Getting the best landscaping ideas is often challenging, and most people even think of hiring a landscaper to revamp their lawns. The good news is that you don’t need to hire an expert to maintain your lawn.

Oklahoma Landscaping Ideas

With some creativity, you can give your lawn the facial uplift it deserves. Here are 13 Oklahoma landscaping ideas that will transform your yard.

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“Companion planting can be utilized to maximize plant productivity.”Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education

List of Oklahoma Landscaping Ideas

1. Gravel the Patchy Grass

If you live in dry surroundings, you might think the best way to keep your lawn green is to sprinkle it continuously with water.

You may also opt to invest in fake grass or get used to the desert look. But you can use gravel in a tasteful way. If your lawn isn’t ideal for grass, you can make the best of gravel by giving it a stunning look.

Gravel the Patchy Grass

To replace grass with gravel, first, work on removing the grass. This crucial step ensures your lawn’s surface isn’t lumpy and uneven. Remove any large debris or dirt that might affect the uniformity of your lawn.

You can either use chemical removal methods or remove grass by digging. Once you’re done, choose the best gravel you’ll enjoy for years. Common types of gravel include crushed rock, pea gravel, drain rock, decomposed granite, and path fines.

2. Greet Your Guests With Colorful Flowers

There’s no better way to decorate your landscape than using colorful flowers. Flowers can liven up any yard. You need to choose the right shape and size that suits your landscape. Moreover, you should choose flowers that suit the climate in your area.

Greet Your Guests With Colorful Flowers

Landscaping your lawn with a flower garden also brings soothing and calming effects to you and your neighbors. It’s rewarding to catch a glimpse of colorful flowers when you open your windows first thing in the morning. When choosing the right flowers, consider the growth size, watering time, and availability of sunlight.

3. Line Your Walkway With Solar Lights, and Plants

Flaunt your walkway with solar lights and plants. This is a trendy way to light up your lawn. While some might think it’s a classic, this landscaping idea continues to hit the headlines. Think about using evergreens such as boxwood.

Line Your Walkway With Solar Lights, and Plants

Bulb plants like Taro are also worth trying. For a more romantic look, consider adding solar lights. The ambient lighting the walkway radiates will often feel like you’re walking the red carpet. Sounds amazing, right?

4. Ditch Grass for Xeriscaping

A lush green lawn might be something you’ve thought of, as this is the picture-perfect American lawn care most people have in mind. However, it’s not the only design to create an attractive backyard in Oklahoma City.

Maintaining a green lawn is always demanding. You may have to spend countless hours edging, mowing, and seeding. You’ll also have to spend money on fungicides, fertilizers, and herbicides.

Ditch Grass for Xeriscaping

The lush turf you love may mean you’ll have to spend your Saturday afternoons doing lawn care.

Plus, Oklahoma summers can be tough on grass. You can avoid all the hassle by ditching the grass for something beautiful that won’t wilt in the summer. Xeriscaping is a good idea here since it features a rock garden. Its resistance to harsh climates means that it’s low on maintenance.

5. Make the Best of a Stone Walkway

You can also create a walkway with slate slabs. It’s one of the best affordable landscaping ideas and will leave your lawn with an outstanding look. This landscaping design requires that you first measure the path you want to install the slate slabs.

Determine how many stones you’ll require, giving each stone adequate space. Next, lay out your ideal pattern and cut the turf for it to fit nicely.

Make the Best of a Stone Walkway

Once you identify where you’ll place the stones, lift the turf and dig a hole where you’ll put the slabs. Ensure the stones fit nicely in their spots. If the stones don’t sink into the hole, you’ll need to remove them and dig deeper.

The goal is to ensure they don’t trip your guests. Keep in mind that you can settle for any pattern for laying the stones. You need to be creative here and try something that will make your lawn look unique.

6. Front Yard Window Landscaping

Are you a fan of outdoor living? Planting flowers is a great landscaping idea that will transform your lawn into a wonderful haven.

Besides beautifying your home, when done creatively, they are an indication of real estate perfection. If you’re looking to sell your property, you can be sure that this landscape design will fetch more money in the real estate market.

Front Yard Window Landscaping

One thing about planting flowers is that it calls for creativity and attention to detail. You can hire a professional to help you create an ideal flower bed that suits your soil.

In some cases, an expert may recommend using native plants of different colors, sizes, and shapes. Some of these flowers include hydrangeas and petunias. After that, you’ll need to maintain the lawn so that the flowers maintain their freshness all year long.

7. Install a Water Feature

Your outdoor space will look stunning with water features. It brings life to your lawn, livening it up with a unique sensory experience. Having a cascade or a fountain can be energizing. On the other hand, a gentle flow of water in a stream or a pond creates a soothing experience in your backyard.

Consider using the water features as a central focus of your backyard, around which other design features emerge.

Install a Water Feature

It’s crucial that you install the water features to work aesthetically with other landscaping designs. You don’t have to complicate things here. Simple Oklahoma landscaping ideas can bring the most impact.

With the many garden pond ideas to choose from, you need to consider which water feature appeals to you. Do you love the sound of flowing water? Are you looking for a blue pool on your lawn? Or do you want a still body of water? Choose a feature that you’ll love to see in your garden.

8. Layer Your Plants

If you’re looking for Oklahoma lawn alternatives that add some creativity to your lawn, consider installing two rows of plants. Using Oklahoma proven shrubs and flowers is a great idea here. Oklahoma native plants landscaping will last all year long without wilting.

To layer the plants appropriately, you need to understand how to position them. Smaller plants will sit at the front, whereas larger plants will sit at the back. You’ll also have to consider how fast the plants grow. Since some grow faster than others, you’ll have to do some research on how you layer them. 

installing two rows of plants

Alternatively, you can switch positions from time to time after the plants are fully grown. If you don’t want to change the positions, you can use a trimmer to ensure the plants in the front don’t block the larger plants in the back row.

You also need to be wary of plants like bamboo. At first, they might look stunning, but they will grow tall if not trimmed early enough. This could leave your lawn looking like a small forest.

9. Install a Retaining Wall

Installing retaining walls might be costly, but it’s one of the best low maintenance landscaping ideas in the long run. If done right, it will leave your lawn looking bright and elegant. You may need to work with a professional here to ensure everything is done perfectly. 

Install a Retaining Wall

One interesting aspect of this element is that it also brings a sense of privacy in your backyard without necessarily hiding your home that much. You need to ensure the retaining walls are matching the walls of your home. A touch of creativity and uniformity will bring out an impressive design.

10. Landscape With Potted Plants

If you’re into landscaping DIY, the potted plants design is a great way to add interest, height, and color to your lawn. There’s so much you can try here, including using window box planters, grouping the potted plants, using square planters, and more.

Landscape With Potted Plants 

Concrete planters are highly recommended if you want to use durable materials. To add height to your lawn, use container plants with different heights. Add some color by using bright-colored containers. However, you need to ensure the container colors work well with the color of the flowers you’ll choose.

11. Take Advantage of the Vertical Space

You can always take advantage of the vertical space if you think your lawn space is limited. The good thing about vertical gardening is that it adds beauty to the vertical space that is rarely used.

Take Advantage of the Vertical Space

One way to do this is by using conventional ladders. Create an architectural interest using ladders that may be hanging around in your garage. You can also use wall-mounted rebar trellises since they are an inexpensive option to make the best of the vertical space.

12. Plant Rambling Vines

Having rambling vines winding around columns and fences is a romantic way to beautify your yard. Clematis is worth the try here since it blossoms in different colors, including red, purple, white, or blue.

Plant Rambling Vines

This is one of the best Oklahoma landscaping ideas that bring beauty and versatility to your lawn. Consider growing the vine species in a container, on the trellis, or on the fence to use the vertical space.

13. Don’t Overdo It

It’s tempting to have all the best landscaping ideas featured in your home, but you should think about maintenance. Settle for the right amount of Oklahoma landscaping ideas that are reasonable for you.

ditch the grass and embrace the ground

Opt for low-maintenance Oklahoma proven perennials since they are less demanding. If maintaining a green lawn is too much for you, ditch the grass and embrace the ground. Keep it simple. Your lawn may feature simple landscape designs, but if done correctly, your lawn will always look remarkable.


You now have an idea of the best Oklahoma landscaping ideas that will transform how your lawn looks. Choosing the best landscaping design comes down to your taste and preference.

With a touch of creativity, you can beautify your home with the designs featured in this critique. Remember not to overdo it; keep it simple and tidy. Which landscaping design from this list do you plan to try out?

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