PB 770H Echo is the leaf blower you have been looking for. It has several extraordinary features that make you fall in love with this blower, including the powerful air volume and speed that finish your job in no time.

The PB 770H Echo Powerful Leaf Blower

This backpack blower is considered one of the finest ones you see in the industry, assuring your comfort. Over the years, people have used it to get their tasks done with ease. For a detailed insight into its best features and drawbacks, keep reading!

Pros and Cons Table

Pros  Cons 
Powerful air pressure and volume (756 cfm at 234 mph) Quite heavy 
Two-stroke engine (63.3 ccs) Slightly expensive
Professional hip-mounted throttle  

Product Highlights

The PB 770H comes with some exciting features that stand out in a wide variety of blowers present in the market. Not only is this blower powerful, however, it is also suitable for versatile functions. 

Some of the extraordinary features of PB 770H Echo include: 

  • 63.3 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine
  • Padded backrest and shoulder straps
  • Variable-speed, hip-mounted throttle with cruise control
  • 756 cfm and 234 mph blowing performance
  • Exclusive vented back pad
  • Side-mounted, heavy-duty, dual-stage air filtration
  • A sound level of 74 dB
  • Diaphragm carburetor with the purge pump
  • Fuel capacity of 68.3 oz
  • Five-year consumer warranty
  • Two-year commercial warranty

– PB 770H Echo Review

PB 770H Echo Key Criteria
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Powerful air pressure and volume (756 cfm at 234 mph)
Two-stroke engine (63.3 ccs)
Professional hip-mounted throttle
Quite heavy
Slightly expensive

The PB 770H backpack leaf blower is indeed one of the best industrial blowers present in the market with the perfect balance of air speed and air volume. The combination of speed and volume is what makes it a powerful blower that works with 756 cfm at 234 mph. 

Along with a powerful engine, its hip-mounted variable speed throttle with cruise control makes it professionally productive by getting the job perfectly done.

Other features of the PB 770H Echo blower include a two-stage air filter, padded shoulder straps, and a professional grade two-stroke engine, only to name a few!

The filter present in the blower makes sure that no dirt, debris, or grass enters the machine to reduce its efficiency. Therefore, the filter functions to enhance the engine’s life by securing it from external dirt and dust. Such care and prevention result in an increased life of the blower.

The best and most influential feature for a user is the presence of padded back and shoulder straps. Carrying such a heavy machine is quite a difficult task, especially when you are doing it frequently; However, features like padded Echo PB-770H straps make it easy for you to have a smooth experience without being uncomfortable.

Not only carrying this heavy machine was considered while designing this model, but also various ergonomic features, like Echo exclusive vented back, have been taken care of.

This Echo exclusive back has to be the most user-friendly feature of this blower, as it focuses on keeping the user cool during a hot day. The flow of air through this vented backpack helps the person to stay cool by lowering the temperature.

Another worth mentioning feature that comes with the PB 770H Echo is the variable speed hip-mounted throttle. In addition, it comes with cruise control that makes it easy for the user to operate the machine. It offers the user convenient control over the working of the tool. 

The blower also has a fuel filter installed in it to prevent the fuel from contamination due to dirt, dust, or any other small particles such as rust. It screens out the particles from the fuel to protect the critical parts of the engine by preventing foreign bodies from entering the fuel tank. 

The PB-770H parts include the large capacity fuel tank, hip-mounted variable speed throttle with cruise control, padded backrest and shoulder straps, vented backpack, position lock pipes, extra flexible tube, and wide-angle tube rotating pipe. 

The machine comes with an installed fuel tank having a fuel capacity of 68.3 oz. The Echo PB-770H fuel mixture consists of a 50:1 fuel-to-oil ratio. Even though the Echo PB-770 problems are limited, however, the one that surfaces the most includes uncomfortable straps that are wrapped around the compression strings and chafing the strap beyond use.

– How Has the Product Evolved?

Comparing the PB 770H Echo with Echo PB 580H, the PB 770H has a powerful 63.3 cc engine displacement as compared to the 58.2 ccs of the PB 580H. On the other hand, the models 580H and 770H have butterfly valve diaphragm and rotatory valve diaphragm, respectively. 

B 770 H Has a Powerful Engine Displacement

The fuel tank capacity of Echo PB 770H is greater than compared to the previously launched models that are still being used. Similar variations are seen in air volume and speed. However, the Echo PB 770H has a greater sound level and dry weight as compared to other models.

All these features show that the model PB 770H Echo is more powerful than previous models. This model is all you need to buy to blow every unwanted leaf away!

Product Feature Breakdown

Below are some of the distinguishable features of Echo PB 770H:

– Dual-stage Air Filtration

The Echo PB 770H has a side-mounted, two-stage air filtration system that prevents foreign bodies from entering the machine’s engine. This prevention results in a longer engine life, in addition, it provides a safe environment for the blower to perform its functions. 

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about the care and maintenance of your Echo PB 770H. Even if it is used daily for clean up, it will remain in a brand-new condition with prolonged life, which is a great feature.

– Vented Back

The exclusive vented back that comes built into most of the Echo blowers is very helpful during the summer season. Carrying a heavy-weight backpack blower is not easy at all, especially when the sun is shining. 

This feature prevents the person from sweating as the vented back makes the air flow easy for the user. It won’t let you face any injuries, because as you are done, and your back is sweaty, and you face a gust of wind, your muscles would stay sore. Hence, this feature, assure the avoidance of this particular detail.

– Comfortable Padding

Along with an exclusive vented back, the blower also has padded shoulder straps and a padded backrest to avoid user discomfort while blowing away the dust.

Blower Has Padded Shoulder Straps

The addition of this feature was made after considering the weight of this blower and its operating mechanism. This is a notable feature, because anyone working hard on chores would want to finish it in comfort. 

– Hip-mounted Throttle

A hip-mounted throttle is attached to the machine body and helps the user to operate the machine while using it. This throttle provides cruise control to the operator, so the user can adjust the speed along with other settings using it.

Keep in mind that the variable speed of the blower can be managed by the user with ease, and it would be up to you to control and secure the velocity in which the cleaning will be done in.

– High Pressure

The 63.3 ccs professional-grade engine provides a durable performance with excellent results. The 756 cfm along with 234 mph blowing power makes dirt, debris, leaves, and anything you want to remove, vanish in seconds.

Engine Provides a Durable Performance of the Blower

Now, what you must do is get your hands on this beast today and stop worrying about everyday cleaning!

– Warranty 

One thing that is considered when it comes to this leaf blower is that the company that makes it has ensured you that their product will be at its best performance in five years time period, hence they will give you a five-year warranty when you purchase it.

Nonetheless, this is a feature to think about because it shows confidence in the quality of what they are selling you.


The Echo PB 770H backpack blower provides you with powerful performance along with a comfortable experience. So, this leaf blower gives you great air velocity along with pressure for effective cleaning of dirt, debris, and leaves.

The run time of this tool depends upon the task being performed. However, the key aspect that is present in this model make it an ideal choice for homeowners to take care of their decks, lawns, and driveways. To get your hands on it for the lowest price, all you need to do is search ‘Echo PB-770H used’ and you will get a plethora of options!

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