Paver patio ideas with fire pit can be fulfilling when you have the right elements to combine. Paver patios are some of the best picks, and when combined with rustic and other decorative elements, the results become mind-blowing.

16 Paver Patio Ideas With Fire Pit Amazing Outdoor Designs

Read on to discover creative design ideas with fire pits and stare at the remarkable transformation. 

List of Paver Patio Ideas With Fire Pit

1. Sliced Boulder Fire Pit

If you have a large outdoor space, this landscaping idea can be what you need to make your area feel livelier.

Sliced Boulder Fire Pit

– Key Criteria

The reason why this fire pit is loved is that it combines well with paver patios, bringing a feel of timelessness. 

– Achieving this Design

This arrangement is achieved by having a huge sliced boulder placed in a strategic place of your liking. It is then curved in the middle to create a fire pit. Besides transforming your backyard into a heart-melting view, this design is durable and has little maintenance demands.

2. A Concrete Paver With Floating Benches

Not all of us have large outdoor spaces. But that does not mean we cannot have incredible design ideas for our paver patios.

A Concrete Paver With Floating Benches

– Giving Minimal Design

With a small space, you can go for a minimalistic design. Go for a concrete paver adorned with floating benches and a fire pit. 

To ensure everything looks uniform and inviting, have your paver and the fire pit made from the same material – concrete. 

– Minimal Spacing

The floating benches help utilize the small space since placing coaches in such areas can make them look ugly and uncomfortable.

Spice up this set-up by distributing green plants around this design to prevent it from looking too dull. Choose portable lights for this area, such as huge lanterns, to boost the ambiance of this set-up.

3. Stone Fire Bowl

A stone fire bowl complements your paver patio when looking for a modern set-up.

Stone Fire Bowl

– Placing

This design is bought pre-made, and you place it on the place you want your fireplace located. 

These bowls are mainly produced for use by people who love enjoying a smokeless night out with their friends around a fire. 

– Custom Design

They are available in custom designs and materials that you can pick from. Among the paver patio ideas with a fire pit, the stone fire bowl encourages creativity to match the contemporary lifestyle.

Set your outdoor set-up by replacing the ordinary seats with those curved from a stone. Throw some super comfortable pillows to make your stone bench comfortable.

4. A Washer Drum Fire Pit

The patio design for environmentally conscious people. 

A Washer Drum Fire Pit

– Industrial Style

You do not need a big budget or space to accomplish this layout. The paver patio design includes using a washer drum for a fire pit, which would give the place an industrial aesthetic.

– DIY project

If your laundry machine spoils, you can use its drum to create a fire pit. Other places you can find this drum include the scrapyard or a repair store. The DIY patio is easy to set up as it only requires cleaning, removing the plastic parts, painting with fire-resistant paint, and securing the legs to ensure stability.

– Greenery Placement

Once your washer drum fire pit is ready, put it on the patio pavers. You can grow a thick bush of flowering plants in your backyard. Since you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, you can consider having seats made from recycled material such as bottle tops and old bed frames.

5. A Decorative Oasis

Create an environment that takes you away from civilization with this design.

A Decorative Oasis

– Minimalistic Look

Use natural stone to create your fire pit, and allow grass native to your area to grow to your waist length. Grow some showy flowers such as hydrangeas, fuchsia, or lilies to break the monotonous look of the tall grass.

– Placing Fire Pit

Unlike other paver patio ideas with a fire pit, you can use a big umbrella to provide the shade, mimicking a desert oasis. 

– Adding a Seating Space

Add brightly colored sofa sets to create a seating area. A water feature like a fountain can help make the oasis seat-up more realistic.

Because grass, when some of its leaves dry, can potentially create a fire hazard, use gas for your fire pit.

6. A Japanese Patio Design With a Metal Fire Bowl

Ideal for both small and large outdoor living spaces would be best with a Japanese zen design.

A Japanese Patio Design With a Metal Fire Bowl

– Outdoor Dining Place

This paver patio features a pergola, outdoor dining space, a water feature, a paver walkway, a bamboo bench, a metal fire bowl, and a retaining wall.

On this paver patio, the dining space is found inside the pergola. The metal fire bowl is not contained inside the pergola and is a few steps away. To allow people to enjoy the warmth from the fire pit as they smoke some light snacks, add some stools around the fire bowl for sitting on.

7. A Roman Patio Design With a Circular Fire Pit

A perfect combination of elements that creates both classic and a rustic rural feel. 

A Roman Patio Design With a Circular Fire Pit

– Design Characteristics

The design features a Roman paver and a stone fire pit that sits on it. Around the fire pit are woven seats that bring out that rustic rural feel.

– Additional Effects

For a soothing effect, a water feature is added on the side, near the fire pit, to create an excellent combination when the fire crackles. Comfortable seating benches are placed along the wall to provide a quiet backyard patio for those who need it.

– Adding a Small Dining Place

Since meals often bring us close to those we love, you can set a minimalistic dining space on this paver patio. Use a large umbrella to provide shade, basic seating, and a lovely dining table.

8. Desert Heat

It works well if you live in the countryside or a place where you have a clear view of the city.

Desert Heat

– Required Aspects

This patio design requires a few elements to actualize it. With a few rugs, a modern fire pit, a seating area, and sisal-covered cushions, you are ready to experience the desert vibe.

– Fire Pit

A square-shaped fire pit on a concrete paver set against a cutout wall creates a perfect outdoor space. With the rugs and the sisal-covered cushions spread directly opposite the cutout wall, you enjoy the view of the city as the emblems from your fire pit make the statement more appealing.

Unlike other patio designs, you do not have to focus on the vegetation with this one. As a result, you get a pale finish illuminated by the fire pit, giving you a feel of the desert environment.

9. A Private Fire Pit Getaway

This stone paver patio provides privacy in the backyard and has fine details that are sure to represent everyone in the family.

A Private Fire Pit Getaway

– Key Features

This design is mainly created to provide families with a private outdoor patio to avoid the boredom of continually being indoors doing the same thing.

This paver patio idea can be customized to fulfill each family’s needs. Common properties found in this design include a hot tub, spa, trampoline, grilling/kitchen space, and a long bar.

– Aesthetics

An oval, pre-made stone fire pit is placed on the stone paver, away from other elements. Around this fire pit are some brightly colored deck chairs and a stone seating bench. This would provide comfort and an aesthetically pleasing area for seating for friends and family.

10. Fire Pit Build-in

An absolute must-have fire pit design if you have a beautiful view of a river at your home. It has distinguishable features that make hanging out around this living space memorable.

Fire Pit Build-in

– Increasing Space

It has a built-in fire pit on the stone seating wall, maximizing available space while creating a modern, minimalistic finish. Giant umbrellas can be placed strategically on the stone patio, and luxury seats can be placed to provide excellent and relaxed seating as you enjoy the view.

11. Canyon Cool

The paver patio ideas with a fire pit on this list are exceptional, and a Canyon Cool cannot miss the list. 

Canyon Cool

– Aesthetics

It is yet another design that is done on concrete pavers and has some fantastic features, like a neo-primitive fire pit made from natural stone, big floor pillows, wide cushions, upholstered seats, and sculptured coffee tables.

– Key Elements

These elements are arranged around the neo-primitive fire pit. The size of the floor pillows is dependent on your preference, in addition to the colors and the texture that you would like to turn the context around.

12. Wooden Seating area 

A wooden seating area is one of the options that you can place around your fire when you are considering the design of your patio.

Wooden Seating area

– Aesthetics

The concrete pavers for fire pit in this design are set on a corner of the backyard living space, where you can add comfy wooden chairs. The fire pit is made from antique bricks, and basic seats surround the fireplace.

Plants are planted from top to bottom, surrounding the fireplace, providing a beautiful contrast from the focal point.

13. Tropical Blaze

One of the most brilliant landscaping ideas takes a different approach than ordinary designs because it is around the pool.

Tropical Blaze

– Location of the Fire Pit

With this design, homeowners focus on ensuring their fire pits complements the materials used in creating them rather than the flagstone patio they sit on.

– Surrounding Design

Tropical trees such as palms are planted in this outdoor living space, with a pool surrounded by natural stones to portray the tropical theme perfectly.

14. Colored Glass

You can place colored glasses on the concrete of your fire pit which will elevate the design of your patio. Paver patio ideas with a fire pit that leaves you with plenty of space in your backyard are hard to come by.

Colored Glass

– Appealing Design

Use lawn chairs around your colored glass fire pit as your sitting option. You could even turn the colored glass into a theme as you would even hang some colored bottles which are in glass material from the ceiling, and even place some small candles on the inside.

15. Modern Primitive

A combination of old age and a contemporary set-up, with the use of darker shades such as black, dark grey, or even darker brown. 

Modern Primitive

– Dark-color Theme

A round, pre-made fire bowl is set on a dark, decomposed granite patio. Natural stones are used to create steps leading to the house’s deck. The big, natural stones surround the fireplace.

Plants of different textures and colors are planted around the area to make the fireplace stand out as a focal point, to get this type of edgy design, you can place darker colors all around.

16. Uniform Colors

Unlike the tropical blaze that focuses on complementing the materials used in making the fire pit, this design focuses on having uniform colors.

Uniform Colors

– Single Color Shades

You can choose one color and decorate the landscape using that color’s specifications and shades. The stone pavers, the seat wall, and the fire pit are made from the same material and color combination. This unison provides a perfect relaxing environment.


Your outdoor living space should look as vibrant as your imagination.

Some paver patio ideas with a fire pit you can use for your backyard living space include:

  • A fire-pit build in the colored glass fire pit, where you can mix up the colors and raise the aesthetics.
  • You could have a theme of a decorative oasis around your fire pit, with lots of colors and greenery
  • You can stick to a simple yet minimalist design by only selecting one color and going with the design of its shades.

If you do not have money to hire a professional, you can decide some of these DIY patio designs. Alternatively, a paver patio with fire pit kit can be an excellent start to transforming your outdoor space

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