Philodendron Fibrosum Care InfographicPhilodendron fibrosum is one of the easiest philodendrons to grow at home. Being an expensive plant, many people are scared to mess it up.

This guide was crafted to help you with precisely just this. You will find that this plant is quite straightforward to grow and propagate.

What Is Philodendron Fibrosum?

The Philodendron fibrosum king plant is a native of Colombia and Ecuador. Like most Philodendrons, it has large and broad dark-green leaves. It is easily recognizable by its super hairy petioles, which sets it apart from other members of its species.

Philodendron Fibrosum Care

The plant care for this Philodendron is quite easy, even for beginners. It needs bright indirect light, lukewarm watering when the top two inches of the soil dries out, and more than 70 percent humidity. The temperatures need to be moderate and in the range of 64 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Water Requirement

The watering needs of this plant are quite easy to figure out and fulfill. You will need to water it every week, once in the summer but at longer intervals in the winter.

When the soil of your fibrosum plant dries from the top two inches, then you must water this plant. Usually, in the summer, this will take about one week. It takes longer for the soil to dry from the top in winters. You will have to water it less.

That is why you should always check your soil first. We just insert our finger in the soil up to the knuckle. It should feel totally dry and not moist at all.

For those who love gadgets, a moisture meter is a godsend. Its sensory end is buried into the soil, after which it gives out a rating. Your plant is ready to receive water if the rating is below seven.

Watering philodendrons is almost an art. Don’t just take much water and simply dump it onto the soil. What you need to do is to take only a moderate volume of water. Pour it only on the soil near the stem at a moderate pace. 

How much water should you give your plant? It would be best if you kept pouring water until it started to come out of the drainage hole. This is how much water this plant needed.

Whatever you do, don’t bathe the whole plant each time. This has been shown to lead to mildew and other fungal infections. Do not use very hot or cold water, only lukewarm.