Peace lily flowers turning green are the matter that indicate overfeeding or improper light exposure. However, in some cases, the blooms can be green instead of white because they’re new or old. Your peace lily might naturally have greenish blooms or be adjusting to new living conditions.Peace Lily Flowers Turning Green

Although this might seem like an annoying issue, it’s not a dangerous one. It doesn’t mean your plant is dying, although this issue can’t be reversed. Our gardening team will explain how.

Why Are The Peace Lily Flowers Turning Green?

Peace lily flowers are turning green because of natural variations, and new blooms are on their way. It can also be because the blooms may be aging, or you are overly feeding the plant. You must also remember that they turn green because of low light and having transplantation shock.

Why are my flowers turning green? Some varieties of peace lilies can naturally have greenish blooms. Others might develop green flowers that later turn into white ones, or they could be aging buds starting to lose their color. Problems like overfeeding or low light exposure can also make the flowers on peace lily green.Why Are Peace Lily Flowers Turning Green

– Natural Variation

There could be individual differences between plants of the same species. As a result, some peace lilies will naturally grow green or greenish-white blooms. So, if you’re sure that your plant is growing in excellent conditions and providing it with proper care, then this might be what it is like.

– New Blooms

Flowers naturally appear to be greenish before they turn bright white. This is the natural process of blooming in peace lilies, and because they are still young and tender, and they may have a green to light green shades.

So, if you’re expecting white peace lily flowers, you might need to wait a little. The blooms on the spath lily Spathiphyllum can last for about a month, but they might appear green in the beginning before they turn into their white flower.

– Aging Blooms

With a proper care routine, you might still see the white flowers turn green. This happens at the end of the growing season after the white flowers have bloomed because they would weaken and lose their color.

If you see that the flowers on your peace lily turn green and start losing their distinguishing white color, it might be their time to wither and die. Peace lily flowers turning brown can also be a sign of aging, and the blooms may be coming to an end in their growing series.

– Overfeeding

Spathiphyllum is a frequent feeder, and fertilizing during the growing season will encourage blooming. However, you might be applying too much fertilizer if you see green peace lily blooms.

Fertilizers provide plants with the macronutrients they need to survive. Yet, when you apply fertilizers too often or too much, you’ll harm the plant in the long run. They would change and look duller, and this is because the fertilized chemicals are seeing an imbalance, especially when the fertilizer is not the right fit.Peace Lily Flowers Turning Green Details

These chemicals deposit in the soil, creating a crust on top of the soil that affects aeration and the absorption of nutrients and water. The roots can get burned because of the high concentration of salts in the soil, and you’ll notice that your plant is producing too few flowers or no blooms at all.

Fertilizers provide your Spathiphyllum with nitrogen and iron, encouraging chlorophyll production. This allows your plant to produce more energy and promote foliage growth. Unfortunately, the green chlorophyll deposits in the peace lily spathes, turning their color from white to green. This can also happen when you apply fertilizers in winter when the plant isn’t blooming.

– Low Light

Flowers that turn green prematurely can be caused by poor light, and they would also start to look more leggy as well. The peace lily plant needs light to thrive, and insufficient light exposure can affect blooming.

Lack of light can prevent blooming because the plant doesn’t have enough energy. Even if the white flowers appear, they might quickly change to green because of low light. The plant’s spathes produce chlorophyll to increase the energy available for Spathiphyllum; you must also keep in mind that they become greenish to help the plant survive.

Moreover, in poor light, the plant rearranges the chloroplasts and moves them to the surface to produce more chlorophyll. This also applies to the spathes, which naturally have few chloroplasts. They move to the plant’s surface to give the blooms a greenish color.

On the other hand, in high-light exposure, the plant might look washed out, and you might see the peace lily leaves turning yellow or becoming paler. This happens because the plant rearranges the chloroplasts to produce less chlorophyll.

– Transplant Shock

These lily plants don’t bloom easily, and the color of the blooms can change significantly when there’s a change in the plant’s living conditions. For example, if you’ve just brought your plant from a greenhouse, you might notice that it has stopped blooming or that the flowers have lost their white color.

You might notice similar changes if you’ve been growing your plant outside and decided to bring it inside. This is called acclimation, which means the plant is trying to adapt to new living conditions.

As a result, it rearranges its chloroplasts to produce more energy, and this is why you will see the flowers aren’t blooming properly. So, the peace lily flowers will look green at the end; keep in mind that some leaves turn green or look unhealthy until the plant adjusts fully.

How To Fix The Green Blooms on Your Peace Lily?

To fix the green blooms on your peace lily, you should pick the suitable variety, and give it some time to bloom. Additionally, you can also feed them in an adequate way and make sure that it is located in a place by having light. Lastly, prune the older blooms.

Old flowers can also turn green before they wilt and fall off the plant. Finally, the green buds on this plant can be caused by overfeeding or inadequate peace lily light exposure.Fixing Green Blooms on Peace Lily

– Pick The Right Variety

So, how to get white flowers on peace lily? You could have picked a variety that naturally produces greenish flowers, or the blooms might have just appeared, so they will be green before they turn white.

This plant isn’t a true lily, so it doesn’t belong to the same family of lilies as the tiger lily, Easter lily, Turk’s-Cap lily, and lily ‘Stargazer’ belong to the Liliaceae family. It’s also different from the lily of the valley, which belongs to the Asparagaceae family.

There are several peace lily species that you can grow as outdoor and indoor plants. These include the Mauna Loa Supreme variety, which has incredibly wide leaves; the Power Petite variety, which grows to be only 15 inches tall; you should also know that the Starlight variety, which grows up to 20 blooms on a single plant.

Some of these varieties might have flowers that are more greenish than others. So, you might notice that the distinguished white blooms of peace lily look green, and this is a natural occurrence, because the plant may, on its own, grow in a light green shade.

In this case, you can’t do anything to change the bloom’s color. You can only ensure that your plant receives adequate care by feeding it regularly during the growing season, providing it with bright but indirect light, and watering it when the top layer of the soil mix feels dry.

– Give It Time

The Spathiphyllum or spath lily might have green buds when they’re new or about to die. The modified leaves or bracts grow on the plant, and in ideal conditions, they turn into blooms.

This means that they’re naturally green, just like the rest of the peace lily foliage. Providing the plant with consistent care and maintaining ideal growing conditions will encourage blooming. Therefore, if it’s early in the season, and you can see greenish flowers on your plant, you might just have to give it some time; as you give it the proper care needs, the white flowers will appear.

The same happens when the blooms are about to die. Peace lily flowers can last for up to one month, and before they wither and fall off the plant, they will turn green. You can’t extend the life of the flowers because they will naturally die and fall off the plant.

If you’ve just changed the plant’s location, you should give it time to adjust to its new conditions, and this is why you should make sure that the right needs are enhanced. A peace lily flower turning green can be an assimilation technique, and the plant needs time to recover.

– Feed Adequately

You may look at the plants, and worry, “why is my peace lily not flowering, and why are my peace lily flowers small?” These common questions can be related to a lack of essential nutrients, and thee way that you may be feeding the plant in an excessive way.

This plant can benefit from regular feeding, but too much feeding can do more harm than good. The excess nitrogen and iron lead to an increase in chlorophyll production, and the flowers will look green instead of white.

You should use slow-release fertilizer pellets or dilute any fertilizer before applying it to your plant. You should also choose the right time to feed your plant. Apply it only at the beginning of the growing season and avoid feeding your plant in winter to prevent the growth of greenish flowers.

However, applying a small amount of fertilizer will not reverse the color of the green bloom. Yet, it will prevent them from reappearing on your plant. Will my peace lily turn white again? The white flowers on a peace lily indicate that the plant needs to adjust its care routine.

You should fertilize less often, as overfertilizing will harm this plant. You should also pay attention to light conditions and provide the plant with the lack of direct sunlight, and more of indirect shades of light.

Sometimes, you might have to give the plant time because the flowers can appear green and then turn to white. Your plant could also be approaching the end of its blooming cycle, where the flowers become green before they wither and die.

– Provide Enough Light

Peace lilies need bright indirect light to develop their white blooms. Even in good light conditions, your plant might struggle to bloom. So, if you see that the white flowers change their color to green, you need to adjust the plant pot’s position. Providing your plant with at least six to eight hours of bright, indirect light is crucial.

If you’re growing it outside, you can change the plant’s position away from taller structures that block the sun. You should also trim taller trees and bushes, so your plant can receive enough light.

Picking a spot near a west or south-facing window at home can solve the problem. Make sure you have sheer curtains or blinds to block the direct light to avoid scorching the leaves.

– Pruning

When you think about cutting the flowers, this is the best solution if you want to know how to get more flowers on peace lily. Deadheading is beneficial to your plant. After a month, you should practice deadheading to preserve the plant’s energy and encourage further blooming.Pruning Peace Lily Plants

If you see greenish flowers, you can cut them off to encourage the plant to bloom. You should also prune the foliage if some of the leaves turn brown. After adjusting the plant’s living conditions, white flowers will appear.

Peace lilies naturally bloom in spring, growing one or two white flowers if favorable living conditions are. If you don’t provide enough light or overfeed the plant, it might grow green buds or not bloom. In addition to this, if you deadhead the spent flowers, your peace lily might bloom again in the fall; however, this is quite rare, so keep this matter in mind.


Seeing greenish flowers on the peace lily can be alarming and is usually caused by a plant maintenance problem, so here is a recap:

  • Some varieties can naturally have green flowers, so you should be mindful of the matter and grow the right kind.
  • New flowers can appear green, and the blooms might lose their white colors before they wither.
  • Overfertilizing and low light exposure are usually the culprits behind the peace lily flowers green color.
  • You can’t reverse green lily flowers, but you can prevent them from appearing by adjusting the low light exposure and overfertilizing.

Following our peace lily care tips guarantees your plant will thrive and bloom.

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