boxes of peaches for sale at a farmers marketIf you are searching for peaches for sale near me, then you have come to the right place. Peaches are one of the most popular fruits because of their juicy sweetness and pulpy goodness.

In this complete guide, we list the available options for you to get the season’s best. Get to pick the juiciest and the best peach harvest as quickly as possible, so wait no longer and dive straight into this post before you head out this weekend looking for peaches.

Where To Find Peaches for Sale Near Me

💥 You can easily find peaches for sale near you by visiting the peach farms directly, ordering from online stores, or by pre-booking farm-fresh peaches before the harvest. Whether you are in Georgia, Alabama, LA or Texas, the options are plenty from where you can get the best fruit of the season.


Read the section below to get a complete rundown of such places.

– Peach States of Georgia, North Carolina, and New Jersey

If you are in the states of Georgia, California, North Carolina or New Jersey, which produce peaches in abundance, there are a lot of places where you can go and get your peach fill. Here is a detailed section on the markets, grocery stores, and peach farms you can visit in these states.

– Georgia

Georgia is known as the peach state thanks to its high produce annually. You can find Georgia peaches for sale all across the state — in markets, grocery stores and restaurants as well. 

Peach picking in Atlanta is in Lowndes County and its surrounding places, which is home to many local peach farms and markets. Georgia peaches season is in the months between May to September.

You can buy peaches in Georgia from popular orchards such as Lane Southern Orchards, Berry Good Farms, Dickey Farms and Jaemor Farm. These orchards not only permit buyers in Georgia to visit the farm, but also gives the experience to purchase the juiciest of peaches hand-picked from the orchard.

– North Carolina

North Carolina produces over seventy varieties of peach fruit, each with its distinctive flavor. Farms are spread over thousands of acres concentrated around the Sandhills region of the state. The right time to pick your NC peaches is around the mid-season in August.

– New Jersey Peaches

New Jersey has an active peach promotion council that sets up farm and community markets and retail supermarkets. Find the best peaches in the state from late June through September in these markets. 

– Online Stores

Many farms and southern peach orchards sell their produce along with authentic baked goods online that make it possible for you to buy peaches from anywhere. You can order the season’s freshest from popular farms straight from the peach state of Georgia and shipped right to your home.

Most farms offer wholesale options on their products along with free shipping for their in-season peaches. From fresh seasonal peaches, in shell-pecans, to even peach jam and jellies, the options are plenty. 


– Pre-orders for Farm Fresh

California, South Carolina, Georgia and New Jersey farms also accept pre-orders for farm peaches which you can directly purchase from the orchards. Peach boxes with high-quality peaches are generally ready by the 15th of June and orchards permit you to collect them personally.

Find your way around the state peach producers and buy bushels of juicy peaches along with some yummy peach-flavored treats.

– Visit Farm Shops and Local Markets

Orchards run their little peach stores with produce and treats almost throughout the year. You can visit the farm and handpick your peaches.

Local markets in and around Georgia, Texas or South Carolina also have farmers from Peach Growers Society, who sell peach produce in abundance. If you wish to experience shopping for the best of the season, then there’s nothing quite like a local market to soak in the flavor of the fruit. 


baskets of peaches in a row at marketYou have now read how easy it is to find peaches for sale near you.

Here is a quick summary of what we learned from this guide.

  • If you are in the states of Georgia, California, North Carolina or New Jersey, which produce peaches in abundance, there are lots of markets, grocery stores, and peach farms you can visit to get the juiciest harvest.
  • You can pre-order peaches directly from orchards and personally pick them up when the boxes are ready.
  • Most producers, especially from the peach state of Georgia, sell their products online and with free shipping, you can enjoy them anywhere across the country.
  • If you wish to personally hand pick your peaches, visit the local markets or farm stores where in-season produce can be found in abundance. 

Having read how to find the best peaches on sale near you, easily procure the season’s best. Find the store or orchard nearest you and pick the juiciest and finest of them all!

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