Using neem oil for apple scab is a reliable way to manage this fungal disease. Neem oil is obtained by pressing the neem tree seeds. This oil has been widely used for a long time and has some vital benefits to the environment, which include keeping the soil inhabitants safe after you have applied it.Neem Oil for Apple Scab

If you have been questioning yourself “Which fungicide is best for apple scab?” neem oil is an option to consider, so get more information in this guide.

How to Treat Apple Scab With Neem Oil

You can treat apple scab with neem oil once you have identified apple scab attacks on your plants by properly mixing and diluting the neem oil before adding it to a spray bottle and spraying your plants. Repeating applications during dormant months to help completely destroy the disease.

– Identify the Affected Apple Tree Parts

Apple scab is a common fungal disease that affects apple trees. It can cause spots, cracks, and distortions on the leaves, stems, and fruits of the fruit tree. When you want to treat apple scab, identifying the affected parts and assessing the presence and extent of the above-mentioned symptoms on your apple tree is key.Apple Scab Affected Apple

The symptoms of apple scab can occur in circular or irregular patterns that are easily noticeable. As mentioned earlier, neem oil is a natural pesticide that kills the fungal spores that cause apple scab.

For you to understand how to deal with the apple scab disease, you should be aware of its life cycle and the conditions that encourage its development. Apple scab fungus can survive in plants that were infected in the previous season. It is important to note that winter can promote the overwintering of the spores of the fungus that cause apple scab.

– Mix Neem Oil With Other Ingredients and Dilute

Mixing the oil with water is an important step to ensure that the solution is effective and safe to use. You should combine two tablespoons of the oil with a gallon of water and pour the solution into a container of an appropriate size.

You may need to warm the oil slightly by placing the container in hot water or under the sun, as neem oil can become thick and viscous at low temperatures. Once the oil achieves a more manageable consistency, add it to a gallon of water and stir well.

Make sure you shake the solution well so that the oil is thoroughly mixed with water. You can consider using a garden sprayer which is excellent for mixing and spraying the oil to your apple trees.

Neem oil can work independently but you can combine it with horticultural oil for excellent scab control if you like. If the question, “How do you mix neem oil for fruit trees?” has been at the back of your mind, you just got the answer.

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions so that you are guided on how to use neem oil on plants. Carefully follow the recommended dilution rate for the oil to avoid burning the foliage of your beautiful plants.

Please, avoid spraying during the heat of the day and apply the solution in the early morning or late afternoon to further prevent scorching the foliage. From the information that we have provided in this section, you can see that when to spray neem oil on apple trees is as important as the actual process of applying the insecticide on your beauties.

– Prepare Your Spray Bottle

Always use a spray bottle that is clean and free from any residue or chemicals that may react with the oil. If your spray bottle has been used previously for other spray schedule programs, it is wise to clean it thoroughly before use.Preparing Neem Spray Bottle

You can rinse the bottle with water and then fill it with a little rubbing alcohol and shake it well. Rinse the spray bottle for the second time and then place it in such a way that the opening will be facing down, and allow it to dry.

Fill the garden sprayer with the neem solution that you have prepared. It is good to fill the bottle with not more than 80% to allow air circulation and enable proper shaking of the mixture in the bottle.

The garden sprayer makes it easier to spray the solution onto the apple tree and evenly coat the leaves, stems, and fruit. Check that the nozzle is correctly set as recommended by the manufacturer.

– Spray The Affected Fruit Trees

Before you spray on the trees that are affected by apple scab, remember to go through the use directions on the oil spray label and follow the recommended amount of solution to apply per square foot of tree canopy.Spraying Apple Scab Affected Fruit

Although you can spray in winter when the spores overwinter, summer sprays are also encouraged because that’s when you can easily see the active growth of the fungus.

Spray the apple fruit tree starting from the top and work your way down, being sure to cover all areas of the tree canopy. It is important to apply the fruit tree spray concentrate solution evenly and thoroughly to all parts. Also, remember to cover both sides of the leaves, stems, and fruit as well. This will help to prevent future fungal growth.

– Reapply the Neem Oil Solution

Once you have sprayed for the first time, you can wait for seven to 14 days before you apply the oil again. This explains how often to spray neem oil on fruit trees. This frequency of neem oil application allows the solution in the first application to do its job and also gives any surviving fungal spores a chance to grow and become vulnerable to the next application.

You should also use a sprayer and apply the oil solution to the foliage of the fruit tree making sure to cover both the top and bottom of the leaves. Don’t spray on windy days and make sure you carry the procedure through to the morning or late afternoon when the temperature is cooler.

– Offer Proper Maintenance to Your Plants

Additionally, it is significant to remember that prevention of the disease is always safe if you want to keep healthy plants. Apple scab is most common in humid, wet weather where there is too much rain, so be sure to keep your tree pruned and well-ventilated.Maintenance of Apple Plants

Avoid overhead irrigation, considering that water on the leaves or fruit trees will encourage the germination of spores and also rake up fallen matter that can be on the ground surrounding your plants. These preventive measures will go a long way in keeping apple scab at bay.

It’s vital to know that the neem oil pesticide might not be a cure-all for apple scabs and may need to be used in conjunction with other management practices, such as pruning infected leaves or using other fungicides.

For example, the Bonide fruit tree spray concentrate, Monterey fruit tree spray concentrate, ortho fruit tree spray, ferti lome fruit tree spray, and captain jack’s fruit tree spray can be used to treat the scab fungus. You can use these together with the neem oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Is Neem Oil Harmful to Bees?

Neem oil is harmful to bees which is one disadvantage of using it too often. Just like any other insecticide, the oil has the potential to block the bees’ breathing openings, thereby killing them if they approach a treated plant.

– Is it Possible That Neem Oil Contributes to the Development of Cancer?

Neem oil does not contribute to cancer. For hundreds of decades, individuals have been in contact with neem oil in a variety of ways. During this time, no evidence of elevated cancer risk has been discovered in association with using the insecticide.

According to studies during which animals were given oil from neem for 90 days in laboratory tests, this pesticide does not negatively affect genes. There was no rise in cancer rates. Furthermore, researchers discovered that neem leaf extract could limit the growth of cancerous cells.

– What Is the Mechanism of Action of Neem Oil?

The mechanism of action in neem oil refers to the makeup of different components, with azadirachtin being the most active within the substance. This oil component discourages insects and other garden bugs from feeding on plants by serving as a repellent.

It also disrupts insect hormone mechanisms, making it difficult for insects to thrive and lay eggs. Other neem oil components kill insects by interfering with their ability to feed. However, the precise roles of each component are unclear.

However, in some cases, neem oil clogs the breathing pores that are on the surfaces of some pests, thereby making it difficult for them to breathe. As a result, the pests will ultimately die.

– Is Neem Oil Good for Apple Trees?

Neem oil is very good for apple plants thanks to the active element, azadirachtin, which repels and eliminates spider mites, aphids, growing moths, and other pests. Neem oil also eradicates different apple diseases common to this tree such as rust and powdery mildew.


You now have the necessary steps you require to control apple scabs in this guide. Review some vital hints below one more time:

  • The fungus apple scab affects your plants when there is excess water on the leaves of fruit.
  • Use a spray bottle that is clean when applying the neem pesticide, otherwise, your solution might react with the chemicals left in the container if you did not thoroughly wash it.
  • You can mix the neem pesticide with insecticidal soap for you to get excellent results if you like.
  • We recommend that you repeat applications after seven to 14 days to ensure that the apple scab attack is completely eliminated.
  • Be sure to spray your plants when temperatures are relatively lower, which, during the early mornings or late afternoons.

This guide has elaborated valuable tips on how to use the neem pesticide to control the scab fungal disease on your plants. Implement the steps that are outlined in this article and save your affected plants today!

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