it is very appealing to look at, and you can make use of it in all types of ways.

Cozy Multilevel Patio with Small Trees and Shrubs

One of these ways we can use nature is to add depth and feel to our patios, especially if they are multi-level. In this idea, we would advise you to add small trees and shrubs that can give your patio a cozy, natural feel while also hiding some of the tall, unsightly-looking features such as tall walls and cracked structures.

Here, you can leave a space for the soil around the parameters of your patio so you may be able to grow these plants. Strategically placed plants can only benefit the overall appearance of your patio. As mentioned before, short trees, bushes, and shrubs can expertly hide cracked and worn walls that are subjected to the harsh elements of the outdoors.

Plus, nature comes in a variety of colors. It would be a good idea to integrate the natural colors of the leaves and flowers in the way you style your patio. Maybe having a cute colorful throw for your outdoor sofa that matches the plants that surround your patio? Totally worth a try!

4. Add Depth by Adding Texture

For the people who have a multi-level patio that has more than two levels, this tip is for you. The rustic, almost country aesthetic is one that is most popular right now. Owing to this, it is a good way to distinguish between the multiple levels of your patio by adding natural, sturdy elements like natural stone.

Rustic Patio with Gabion Rocks Unique Texture

Rock filled-gabions are creating quite the stir in both interior and exterior designs as they add texture and a lively feel to your decor. With multi-levels, you can highlight each one by placing a gabion next to the stairs or by lining the walls.

They also make great retaining walls and retaining wall blocks. With the rock filled-gabions and just the right lighting, you can create a space that looks both elegant and sophisticated.

There is no limit to what these gabions can be used for. They even can replace the short trees and shrubs mentioned before as the gabions will also do a magnificent job of hiding any unsightly sights from the eyes. 

They can also be made into anything. You name it. Foundation for an outdoor table, planters, a retaining wall, and even a boundary wall for your patio. The wire mesh can easily be bent and molded to create any shape. This is by far the most versatile idea that you can implement on your patio. 

Overall, a great idea if you want your patio to look great and Instagram-worthy.

5. Elevate Your Stairs

Stairs are the common installment that people have on their patios that are multi-level. However, it is often that stairs are overlooked and remain the most bland-looking thing on your patio. 

Multilevel Patio with Lighting Decor Elements Outdoors

This is wrong on so many levels because if you are revamping your whole patio, why not include the stairs too? It won’t take a lot of effort, and if done properly, stairs can add so much to the design and overall look of your patio.

Something as simple as a quick paint job can have your stairs looking fresh and proper. However, why not take it up a few notches? Adding lights to your stairs can work wonders as well. 

Spotlights installed at the two ends of each stair step can add a touch of style. This idea is also great if you have kids or the elderly who visit the patio often, as the lights will help them see the stairs better. If you have a pool deck on or near your patio, stair lights are even better. 

Another way you can get your stairs looking right is by using rope lights carefully installed underneath each stair step. By doing this, it will make it seem like your stairsteps are floating above one another, especially at night.

A creative and entertaining method to maximize your outdoor space is to use the patterned pavement to draw attention to steps or the boundaries of various levels.

6. Add Good Focal Points

All good landscaping ideas revolve around design focal points. These focal points guide the eye to key features that the designer wants to be viewed by the people. This is a rule in all kinds of designs and one that can be of important use to you and your patio.

Attractive Patio with Focal Point Yard Design

Adding a good focal point such as a well-placed water feature or a rustic stone table on a raised patio is key if you want to wow people with the design and layout of your patio. Add a few of these in various parts of your patio to attract the attention of your guests away from some things that may not be as good.

An example of not-so-good features that you may want little or no attention going to are cracked walls or maybe even a chipped stone chair.

The rule is simple: make people focus on the good (your good focal points), so they don’t focus so much on the bad (things you may want to hide). By having good focal points, you’ll be sure to impress your guests.

However, be mindful of not placing all your good focal points very close to each other. If they’re very close in proximity, people may view them as one giant feature, and they won’t get as much attention. Instead, try spacing them out. 

Putting each one at a considerable distance from one another will keep people looking and, therefore, not paying attention to the less sightly aspects of your patio.


Having a patio to decorate and style can be so much fun, as a patio is basically an outdoor living space. With all the ideas we’ve given above, you should have an abundance of multi-level paver patio ideas to choose from.

Though all of the ideas given are great, one key takeaway that you should have is to not ignore the stairs of your patio, as that is what will eventually make or break your design and overall presentation. Now that you’re equipped with all the ideas we’ve given you, it’s time to go out there and start building! 

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