Nectarine Care Infographic

Nectarine is a non-fuzzy peach variety that has a very rich and distinctive flavor and taste. This tree produces red peaches that are high in nutrition and commonly preferred in desserts, jams and jellies.

In this complete guide, we will give you expert tips to grow this peach tree variant in your very own home.

Read on to find the ideal care requirements for healthy and thriving foliage and bountiful fruits right in your garden.

What Is Nectarine?

Nectarine is a type of peach tree that belongs to the species prunus persica and produces non-fuzzy red peaches. There is a variety of nectarine benefits and the tree produces two types, which are white nectarine and yellow nectarine. Both ripen in the summer months and are harvested in autumn.

Nectarine Care

Nectarines are a peach variant and thus thrive well in a similar environment. When you compare nectarine vs peach, nectarines have a smooth skin whereas peaches have an outer fuzzy cover.

In the section below, we list out all the essential aspects you need to pay heed to grow these delicious fruit trees in your garden. 

Get bountiful fruits with healthy blooms and foliage by keeping the soil well-drained and providing it with full sunlight. The ideal climate for nectarine plants to thrive in is temperate and warm conditions. Prune regularly and you should have the plant growing year after year. 

– Water Requirements

This persica variant requires high levels of saturation in the soil. Young trees will require an inch of water at least once every week whereas mature trees take in water once every three weeks. Increase this frequency when the temperature soars.