Neem oil with azadirachtin is an extremely potent natural oil that has properties of insecticides and pesticides. Azadirachtin is the chemical inside the neem oil that gives it the ability to act as an insecticide and a pesticide so it is very important against bugs and pests.Neem Oil With Azadirachtin

This natural chemical is the reason why neem oil is so effective against plant-infecting insects and bugs. Read as we take you through the best way of using neem oil and neem products with azadirachtin.

What Is the Best Way to Use Neem Oil With Azadirachtin?

The best way to use neem oil with azadirachtin is by using it on infected indoor plants, outdoor plants, and on various other things that get affected by insects and bugs. In addition to this, you should also avoid using it on herbs.

Other than neem oil and neem seeds, no other oil or seeds contain azadirachtin. However, many different industrially made pesticides and insecticides contain azadirachtin which is extracted from the neem oils and neem seeds to work against the infectious pathogens.

Azadirachtin is one of the most potent and effective pesticide compounds that are found naturally in neem-related products. It can be found in neem oils and in neem seeds. Not only does this oil work best in plants but also in Pets with ticks and bug infestations on their fur or bodies.

You can use neem oil in an extensive sense and in a lot of places ranging from personal to garden use. Some may use it in cooking as well but only a few drops because it has a very strong and bitter taste. Make sure that after every use, you store the name oil well to enhance its shelf-life time.

– Use on Infected Indoor Plants

The most effective way that neem oil is used in the world today is by making it into a spray for indoor plants, when you are using it with azadirachtin. Indoor plants are very prone to insects and bugs because they do not get the direct sunlight, wind, or strength of a normal outdoor plant to defend themselves better.

The neem oil can thus be sprayed on the plants to get rid of all and any sort of bugs that may have found their way inside your house.Azadirachtin for Infected Indoor Plants

Now there are two easy ways that you can arrange neem oil spray for your indoor plants with azadirachtin. You can buy a neem oil spray from any plant shop or online because they are available everywhere and with various chemicals added that offer additional powers to the spray, but it is better that you mix it on your own, rather than getting the diluted one.

In case, you want to spray the neem oil plants with edible fruits or vegetables on them, it is best to use the neem oil that has the least amount of chemicals and preservatives in it. This will ensure that your plants are not getting sprayed on by any chemicals that prove to be toxic later on because azadirachtin has an active chemical component in it.

Additionally, you can also choose to make your own neem oil spray at home. You can do this by getting a gallon of water with two to three tablespoons of neem oil and a safe dishwashing liquid in a container, that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. In short, this will help the oil to emulsify properly and in an active way.

Mix all of these ingredients together until a solution is formed. You can use this homemade solution like you would use the store-bought one, but this solution might not have a long shelf-life as the other one because it is devoid of any and all preservatives, because azadirachtin is already a strong element that can work wonders.

– Use on Infected Outdoor Plants

Like indoor plants, neem oil spray also works great on outdoor plants with infections and infestations. Typically, you will need a lot more spray for the outdoor plants than the indoor plants because the impact is always more outside than inside in gardening.Azadirachtin fo Infected Outdoor Plants

The neem oil spray is thus very potent for outdoor plants as a remedy and as a preventative measure. All you need to figure out is when you should use it and in what sense, as neem or azadirachtin are the elements that already have a strong smell, and on outdoor plants, they will no cause much of a discomfort rather than on indoor plants when you are around it.

The ideal action that you should take part in should be to start by analyzing your plants and how they are behaving because some insects and bugs are attacked at a very specific time of the year so make sure that if your plants are prone to such attacks, you use the neem oil spray as a preventative measure.

The first thing you must remember here is that protective gear is of utmost importance. It will save you from getting any bugs or insects on your clothes and later on to your skin. Wear eye goggles, gardening gloves, overalls, a face mask if sprays are involved, and gardening boots if you plan on going inside the garden with taller plants.

For spraying, the container should have a nozzle with adjustable hole sizes because this will make the spraying much easier and non-tiring. You will also be able to use the spray more widely and consistently throughout the plant.

The outdoor plants will also appreciate the use of neem oil on a bright sunny day with fewer winds and no forecast of rain for at least two days. By using neem oil in this way, you will have an infection and infestation-free garden in no time.

You can keep a homemade neem oil with azadirachtin on the shelf for around two to three months or depending on the condition of the oil. If the oil has developed cultures that are not supposed to be there, it is best to get rid of the oil because it will not be as active as it would as you have diluted it.

The shelf-life of a commercial neem oil is around one to three years and this is because it has certain chemicals that act as preservatives and prolongs the life of the oil, and azadirachtin is not as potent as well when you buy it pre-mixed. If you want, you can add such chemicals to your neem oil and prolong its shelf life as well.

The store-bought neem oil spray and the homemade one are both great for working against the infection-causing insects and bugs. In addition to this, you must make sure that when in need, you deeply its use and see your plants come back to life or go ahead and use azadirachtin again.

– For Topical Uses

Other than indoor and outdoor plants, neem oil is used in many other places for example for skin concerns, for pets and their problems, in making medicines, and as a natural antimicrobial oil. You can however use many other pressed oils for cooking purposes. In addition to neem azadirachtin is best used against infectious bugs and insects.

It can be used on plants, trees, human skin, and pets. For best results, use it according to the recommended guidelines. For the skin, the oil is used for many different concerns as acne, blemishes, and dryness but for some, the oil may be too strong to use so make sure that you test a small patch on your skin and then apply it to the rest of it.

Neem oil is a natural oil with the power of a pesticide and insecticide, all packed into one powerful oil and extracted from the neem seeds and tree. Neem oil is thus a very effective and easily available remedy and the best thing about it is that it is non-toxic to humans which makes it safe to use.

In some countries, the neem oil is made into a drinkable potion with various other herbs that when taken with a glass of milk, nourishes and brightens your skin. This is why many people also eat the leaves of the neem in place of the neem oil which may be a long process to make.

Finally, neem oil is used in a whole lot of medicines where it may or may not be used in its original form. Many different medication make use in small amounts and in a chemically modified way so that their smell and taste can be masked in the best way possible.

– Used to Tackle Various Pests

Neem oil with azadirachtin is also very famously used to get rid of ticks and mites that may get into the coats of pets or any other animals. You will need to make sure that the animal in question is not allergic to the neem oil, or it may get nasty and the animal may come in more problems than to begin with.Azadirachtin to Tackle Various Pests

After the green signal, use the oil spray on the surface of the animal’s skin and let it sit for some time. The oil will effectively get rid of the attacking insects and bugs. But make sure that you give your animal a good shower so that the dead bugs and insects do not stay inside his fur and on his body.

– Avoid Using on Herbs

You should not use the neem oil with azadirachtin on plants that have very wispy leaves like oregano, basil, thyme, and cilantro. You can pick the bugs of such plants or just destroy the whole pot because they can be easily grown afterward.Neem Oil for Herbs

The main reason why you shouldn’t apply neem oil and azadirachtin to such plants is that the leaves of these plants are very wispy and the neem oil can quickly burn them off. The leaves are the most critical part of these plants and their being burned leaves the full point of keeping only the plants with stems and roots.

These plants also mostly only have beneficial insects on them and do not require drastic measures to remain healthy.

Neem oil with azadirachtin should not be used for cooking or consumption purposes because it is very bitter in taste and smell. Other than that it may contain chemicals that are not entirely suitable for the human body so it is best to avoid it in eating.


In this article, we talked about the simplest way of using neem oil with azadirachtin but in case you missed anything, here is a short conclusion of the important points in the article:

  • The best way to use neem oil with azadirachtin is by using it on infected indoor plants, outdoor plants, and on various other things that get affected by insects and bugs.
  • The natural antimicrobial chemical compound found in neem oil is called azadirachtin and is very potent against very wide and diverse varieties of insects and bugs that may harm your plants or pets.
  • The natural antimicrobial chemical compound found in neem oil seed kernel is called azadirachtin and is very potent against very wide and diverse varieties of insects and bugs.
  • The impact of infection and infestation of bugs or insects is always higher in outdoor plants than indoor plants.
  • The shelf-life of a commercial neem oil is around one to three years and this is because it has certain chemicals that act as preservatives and prolongs the life of the oil.

Here we come to the end of the article: how to use neem oil with azadirachtin. We hope that this was an informative and useful article for you to read.

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