Neighbors unsightly fence looking a little too shabby for your taste? Their fence may speak to their aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean that it speaks to yours. Included in this article are creative and fun ways that hide the unsightly and ugly fence from your point of view. Keep reading our detailed list article to find out what they are.Ideas How to Hide Neighbors Unsightly Fence With Creative Decor

Tips to Hide the Neighbors Unsightly Fence From View

1. Drilled Marbles

One of the most creative and unique ways to elevate your neighbors ugly fence is with drilled marbles. This is a great idea if you love color and live in a sunny area that gets lots of sunlight!Hide Unsightly Fence With Drilled Marbles

The instructions are very simple and easy, drill holes in the fence the size of marbles. When the holes are drilled through, fit marbles through the holes