Oregano companion plants are a good option for your garden. Do you love the taste of oregano, but hate how it can take over your garden? If you’re looking for oregano companion plants to keep it in check, look no further!

13 Oregano Companion Plants The Best Ones to Grow Around

We’ve got 13 of the best oregano companions for you. From lavender to basil, there’s something here for everyone. 

List of Oregano Companion Plants

When it comes to oregano, you really can’t go wrong. It’s a great herb to have in your garden, and there are so many companion plants that pair well with it.

Each oregano companion vegetable has its unique benefits and distinguishing characteristics. Whether you’re looking for plants that will help deter pests or attract beneficial insects.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary and oregano are two herbs that have a lot in common. Both are very versatile and have their usage in a variety of dishes. They also have a similar flavor, which makes them a great pairing in the kitchen.


2. Parsley

Parsley is one of the great Mediterranean herbs that you can use as a companion plant for oregano because it can help to control the spread of oregano. 


3. Thyme

Thyme is a low-growing herb that can be used as even a ground cover.


4. Tarragon

The benefits of tarragon as a companion plant to oregano are numerous. For example, tarragon helps to repel pests and diseases that may otherwise attack oregano plants.


5. Chives

Chives and oregano are both excellent companion plants for each other in the garden, as they are golden oregano companion plants.


6. Basil

Basil and oregano are both popular herbs used in various dishes. They also make a great companion planting duo in the garden. 

7. Lemon Balm

Oregano is a robust and aromatic herb that can take over a garden bed if left unchecked. You can use the leaves, either fresh or dried, they are perfect herbs to plant together.

Lemon Balm

8. Marjoram

There are many benefits to planting marjoram alongside oregano in the garden.


9. Sage

Sage is a common herb in the mint family, and oregano is one of the members of the mint family that is often used as a culinary herb. 


10. Cucumber

The cucumber is typically considered a companion plant for oregano because it can help to keep the herb from spreading too much.


11. Strawberry

While oregano and strawberry may seem like an unlikely combination, they actually make great companion plants in the garden, they are great to be planted in a garden because both have common properties. 


12. Cabbage

Oregano is excellent for repelling pests—plant cabbage near your oregano to help keep aphids, cabbage worms, and other pests away. And in return, get the maximum growth of your vegetable garden.


13. Watermelon

Melon and oregano are two plants that have a symbiotic relationship. 



By now, we are sure you know that oregano is a versatile herb that can be paired with several different plants to enhance its flavor and medicinal properties. 

Whether you’re looking for companion plants to keep your oregano healthy and happy or just starting in the garden and want to discover more about some of the best oregano companion herbs to plant together. 

  • Each companion plant has its unique benefits, uses, and distinguishing characteristics. 
  • The thyme will help in driving the pests away from their oregano, helping them both ways around.
  • Even the oregano may help other plants in their growth, such as the cucumber, which will let the beetles to go away.
  • You can plant some sage as they are drought tolerant and would thrive greatly in the same place.
  • Oregano companion vegetables are of different kinds, as they both help each other grow.

Regarding companion planting, oregano is undoubtedly not a one-person (or one-plant) band. Plenty of other plants can work well with oregano regarding benefits and distinguishing characteristics. So what are you waiting for? Get started with growing your oregano garden today!


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