Oncidium tsiku marguerite care infographicOncidium Tsiku marguerite is a hybrid species that is a must-have for any orchid nursery or garden. Its evergreen foliage and scented flowers aren’t its only attraction: It is also super easy to grow and care for.

Read below to find out all the essential requirements of cultivating them for yourself.

What Is Oncidium Tsiku Marguerite?

Oncidium is a genus of orchids from Central and South America. It is known for its compact, rapid growth as well as its heavy bloom and foliage. In 2000, Oncidium Tsiku marguerite was created as a hybrid orchid by crossing Oncidium Twinkle and Oncidium Sotoanum orchids. Learn what it looks like below.

– Flowers

  • Oncidium - genus of orchids from Central and South AmericaThe flowers of this plant grow in the form of heavy inflorescences on small stalks.
  • The flowers themselves are small in size