Plants on top of refrigerator are a great way to fill up the negative space above the appliance. They also add to the natural and minimalistic aesthetics of the whole kitchen.

Plants on Top of a silver RefrigeratorWe have compiled a list of the most exciting and easy to take care of plants that you can place on top of the fridge. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Plants  Why They Are Best for Placing on Top of the Refrigerator
Aloe Plant This plant is best for keeping on top of the refrigerator because it is compact-sized can be used in cooking and is very low-maintenance.
String of Hearts This plant is the best because it looks like a decorative piece with hearts attached to thin stems.
Spider Plants This plant has the most gorgeous slender leaves.
Money Plant This plant brings good fortune and luck.
Devil’s Ivy or Pothos Pothos are best for refrigerators that are next to windows.
Bird’s Nest Ferns Their frilled leaves have great ornamental value. They also hate being disturbed so it’s a safe spot for them.
Prayer Plant Their variegated leaves open during the day and close at night.
Chinese Plant It is a tiny plant with thick, round leaves that look like coins.
Monstera Deliciosa This is the swiss cheese plant that has large leaves with fenestrations in it. It grows like a vine.
Bromeliad This plant comes in a variety of bright and dazzling colors.
Dracaena Plant Buy this one if you are fond of compact plants with stiff and spiky foliage.
Dragon Tree Plant If your kitchen is particularly well lit by direct sunlight, then this is the best plant for above the fridge.
Calatheas These are other types of prayer-plants that look just as great.
Cast Iron Plant The hardiest plant out there that will survive all sorts of neglect, not that we recommend neglecting it.
Heart-Leaf Philodendron  This plant is best known for hanging its vines on the side of the refrigerator.
Nerve Plant Green leaves with different colored veins running through them make this plant unique.
Peace Lily Plant This plant is small, cute and grows well in the kitchen.
Dieffenbachia Thrives under the hot and humid conditions of the kitchen.

The Best Plants on Top of Refrigerator

The best plants on top of refrigerator are those that need warm, bright and humid living conditions in order to survive. Of course, they also need to be visually appealing to give your kitchen that extra touch of color.

Here are some of our top picks in this regard.

– Aloe Vera

1. Photo of Green Aloe Vera PlantsThe Aloe barbadensis miller plant is a desert succulent that is perfect for keeping on top of the refrigerator. These are small plants overall and grow up to a maximum size of one to two feet only.

It needs indirect light only and prefers the warmth coming from your refrigerator. Not only that, but it also needs to be watered barely once or twice a month. 

Another major plus point for keeping this plant in your kitchen is the fact that the Aloe plant has numerous health benefits. You can continue using this plant for multiple DIY skincare and culinary pursuits. The fact that it looks amazing is an additional benefit.

– String of Hearts

2. string of heartsCeropegia woodii is one of the most beautiful decorative plants to place on top of your refrigerator. It grows very long and thin string-like stems with numerous heart-shaped patterned leaves. That is why it is also called the string of heart plants.

These strings and leaves will hang down one side of your fridge, giving it a new look altogether. It also needs indirect sunshine so your kitchen is the best place for this plant. It needs water only when the soil is dry on the surface.

– Spider Plant

3. Spider plantThe spider plant has long and slim leaves with cream and green variations. It produces multiple baby plantlets that dangle from the mother plant just like spiders dangling from their webs.

This plant is known by its scientific name Chlorophytum comosum and is a perennial species that will look just perfect on top of your refrigerator.

It grows only one to two feet tall and needs indirect to partial sunlight, so if your refrigerator is placed next to the window, then this is the best plant for it.

– Money Plant

4. Money Plant

These are the plants to go for if you want some lucky plants for kitchen. According to the Chinese concept of Feng Shui, the coin-shaped leaves of this plant symbolize wealth. 

Therefore, putting them on top of the refrigerator seems like a pretty neat idea, right? It has minimalistic care requirements and its luck will make sure that your kitchen always stays brimming with food and family.

– Devil’s Ivy

5. Devil s ivy decorated on wall

Devil’s ivy is more commonly known as the pothos plant. Scientifically, it goes by the name epipremnum aureum.

It is a long trailing vine that can grow almost 40 feet long. However, you can keep your own pothos on fridge in shape by regular pruning.

One thing to keep in mind is that the devil’s ivy grows best in partial to direct light so it’s best if your kitchen is brightly lit or the fridge is placed next to a window. Other than that, it is easy to look after on the whole.

– Bird’s Nest Ferns

6. Bird’s nest fernThis cute little plant has fresh green and slender leaves with frilled edges. This is one of the best plants to grow on top of the refrigerator.

This is because it likes hot and humid conditions, so if you keep watering it on a regular basis, it will grow up to become almost two feet tall.

This plant is sensitive to prodding and unnecessary touching, so the top of the fridge will also keep it away from pets and kids.

– Prayer Plant

7. Prayer Plant Houseplant (Maranta)The prayer plant, also known as Maranta, opens its leaves at sunrise and closes them shut at dawn. How cool is that?

It is also tiny, barely 12 inches tall, so putting them in the refrigerator is no big deal either. Just take care to give it only filtered or distilled water because it is sensitive to the minerals in tap water.

– Chinese Money Plant

8. Chinese Money PlantThis tiny plant is fantastic for the top of fridge decor. It barely grows beyond 12 inches tall and looks absolutely cute with its thick and round cone-shaped leaves.

It can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, although the warm, humid conditions in the kitchen suit it the most.

It produces tiny plantlets near the base of the stem every spring so you can propagate more of this plant too.

– Monstera Deliciosa

9. Monstera Deliciosa PlantThere is no better-looking plant than this one if you’re wondering what to put on top of refrigerator. With heart-shaped leaves that have holes in them and a vine-like growth, this is the plant to put on top of the refrigerator and have their stems trail down the sides. 

Also known as the swiss-cheese plant, this Monstera deliciosa needs warm and bright indoor spaces to grow in. What better room in the house for them than the kitchen? They enjoy regular watering so don’t forget to check their soil and water them each time you are in the kitchen for some work.

Just take care to plant them in adequately-draining potting soil. You don’t want this plant to develop root rot right in your kitchen.


– Bromeliad

10. Epiphytic bromeliadBromeliads are perfect if you want to add a colourful decor to your refrigerator. You can choose from a variety of colors, namely red, yellow, green and even bright purple.

These have very simple care needs but they do like to grow in a clustered environment, so just group them over the refrigerator with other tiny plants and watch them thrive.

Bromeliads are also known for producing cute bright pink or yellow flowers during the blooming season. This plant is literally a must-have in your collection.

– Snake Plant

11. Sansevieria or snake plant in potThese are foremost among kitchen plants that don t need sunlight. It thrives under the heat given off by the refrigerator and the kitchen and won’t even need to be watered that often. In return, it will filter your kitchen air and make it cleaner!

This plant is on the smaller side overall and has stiff, spiky leaves that stay upright and look really funky. 

– The Dragon Tree

12. The Dragon TreeThis plant needs plenty of direct sun. If your kitchen receives direct sunshine for most of the day that is unsuitable for other indoor plants, then the dragon tree is there to the rescue.

This plant usually grows taller than 15 feet in most cases, but no need to worry because it is a super slow grower and will take a long time to get tall enough to be taken off the fridge.

– Calatheas

13. calathea greenCalatheas are another species of tropical plants that open and close their leaves during day and night, respectively. They have colorful, patterned leaves so that open and closed Calatheas look like different plants altogether. 

These carry on growing even in conditions of low light so don’t worry if your kitchen lacks windows. Just take care of their watering needs. Calatheas are also easy to propagate and you can try producing several young Calatheas from the parent plant as a side hobby.

– The Cast Iron Plant

14. Aspidistra elatior or cast-iron-plantIf you want to keep a plant on top of your refrigerator but don’t have a lot of time to look after it, then this is the plant for you.

This is a super plant that will carry on living and thriving under all sorts of conditions. Trust us, there are few plants hardier than this.

It has long, thin leaves that are stiff to the touch and produces lilac-colored blue-shaped flowers in the spring so it looks good too.

– Heart-Leaf Philodendron

15. heart leaf Philodendron house plantIf you are wondering how to fill gap above fridge, especially if it is a big one, then this large-sized plant with heart-shaped leaves is just right for you.

This is a plant for those of you willing to make a bold interior decoration statement. It is also one of the easiest plants to look after; just keep it well-drained and away from direct sunlight and it will grow exuberantly.

– Nerve Plant

16. Nerve plant or Mosaic plant (Fittonia albivenis)There are several varieties of the nerve plant, each with particular-colored veins running through its leaves. It is a slow-growing plant which is a major advantage since it can grow up to 6 feet tall and 12 to 18 feet across.

There is no better plant than this for your fridge if it is placed slightly far away from the windows. This plant doesn’t tolerate the sun at all. Other than that, it is quite hardy and will forgive all minor lapses in care.

– Peace Lily Plant

17. Peace lily Plant

The peace lily plant is a tropical flowering plant if you want an exciting plant on top of refrigerator. It produces cute white flowers that would contrast well with a black or red fridge.

It also grows well indoors and doesn’t even need to be watered that often. The size of this plant is just perfect too, the maximum size being only three feet.

– Dieffenbachia

18. DieffenbachiaThis sun-loving plant is sought-after for its broad green leaves with green variegations. Place them near a window for the best results.

Inside the house, it will barely grow a foot tall, which is good enough. Just don’t let the air humidity drop around this plant for long periods of time.


Plants on Top of a red RefrigeratorNow that you have gone through the different types of plants that are perfect for adorning refrigerator tops, it’s time to look back at some of our favourites.

  • The space on top of the refrigerator is the perfect spot for keeping a plant or two.
  • The best plants for this spot are those that need warm, humid and indirectly lit bright living conditions.
  • Placing plants on top of your refrigerator will add to the ambience and indoor styling and beauty.
  • We totally recommend going for Devil’s Ivy or the string of hearts plants. These not only look amazing but need very little maintenance as well.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is a bit tiny and lacks space, as you learned today there are many plants that not only grow well but even thrive on top of refrigerators. All you have to do is to choose one!

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