Pavers around pool ideas are everywhere on the internet. You can go online and look these up and about a million of these ideas will pop up on your screen.

9 Pavers Around Pool Ideas Elevating Appeal

However, if you’re looking for the best ideas that look both stylish and functional that are proving to be harder to find, then you’re in the right article because here, we have compiled a concise list of pavers around pool ideas that are top tier.

Keep reading this article to discover what they are and how they can be the perfect fit in your pool area.

List of Pavers Around Pool Ideas

1. Travertine Pool Paver 

Starting off strong with travertine. Your swimming pool’s pool deck needs to be both non-slippery and durable. Travertine has both these qualities and more.

The material is ideal to be paved around your pool deck as not only is it practical in its use, but it also brings a look of elegance and sophistication wherever it is placed in the home, basically elevating the luxurious feel of the backyard. 

Travertine is also a popular choice amongst many homeowners, as it is cooler and retains less heat in the summer.

Travertine Pool Paver

This quality makes travertine a deal-breaker because the one thing about having an open pool is that no one wants their feet burning on the pool deck. Travertine takes care of this problem, all while looking elegant and chic. 

If you’re interested in deck pavers then this is the best choice in the market right now. In addition, if you are interested in travertine but want another material for the pool deck paver material, you’re in luck.

As it happens, travertine is so popular that many people are even using this material for their pool coping. Meaning that though travertine doesn’t act as a paver it does still surround the pool area. 

2. Porcelain Pool Paver

If you’re looking for something that is both gorgeous to look at and requires as little maintenance as possible, porcelain pool pavers might just be the right choice for you.

These are the best choice in terms of their after-care as they look stunning all year-round in your pool area and need little to no maintenance. Depending on the color you choose, porcelain can provide the same cooling effect under your feet in the summer as travertine. 

Porcelain Pool Paver

Many homeowners, when they first learn about using porcelain as swimming pool or pool deck pavers, get concerned about the slippery surface of porcelain. However, that is nothing to fear as porcelain that is used exclusively for pool coping or pool pavers now has slip resistant features.

Many porcelain pavers now come with a slip resistance, which means that now, you really have no reason to worry about having some gorgeous porcelain surrounding your pool area

Plus, porcelain looks very aesthetic and chic next to pool water. The smooth texture of the stone with the rippling waves of the water makes for quite a look! 

3. Bluestone Pool Paver

Another popular choice amongst homeowners, the bluestone is a material that offers durability. It is because they are so durable that they are used all over the house: in pool decks, hallways, garden paths, patios, and even driveways. However, this one is especially great as pool deck pavers. In addition, it also offers high functionality and is great resisting slips of any kind. 

Bluestone Pool Paver

Bluestone also requires much less attention to maintenance, as it does not stain easily. Bluestone is and always will be a popular choice for many outdoor spaces and outdoor living areas because of this low maintenance. It is water-resistant features make it both durable and the perfect choice.

As for aesthetics, it undoubtably offers a variety of unique textures and colors that come together to give it a beautiful, elegant appearance. Truly, this material is for those who like to live life in a very picturesque way. Plus, keep in mind that this material is ideal for taking Instagram pictures as it will come out looking stunning! 

4. Granite Pool Paver

Granite is a long-lasting alternative for your pool deck since it is a very hard and robust stone. For additional, enhanced safety, you can apply a non-slip surface treatment. These treatments usually involve tumbled, honed, or flamed granite.

On the other hand, it requires little upkeep, saving you time and hassle, and granite can also be used as patio pavers or carved into irregular forms that are suitable for pool decks.

Granite Pool Paver

The best part is that granite is an ingenious rock and is, luckily, farmed all over the world. This means that it is always and will always be readily available in the market, year-round.

Overall, if you have already got a paved pool and are looking for some new and fresh landscaping designs, definitely look into granite as a pool paver for your pool area. 

Installing pavers around pools can be a taxing task, however if you’re set on getting a new look for your pool area, granite can really bring everything together and make any area look stunning, which would feel like the right choice on the long run. 

5. Coral Pool Paver

Coral is also called fossil ferrous limestone and can be a beautiful addition to any pool deck. The stone is naturally occurring and has bits of compressed coral, shell, and limestone or sandstone. 

Its looks are not just the best part, though, however, just so it happens that if you look really close, you can find all these bits and pieces of different components on the very surface! Doesn’t that sound so magical to have next to your pool? 

The fact that coral stone pavers are safe and non-slippery reduces the danger of injury from falls and is one of their main advantages. Nonetheless, the elegance, beauty, and sturdiness of coral stone pavers make them a flexible option for construction. 

Coral Pool Paver

It provides the ideal finishing touch for a variety of modern outdoor and interior settings. However, coral stone pavers are very popular for their use in and around pool areas. As mentioned before, coral has a non-slippery surface, which already makes it ideal for use as a pool paver material.

On the other hand, the coral stone pavers are also famous for being durable and reliable, not only against pressure, but also against chemicals and pool water.

You can expect your coral pool paver to withstand the test of time if you decide to get one installed in your home. Plus, coral stone pavers look good in any pool design. If your pool is a natural stone pool, coral stone pavers will only complement the aesthetic. 

6. Marble Pool Paver

We’re really dipping our feet in luxurious water now, folks. Marble is another material that is overwhelmingly popular amongst homeowners who like to have a little luxurious touch added to their homes. Marble is commonly used in and around pool areas. 

Note that it is common to spot these, especially in films about the super wealthy. This is because marble is known for being super elegant and giving a very regal look to any area, in addition, it has a different type of finish that seems so elegant. This is why many water features are made of marble as well.

Marble Pool Paver

Marble may be a sign of wealth or sophistication, however, it is not always a good material to have. When talking about the various materials that can be used as pool pavers, marble should be the last on your list. 

This is because unlike the other pool paver materials in this list, marble gets very slippery, especially when wet. Plus, it is not durable in the slightest, because it is very valuable for pool patio. 

If you’re a large family that loves using the pool, maybe it’s better to skip this option. The best thing that marble is used for are the water features. 

7. Quartzite Pool Paver

Coming back to materials that are sturdy and reliable, quartzite, is a feat in itself. This material is both durable against pressure and against pool water chemicals like chlorine.

In terms of it’s sturdiness, quartzite is one of the toughest materials you can have. It is almost comparable to granite in its toughness. However, the appeal of quartzite is that of its exquisite textures and colors.

The whole aesthetic of quartzite pool paver is that it looks like something you would see in a museum. The veining, the rich textures, even the grains are unique and cannot be replicated by any other. Truly, the quartzite is a viable option for those who want to stand out and look good while doing it. 

Quartzite Pool Paver

Sure, pavers around pools cost a significant amount, however, if you’re ready to spend a little more on a material that is durable, elegant-looking, and reliable, quartzite is an amazing option. Remember that the quartzite finish would look significantly good against a concrete pool.

In addition, Quartzite comes in various colors for you to choose form. All these make it easier for you to use in your home, according to your aesthetic. Like other pool paver materials on this list, quartzite also does a great job of regulating temperature and also has a very reliable non-slip surface, making it a perfect candidate for your pool area. 

8. Slate Pool Paver

Another popular choice for pool pavers would be the slate one. Slate is a natural flagstone that is a popular option for may people who have pool decks in their homes. This paver is an excellent material to use around your pool area because naturally, it provides a textured, non-slippery surface that is perfect to have next to a pool.

Slate is also extremely resistant to chemicals like chlorine, meaning that it will retain its shape and texture long after you first install it as a pool paver.

Slate Pool Paver

It also remains cool under your feet under the harsh summer sun, meaning you don’t have to worry about my discomfort while you and your family enjoy your pool time in the summer. Truly, slate is an amazing pool paver material that will stay robust, for longer. 

What is more is that slate is also a very popular choice for many people for their landscaping ideas. Slate is often used in pathways in gardens, in patios, in outdoor kitchens and even in driveways. Because it comes in so many varieties and still retains its shape and texture, it is easily blendable in your landscape designs. 

9. Basalt Pool Pavers

Though basalt is a sturdy and robust as granite, it is not as popular amongst people who have pool decks in their home.

This can be because of how minimal and almost ordinary basalt can look. However, because there has been an increase in interests in minimal home design, in addition to adding a modern touch to your backyard, basalt is an amazing option.

Basalt Pool Pavers

You already know it’s sturdy and robust, but did you know that it can hold up against extreme weather as well?

No matter what the weather is outside, basalt is a material that can and will withstand it all. The material is invincible against the toughest rains as well. Nonetheless, this is an ideal pool paver idea to use for your pool pavers and coping as well


Installing pavers around pools can be a tedious task. However, we believe that if you know what you’re doing, and you have enough knowledge of the materials you are using, you too can have an excellent pool area. 

After knowing about all these ideas about pavers around pools, and especially about coral stone pavers, would you say you’d like these installed around your pool? And what about the blue stone? 

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