Phoenix backyard ideas are the ones that you should consider, if you have been thinking about doing a home makeover, these ideas will blow your mind. Make your yard look greener by installing artificial grass.

Phoenix Backyard Ideas for Landscaping

You can also create an outdoor fireplace, buy water features or create an outdoor living space, if you have a low budget, custom-make outdoor furniture or buy them from affordable stores for your yard landscaping.

This article will mention the pros, cons, and importance of these landscaping ideas, so continue reading. 

A List of Backyard Landscaping Ideas 

1. Grow Tropical Plants

Most homeowners value a backyard with trees, this is because trees make the place green and livelier and provide a cool shade. Besides, more trees in homes in the phoenix area mean cleaner air and a cooler climate. 

– Features

The best trees for your Arizona backyard are tropical plants because the place has a desert landscape. Ferns, banana palm, ginger lily, and bird of paradise are some trees to give your yard an exotic look. 

Your choice of trees to grow in a Phoenix landscape also depends on your preference. Some homeowners like flowers, so they mostly lean towards blooming tropical plants like bush lily and flamingo flowers, the reason why they add them is that it would add vibrancy to the landscape.

Growing Tropical Plants in Garden

If you like your space green all year round, the ferns, Monsteras, and umbrella plants are yours to try. 

– Benefits

The benefit to adding them is that when you add plants, they would beautify the space with their colorful leaves, flowers, and stems. In addition, they also provide clean air, improve your mental health and give you a sense of accomplishment. You must ensure you get easy-to-grow and care-for plants to reduce the responsibilities of watering and fertilizing. 

– Drawbacks

Although plants beautify the backyard, they can attract insects like ticks, which would damage the plant that you have been taking care of. Some plants are expensive to buy and maintain, and others require constant watering, costing you a lot of time. 

2. Install Artificial Grass

Your Arizona backyard could be dry due to the tropical climate, making it hard for the natural grass to grow. Besides, growing grass in the backyard requires a lot of attention and time to maintain, which most homeowners avoid. 

– Features

If you still want greenery with less work, install artificial turf as it would add a luscious touch to your backyard. It looks and feels like natural grass, and it can make your yard more stunning. You can let your pets and kids play on the grass, and it also reduces dust pollution, and this is a key characteristic that they have. 

Installing Artificial Grass in Backyard

On another note, turf grass installation is quite easy, but you require an expert to get the correct measurements and install the carpet. In addition, the expert will ensure that they lay the grass on flat ground with well-draining soil and spray weed killer before the installation.

– Benefits

The grass is beautiful, yet it is low maintenance. You won’t need to water or trim it. It looks healthy regardless of the season, is durable, and is available in various colors and textures. Turf grass also dries fast after rains, and you won’t incur the expenses of pesticides. 

– Drawbacks

Turf grass is expensive to buy and install. The cost depends on the size of your backyard, so the bigger the yard, the more you will spend. It also gets hot in summer and is not eco-friendly. 

3. Install Water Feature

You should not miss a water feature installation in your backyard ideas on a budget. These fixtures are ideal if you live in busy and noisy environments because they help block the noise, and would provide you with a relaxing splashing sounds instead. Besides, water features create visual interests that add aesthetics to your backyard. 

– Features

You can install bubbling rocks, solar-powered fountains, a splash pad, or a bird birth. Bird births are easy to install because they don’t require pumps or filters. You can also place them in the front or backyard and match the color with your house’s paint. 

An alternative to bird births is fountains for your yard design. The fountains come in various designs to fit your needs, and the reason why it is a very prominent investment is that it adds a unique feature to your backyard. 

Water Feature in House Yard

A sphere fountain will be a good choice if your space is small. Although these beauties add aesthetics to your yard, do not run them during winter. The water could freeze and expand when the temperatures rise, causing cracks.

– Benefits

Water features are innovative backyard reno ideas to add aesthetic to your home. Flowing water also attracts wildlife like birds to your doorstep and invites the soothing sounds of nature to your home. 

Besides, most water features can fit in small spaces, and you can match them with the home’s theme color. In addition, you don’t need to think so much about the bill that it would leave you wish, because you can install one that would cycle the water.

– Drawbacks

Water features can be expensive, so set a reasonable budget. Although the features don’t require a huge yard, you must have enough room for the fountain. You should also clean, scrub and drain the water features to prevent algae buildup. 

4. Outdoor Living Space

Your list of backyard ideas will not be complete without a beautiful living space especially if you are in Arizona. You can make the area look more like your living room by having a pergola fitted with outdoor furniture. These include a set of outdoor couches, tables, and other relaxing benches. 

– Features

You can feature different furniture in your backyard, when choosing the couches and benches, be specific about the fabric. Get seats with waterproof material to avoid water damage. However, it is key that you make sure that they are also sunproof because they will live outside for the rest of their lives. 

You can also include gardening lighting in your yard to increase security, safety, and beauty. Install spotlights, string, step, or floodlights to give your backyard another look. If you like putting greens in your spaces, get potted plants for the side path. 

Outdoor Living Space with Chairs

You can complete the outdoor makeover by buying an outdoor kitchen. This is ideal if you like hosting parties, family gatherings, or grilling meat outdoors for your friends and the nuclear family. 

Add an island in the kitchen and get beautiful stools, and build a kitchen too, where you can spend some time outdoors with family and friends. The space will look stunning even when you don’t have visitors.

– Benefits

Outdoor living spaces beautify the backyard and are perfect for relaxing during hot summers. Spending time outside reduces stress and blood pressure, and it boosts health. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for bonding with your family and friends. 

– Drawbacks

Waterproof furniture and outdoor kitchens are expensive to buy and install. They also require you to have enough space in the backyard. 

5. Decoration with Stones and Pebbles

You can make your Arizona backyard stand out by complimenting it with Arizona desert terrains.

Stones and pebbles increase the beauty of the space, improve drainage and act as mulching for plants. They are also available in different designs, so you can choose those that fit your preference, which would add a mosaic feature to the landscape.

– Features 

You can buy cheaper, low-maintenance landscaping pebbles if you are on a tight budget, and install them yourself, which is a great feature if you consider it. These are also a perfect choice if you want a dry garden in your backyard. A better way to make your pebble-styled yard more stunning is by using stone paired with ornamental grasses. 

Garden Decoration with Stones and Pebbles

You can also use the stones and pebbles along the driveway and in front of your entries to create centerpieces. If you are pouring stones at the entrance, decide a color that matches your home as it would bring out the eccentric features, and they help to keep the house cleaner and increase aesthetics. 

– Benefits

Pebbles and stones give a perfect backdrop to flowerbeds, trees, and backyards. They also give a feeling of permanence to the garden. You can get them in various textures and colors to match your home’s aesthetics.

6. Set an Outdoor Fireplace

You can include an outdoor fireplace in your backyard ideas Calgary. It adds calmness and comfort in the outdoor living space or the kitchen. When constructing an outdoor fireplace, choose a strategic point. Strategically place it to act as a windbreaker. 

You can install an enclosed or open fireplace, depending on your preference. Some homeowners construct the fireplaces inside the patio, while others prefer having them in the compound. 

Fire in Outdoor Fireplace

If you want a fireplace outdoors, ensure it is 100 feet away from the other buildings or the garage. You should also keep small children away from the place because they can crawl into the fire. Care for your fireplace by replacing it if you see signs of rusting. 

– Benefits

You can use an outdoor fireplace to increase comfort and warmth on your patio. It also increases your home’s value, as it is a desired feature by most homebuyers and requires less installation work since you don’t need venting materials. 

7. Add a Swimming Pool 

Wouldn’t it be fun to jump into a cold swimming pool during the hot summers in Arizona? Backyard swimming pools are a lifetime investment that can bring health benefits. For example, you can do swimming workouts to help the heart and lungs function. 

– Features

A backyard swimming pool can also be an excellent place to socialize with friends and family. You can plan swimming competitions to strengthen your family and friend bonds or use the pool as a gym alternative. 

You can feature different shapes of pools, whether you would wish to install big ones that would take a large space, or a smaller one, if your yard is a smaller one.

Backyard Swimming Pool

It would give your backyard more of an awesome characteristic, because it’s fun to have a swimming pool. Furthermore, you may even invest more and place other features too, such a slide, or an attached bar. 

However, always ensure you adhere to home swimming pool safety. For example, teach your children how to swim, but ensure an adult is watching them whenever they are swimming. You can keep the pool door closed to prevent the kids from accessing it alone. Ensure no dirt in the pool area, and post swimming pool area rules at the entry. 

– Drawbacks

Although home swimming pools encourage socializing, failing to treat them can pose a health hazard. The disinfectants used to treat pool water also causes asthma and hay fever in small kids. Besides, the pool might be a bit costly depending on the kind that you are opting for. 

8. Fruit or Vegetable Garden

Have you visited homeowners who don’t buy fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the market? Most of them have a small garden in the backyard for these plants. You can grow onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables in your backyard. 

Organic vegetables are healthier than those grown using GMOs, artificial hormones, and harmful insecticides. Gardening in a backyard provides healthy food while keeping your place green. 

However, when you are setting your fruit or your vegetable garden, you must ensure that the greens that you will be cultivating are ones that work perfectly well in your USDA hardness zone.

Fruit Garden in Backyard

– Benefits

You can decide the type of manure to use on your backyard plants. Since most homeowners want organic harvests, they go for natural fertilizers like cow dung, peels of vegetables, and plant parts. Backyard gardening also produces fruits and vegetables with more nutrients because of the reduced use of chemicals.

– Drawbacks

You must be present to water your backyard plants to prevent them from drying. The plants also require you to weed them and check for pest infestation. 


There are many phoenix backyard ideas for your garden. Before choosing your preferred way of decorating the backyard, consider your budget, the size of the yard, and its functionality.

Our list of designs will transform your space by adding aesthetics. Before deciding on an idea, note that:

  • Swimming pools are an excellent backyard makeover idea, but ensure you take all the required measures. 
  • You can create an outdoor living area with a kitchen and fireplace. Ensure you adhere to fireplace safety measures. 
  • Water features like fountains and turf grass are perfect if you want a custom landscape idea. 
  • Whether you are a minimalist or are working on a budget, you can create a homely landscape design for your family. When choosing the landscaping design, consider your budget and space. 

What is your excuse for keeping your backyard looking ugly when there are so many ideas you can implement to transform it into a beautiful haven?


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