Orange roses of the Rosaceae family are some of the most fascinating blooms out there that many people end up with the question, are orange roses natural?

15 Orange Roses List of Naturally Colorful Ones

Believe it or not, orange flowers can occur in many roses in the Rosa genus. Here are some of the most amazing orange roses for your reading and viewing pleasure.

List of Orange Roses

1. Harpageant

This curiously named rose has another moniker, Rosa, “Easy Does It”. We agree wholeheartedly with this name because it is so incredibly easy to grow. This rose bush produces wild masses of ruffled, flamboyantly colorful orange rose blossoms, and these are the significance that it has.

The wonderful thing about this floribunda rose is that its flowers turn from a rich scarlet into oranges before finally turning light pink upon maturity.


Its rose bush grows compact and bushy, as it is filled with glossy jade-green leaves.

Rosa “Easy Does It” makes an incredible border and container bush plant due to its striking colors. However, you must make sure to deadhead regularly to encourage blooms, aside from adding high-potassium fertilizers.

2.  Apricot Nectar

This orange rose is a popular floribunda variety due to its consistent and repeating flowering habit. Each orange flower has the classic rose shape with its traditional intoxicating fragrance. Apricot Nectar leans more toward the softer peaches and apricots instead of fiery orange sunsets.

Note that, these flower clusters bear up to seven orange rose blossoms. Apricot Nectar makes a wonderful cut flower, and what’s amazing is that it is incredibly long-lasting.

Apricot Nectar

Each rose blossom can have around 18 to 25 petals that slowly open to reveal their color changes.

The Apricot Nectar rose plant is one of those flowers that would grow up to four feet tall. You can grow this incredible plant with its stunning flowers as a standard rose, since it resists diseases readily.

3. Rose Belvedere

Rose Belvedere is known for its long-flowering period and low maintenance. Aside from these, this rose cultivar produces a sweet, spicy scent from its gloriously colorful flowers. Note that if you’re looking to have orange roses nearby, the Rose Belvedere is a wonderful option.

The stems of the orange roses of this beautiful cultivar are strong enough to support the blooms.

Rose Belvedere

However, the dark, glossy leaves provide the perfect backdrop for the remarkable peachy orange colors of the roses.

The Rose Belvedure cultivar possesses high immunity against common rose pests and diseases. As you plant it, you will enjoy the sight and scent of blooming orange roses from the summer until late fall.

4. Rose Lady Marmalade

This attractive floribunda cultivar produces large cabbage-style rose blossoms in striking pumpkin hues. The orange saturation slowly fades into a pale apricot blush as the bloom matures. In addition, the lush flowers of the Rose Lady Marmalade lend a classic, sophisticated charm to any garden, especially on a warm day.

In fact, this cultivar produces up to eleven blossoms in each orange rose cluster, adding a wonderful old-world charm to any home.

Rose Lady Marmalade

Each amber flower emits a sweet, spicy rose scent that just makes the ambiance even more charming.

Rose Lady Marmalade can grow up to three feet tall when properly maintained. You can grow this wonderful cultivar if you’re looking to add more color and variation to your gardens, because it will make a spectacular addition to your garden.

5. Rosa Super Trouper

Being part of the floribunda family, Rosa Super Trouper bears magnificent mandarin orange rose flowers repeatedly all throughout summer. The flowers are medium-sized, with a slight lingering fragrance. Rosa Super Trouper produces brilliant flowers in impressive clusters.

The deep green, yet glossy leaves which would make a wonderful contrast to the colorful blossoms of the Rosa Super Trouper.

Rosa Super Trouper

Additionally, it is very easy to view the deeply saturated flowers since the plant is a compact rose type with a clean growing habit.

The key reason after, its beauty, to why they are loved by gardeners is that this Rosa Super Trouper shows good resistance to most pests and diseases that plague roses. As an idea to enhance the plant, you can cultivate it as a border or as a container plant.

6. France Libre

This orange rose has fiery coloration that remind people of vibrant sunsets or promising sunrises. The petals of this glorious cultivar are burnt orange at the edges and while the inner petals exhibit deep golden hues. On the other hand, the fragrance is mild but can linger, especially during warm summer evenings.

France Libre can grow up to four feet and will make a fantastic plant option for hedges. The deep green foliage will blend well with other bushes.

France Libre

However, note that it is the summer season that makes this particular rose cultivar stand out in your garden.

Grow this vigorous, hardy bush and watch the fiery buds and blossoms come out. Note that this is the perfect specimen if you’re looking for showy types of orange roses. We give these roses meaning by gifting them to our loved ones to show our love for them.

7. Remember Me Rose

Remember Me is a large, flowering cultivar hybrid type of tea rose. The burnt-orange tones of the petals emit a faint, sweet, and pleasant fragrance. However, the flowers of this gorgeous specimen can be found blooming in colorful abandon during the summer to autumn.

Remember Me Rose

The sunset tones make Remember Me a wonderful variety to grow if you wish to add more color to your garden. Its glossy green foliage only serves to accentuate the dreamy pops of orange colors found in the blossoms. Well-shaped and delicate, the Remember Me rose is definitely memorable in gardens or as cut flowers, an amazing one that you can add to your garden.

8. Lady Emma Hamilton Rose

The bright tangerine tones of this delightful cultivar only make the flowers even more endearing. Lady Emma Hamilton roses have a strong fruity fragrance emanating from their gorgeous petals. Captivating people with its floral charm, in addition, this variety works perfectly as a garden border.

Lady Emma Hamilton Rose

Don’t forget that the Lady Emma Hamilton can also serve as a specimen plant or be placed in a container. Knowing that it grows up to around four feet in height with a medium shrub-growing habit.

On the contrary, if you don’t have the luxury of growing orange roses for your garden, you can easily have Lady Emma Hamilton roses as cut flowers. They will definitely brighten up any room in your house.

9. Lady Shalott Rose

Another lovely orange rose blossom with a titled name, the Lady Shalott cultivar, is the one that boasts richly colored red-orange buds that slowly open to reveal delicate peach tones. The petals are loosely arranged and colored with a beautiful mix of soft apricots and salmon pinks with deep yellow undersides.

The fragrance of the Lady Shalott rose can be considered typical of most tea roses, which is delicate and sweet.

Lady Shalott Rose

It has a medium rate of fragrance diffusion, so planting this in masses will fill your garden with a lingering rose scent.

What you must know about the Lady Shalott is that it is considered a medium shrub with an average height of four feet. Gardeners love to grow this as one of their centerpieces, but this cultivar works equally well in borders.

10. Rosaprima Miracle

The Rosaprima Miracle is aptly named, with its fantastic blooms bearing shapes similar to stars. Their festive orange hues only had to their joyous charm, captivating every unsuspecting onlooker. Note that its fragrance is typical of most Rosaprima cultivars, albeit a bit lighter with a mild diffusion rate, adding a unique touch to your garden.

Vivid orange rose blossoms appear from summer to autumn, making this cultivar a welcome visitor to parties.

Rosaprima Miracle

No wonder, the Rosaprima Miracle is a popular rose flower choice during festive Thanksgiving dinners and thrilling Halloween get-togethers.

Note that you can grow this cultivar if you plan to liven up your garden. On the other hand, if you have excess flowers, you can always bring them inside as cut flowers, as they would do great indoors as well.

11. Carolyn Knight

Carolyn Knight is a wonderful English shrub rose with soft golden apricot flowers. These colorful blossoms are repeaters, meaning they flower continuously during the summer to autumn seasons. Note that its fragrance has often been noted to have notes of strong myrrh mixed with the traditional rose scent.

This cultivar is a wonderful medium-sized shrub to grow as garden borders, but can also do well as container plants.

Carolyn Knight

Carolyn Knight typically grows up to four feet in height, but can easily grow taller under the most ideal conditions.

Remember that you will know when you have Carolyn Knight orange roses nearby by their distinctive scents. Enjoy these roses outdoors or bring them in for a delightful fragrant experience.

12. Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras is a floribunda cultivar that flowers up abundantly from late spring to late autumn, thriving under the full sun. This particular type is a continuous bloomer that impresses even the most jaded rose gardener due to its colors and scents over a long flowering season.

Mardi Gras has four-inch double blooms that boast rich apricot-orange hues that sometimes border on reddish-orange.

Mardi Gras

Note that the fragrance is traditional of most roses with a light spicy scent. This cultivar has a medium-sized growing habit with a rounded shape.

Grow this floribunda bush for its good disease resistance as a hedge or border, though it can be perfect for landscapes and garden beds. Bring in that spicy floral fragrance, since Mardi Gras roses make wonderful cut flowers.

13. Brass Band

Bright and brassy, Brass Band roses are also classy while retaining their bold looks. This cultivar is an incredible plant to grow as a focal point with a verdant garden as its background.

The reason why it is loved by gardeners who keep this flower around their garden is that the colors of this rose consist of bright apricots, colorful peaches, and bright orange tones, which would add an elegant touch.

Brass Band

The orange roses have crimped edges with thick wavy petals. Note that each flower cluster can grow up to five blooms, making Brass Band an ideal candidate for standard roses or stem roses.

This medium disease-resistant cultivar grows up to four feet tall or slightly higher. Unlike a climbing rose cultivar, its medium size is perfect when grown as a bedding cultivar or as a low hedge or border.

14. Wildfire Hybrid Tea Rose

The elegant points of the Wildfire buds start out as deep yellow, tinged with orange edges. Once the blooms open, thick orange petals with luminescent yellow edging are revealed. As the scent is light and slightly musky, which means this might be your ideal cultivar if you don’t like strong fragrances.

Wildfire flowers are four to five inches large on top of strong stems that can span anywhere from 16 to 20 inches.

Wildfire Hybrid Tea Rose

The bush can grow up to six feet high, making this cultivar a wonderful option if you’re looking for larger rose specimens.

The beautiful dark green glossy leaves of the Wildfire rose plant makes it an attractive focal plant. Additionally, it also does incredibly well when planted in a large container.

15. Sunstruck

This beautiful cultivar has enormously large petals with a breathtaking floral form. Each petal is deeply saturated with apricot-orange edges that line a deep golden-yellow center. When grown in cooler temperatures, the colors grow more intense.


Sunstruck can grow anywhere from four to six feet tall with a medium growth habit. Its fragrance is typical of most roses, but milder than most.

The deep green, glossy foliage makes the soft orange tones of Sunstruck flowers stand out in any garden. Grow this cultivar if you’re looking for a charming country garden look.


Orange roses are some of the most fascinating flowers in the rose family. When we give orange roses meaning, they can symbolize a desire to add passion and fire to the relationship. 

Grow some in your garden or buy some for your loved ones to keep everything interesting and spicy! Which one of these stunning roses is the one that caught your eye the most? 

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