The Oregon bl300 is a rechargeable leaf blower with long-running power for blowing leaves and debris from walkways, driveways, paths, and lawns around the house or apartment.

Product Review of Oregon bl300

This 40v leaf blower uses a lithium-ion battery pack that’s interchangeable with other Oregon tools, and the device has a relatively low weight and an ergonomic design.

In this Oregon bl300 review, we’ll delve into the specs, features, and performance of this battery-powered leaf blower, and we won’t hold back on telling you about any problems we noticed.

Pros and Cons of This Oregon Leaf Blower

Oregon bl300 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
High air volume
Fast assembly
Easy storage
Low weight
Battery and charger not included
Problems with trigger wearing out

Specs and Highlights for This Cordless Yard Blower

The Oregon battery-operated blower is popular with many buyers due to its low weight, ease-of-use-, convenient storage hook, and overall power for tackling regular, light-duty yard clean-up chores. Here are the most important specs and highlights for this Oregon leaf blower:

  • Variable airspeed up to 131 MPH with Turbo button
  • Air volume: 400 cfm
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds without battery and 10.25 pounds with battery
  • Built-in hook for easy storage
  • Noise level: 65dB on Turbo mode

Oregon bl300 Review

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This product stands out for its robust motor design combined with good ergonomics, benefiting anyone who needs to tackle moderate yard clean-up work around their home, apartment, or vacation cabin. This tool works best for cleaning decks, patios, walkways, driveways, and small lawns. It provides plenty of power and airspeed for light-duty clean-up, along with gentle ergonomics many buyers appreciate.

This battery-powered leaf blower has a high air volume compared to similar 40-volt battery products. The top airspeed of 131 MPH is plenty for light work, but it might not be enough power for piles of wet leaves and larger branches, pine cones, and bark. If you have that situation, consider an 80-volt battery-powered blower with higher airspeeds and air volume.

The sleek and simple design of this garden tool lets you snap on the nozzle, drop in a charged battery, and power away at loose debris all around your yard without the restrictions of an extension cord dragging behind you or the fumes, noise, and weight of a gas-powered blower.

This tool requires little maintenance to run correctly, and we recommend reading the Owner’s Manual for the blower and following instructions there. With minimal care and a little common-sense storage and use, this blower is likely to work whenever you need it for many seasons.

The one problem we noticed about this tool concerns the trigger for controlling airspeed. According to many buyers, it wears out after extended, regular use. Low-quality materials in this part are most likely the cause of the problem, and some buyers found ways to fix the issue themselves. However, we recommend sending the tool or part back for a warranty replacement.

Even people who experienced the switch wearing out before the rest of the machine say they still value the product for what it can do. Also, not all buyers report the problem. More frequent use of the device and moving it from side to side while working seems to increase the chances of the problem with the trigger developing over time and use.

This Oregon battery-operated blower can benefit anyone who wants an easy-to-use, light, and powerful leaf blower for small and medium blowing chores. However, make sure you follow the warranty instructions when you buy the tool, in case you need service for a defective part or other problems covered by the warranty.

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Oregon bl300 Product Features Details

– Airspeed and Air Volume

The top airspeed of 151 MPH is not especially impressive among leaf blowers. However, it’s a reasonable amount of force for blowing leaves, twigs, acorns, and tiny pine cones from decks, pathways, and parking areas or gathering grass clippings after mowing the lawn.

Oregon bl300 Product Features Details

The air volume on this cordless yard blower is more impressive at 400 cubic feet per minute (cfm,) a powerful volume of air for moving and directing debris where you want it to go.

– Battery, Motor, and Runtime

A high-quality brushless motor with an axial fan for cooling powers the blast of air coming out of the tube. A large and easy-to-grab variable speed throttle switch sits under the padded handle where it’s easy to reach, hold, and control the airspeed. Lower speeds increase the runtime, and they are strong enough for many clean-up jobs.

The battery and charger do not come with the tool. However, if you own tools in Oregon’s 40V Max Cordless Tool System, such as the Oregon pole saw, the batteries are interchangeable between these devices. Keeping an extra charged battery on hand while you work saves downtime for recharging and lets you work as long as you want.

– Turbo Air Power

A large Turbo-charge button sits at the top of the handle. Press it anytime the tool is running for extra bursts of air. However, using the Turbo-charge feature runs down the battery faster. Most jobs only require occasional bursts from the Turbo air to dislodge stubborn debris. Minimal use of the Turbo boost feature saves the battery charge and gives you a longer runtime.

The runtime for this 40v leaf blower is 15 to 90 minutes with a full battery, depending on the motor’s speed and Turbo use. Battery recharge time is approximately 240 minutes. For safety reasons, it’s a good idea to unplug the charger after the battery is full and not leave batteries sitting on a charger after they are full.

Turbo Charge Buttonon the Handle of The Blower

Having a charged backup battery on hand gives you up to an hour and a half of working time, plenty for most residential locations. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to store batteries at temperatures between -4 F to 86 F (-20 C and 30 C) to protect battery performance and lifespan.

This tool can benefit people who want a powerful blower for light, regular clean-up chores without the fumes, noise, and maintenance hassles of a gas-powered engine or the weight and inconvenience of a corded electric blower.

– Weight and Ergonomics

The tool weighs 10.25 pounds with a battery installed. For many users, this battery-powered leaf blower is comfortable to operate for extended periods without getting tired. However, if you want an even lighter leaf blower, consider the Worx wg545.6 20-volt blower at about one-half the weight of this model.

The relatively low weight of the device makes it easy to lift to get dust and cobwebs from shelves, ceilings, fixtures, and around outdoor window and door frames. The handle has an ergonomic shape to reduce hand strain, and it’s padded for additional comfort.

Battery Leaf Blower Benefited for People

The low noise level of only 65dB with the blower on Turbo is quiet enough that you won’t easily disturb the neighbors or wake the baby. Lower noise levels also make the tool more comfortable for the operator, although we still recommend wearing ear protectors.

This tool is well-balanced and takes minimal effort to hold and direct the air coming from the nozzle, even in the Turbo setting. However, a shoulder strap comes with the tool if you need it.

– Dimensions and Weight

Overall, this blower’s housing size is 19.7 inches long, 13.9 inches wide, and 11.9 inches tall. The relatively short nozzle tube snaps on, making the total length 30-inches.

With the battery installed, this blower weighs 10.25 pounds. Without the battery, the housing and blower tube weighs 6.2 pounds.

The unit’s compact size and low weight make it easy to store in a closet and benefit anyone with little storage space. It’s also a reasonable size for many seniors and people with less upper body strength.

– Assembly and Storage

Assembling this tool is a snap. Just snap on the nozzle, slip in a fully-charged battery, and you’re ready to get yard debris under control.

The blower has a built-in hole so that you can hang it vertically on a hook, bolt, or nail at the back of a closet, in the garage, or in a tool shed. The device’s relatively narrow body gives it a low-profile appearance in a closet or storage room.

– Warranty

The manufacturer provides a limited warranty of two years from purchase for consumers and one year for commercial buyers. The warranty does not cover transportation costs for replacement or repair. For the best warranty service, register the product online or by mailing in the card within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cutting mechanism on the Oregon BL300?

The cutting mechanism on the Oregon BL300 is a brushless motor powered by a 40V lithium-ion battery, which drives a 14-inch cutting bar and chain.

2. Can the Oregon BL300 be used for edging?

Yes, the Oregon BL300 can be used for edging due to its ability to pivot the cutting head for easy trimming along borders and edges.

3. Can the Oregon BL300 be used for clearing brush?

The Oregon BL300 is primarily designed for trimming and pruning small branches and bushes, but it can also be used for clearing light brush and foliage.


This Oregon battery-operated blower has a reputation for power and user-friendly controls. The trigger defect does not affect all users, and the warranty covers the problem in most cases if it does come up.

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We recommend this product for people who have small debris-blowing tasks around their house or apartment requiring a steady and robust blast of air and anyone who doesn’t want the hassles of a gas-powered or corded blower.

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