Plants starting with f are all not ornamental and don’t contain attractive flowers. Because of this, we have put together this list of plants that are great for use as decorations and have wonderful flowers.

17 Plants Starting with F Fabulous and Fantastic Flowers

These common plants that start with f can be employed to improve the attractiveness of your yard and can also contribute to the ornamentation of your home for significant occasions.

You can read this article to gain knowledge about the flower names beginning with the letter F and the characteristics of each flower.

List of Plants Starting with F

1. Flax Flower

The Flax Flower is also called the Linum Usitatissumum, this is a plant is a lovely addition to the garden because of its rapid growth, and it is also planted for harvesting purposes. When it reaches maturity, the slender, upright plant blooms beautiful, delicate flowers that only last for a brief time, and then they would degenerate. 

Flax Flower

– Features

It grows well in settings such as meadows, rural areas, or cottage gardens. It can sometimes reach heights of up to three feet. The blossoms only remain on the plant for a day or so.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This is an annual, poisonous plant with green leaves that blooms blue flowers with broad and spreading petals. You must be cautious, because if your pets eats it accidentally, it might get intoxicated.

2. Flannel Flower

A popular species of blooming plant that is native to the wilderness around Sydney, Actinotus Helianthi is also known by the common name Flannel Flower. This plant will mostly reach a maximum height of eighteen inches; however, there have been known instances of it reaching heights of up to five feet. 

Flannel Flower

– Highlighted Characteristics

The elegantly lobed looking leaves that can grow to be up to four inches long and three inches wide, and the flower heads, which are fashioned like daisies and range in diameter from two to three inches. It is a native bush-type plant that contains gray leaves, and it blooms white flowers during spring.

3. French Marigold

The French Marigolds are small, bushy annuals that originate in Mexico. You must note that they require full sun to moderate shade and soil that is either well-drained or somewhat damp, if you wish for it to bloom to its full potential. 

– Growth Period

If you cut the flower of the Tagetes Patula as soon as they appear, they will continue to bloom throughout the season.

French Marigold

However, once fully grown, they can withstand extended periods of drought. You can grow this plant in flower beds, pots, and even as an edger plant.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This is an annual and poisonous type of plant that has a medium rate of growth and its flower blooms in summer, spring, and fall and has burgundy, red, orange, yellow, gold, or brown color, which would look perfect in your garden or even in the pathway to your house.

4. Floss Flower

The Floss Flower plant is a one-foot-tall mounding plant that produces clumps of aster-like, fluffy flowers. It is recommended that it be planted with around ten inches of spacing between each flower. 

– Growth Requirements

Scientifically, you will find the name of this plant to be the Ageratum Houstonianum, as this plant can withstand modest amounts of drought, but it does best in full sun and soil that is rich, moist, and well-drained.

Floss Flower

The taller variants produce better results as cut flowers. You can use it as a border plant or as a low-growing massing plant in beds.

– Highlighted Characteristics

It grows at a medium rate which is approximately somewhere between 18 and 30 inches tall and contains white, blue, or pink flowers that bloom in summer and fall.

5. Fairy Duster

The Fairy Duster, scientifically known as the Calliandra Eriophylla, can grow up to three feet tall but is most commonly seen to be considerably shorter.

Fairy Duster

It has flowers, leaflets, and pods that are all covered with a grayish-brown pubescence. It is a member of a family of plants that are usually found in tropical regions and are classified as woody plants.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This is a subshrub and perennial type plant that has green leaves and pink or white flowers which bloom in summer and spring. The reason why it is loved by gardeners is that as it blooms, it will produce the loveliest flowers of all time.

6. Firecracker Flower 

Although it is possible to nurture the Firecracker Flower plant outside in tropical climates, where it will keep its evergreen appearance, in more temperate countries it is most commonly grown as an indoor plant or as an annual outside. 

– Growth Requirement

In order to see this beautiful flower bloom up, you must remember that the seed pods of this plant tend to explode when they are in the presence of excessive humidity or rainfall.

Firecracker Flower

To grow properly, they require high levels of humidity, intense indirect light, and warm temperatures. 

– Highlighted Characteristics

It is a shrub that grows at a rapid rate and its leaves are blue and green with red, pink, orange, or yellow flowers that bloom all year round, which is one of its significant traits.

7. False Indigo

The False Indigo, a member of the bean family, is a perennial herb found naturally in wooded areas or along forest edges, the name of this plant is also found as Baptisia Australis. It reaches a height of about four feet and blooms beautiful flowers. 

– Growth Requirements

You may even grow it in full sun or partial shade, however, in the latter situation it will get lanky and droop.

False Indigo

In addition, it needs to be placed in a moderately proper draining soil so that it gets the right nutrients. 

When you provide it with these requirements, it will grow and thrive, and as it grows large in bunches, it looks great if you plant it in front of or alongside wooden fences.

– Highlighted Characteristics

It is a perennial containing white, lavender, purple, yellow, or blue flowers which bloom during the summer and spring seasons, as the growth conditions are given ideally.

8. Fan Flower

The Fan Flower or Scaevola Aemula is endemic to Australia, where it thrives in dry and semiarid environments. If necessary, you can put this plant indoors for the winter. It reaches a height of about one and a half feet, and it has both erect and horizontal stems. 

– Resilient Nature

The reason why this plant is loved by gardeners is that it can survive in hot, dry conditions with no problems, basically it has a resilient nature.

Fan Flower

However, you should grow this plant in containers or on a wall, and make sure the soil drains well.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This perennial has obovate or lanceolate-shaped green leaves that bloom flowers in summer and fall and have lavender, purple, or blue colors, and it is a fantastic option to add to your garden because of the beautiful blooms it produces.

9. Fumewort 

Corydalis solida, sometimes known as bird-in-a-bush or fumewort is a flowering plant species that belongs to the Papaveraceae family. Its natural habitats include damp and shaded areas throughout Northern Europe and Asia. It can grow to a height of ten inches.


– Highlighted Characteristics

It is a shrub-type plant with flowers that are of white, red, or purple color and they bloom during the spring season. You must note that it is possible to can grow it in gardens for its fern-like, deeply split leaves as well as its slender, long-spurred flowers. 

10. False Spikenard

The False Spikenard thrives in the region’s deciduous woodlands, where the soil is consistently moist, well-drained, and rich in humus. It struggles in the sultry, sticky summers of the South. 

– Characteristics

It is important to use caution when you cultivate this plant because the plant’s roots are sensitive to disturbance, especially in the early stages when the plant is still being established.

False Spikenard

Note that this plant is capable of establishing a sizable colony, although it spreads slowly due to the thickness of its rhizomes.

In addition, this is a wildflower and herbaceous perennial type plant that blooms white flowers during the summer and spring seasons.

11. Feverfew 

The Feverfew or the Tanacetum Parthenium, grows in a mound and is known for its pleasant scent. The flower heads are composed of small, white florets that surround a yellow disc. This flower is also known as Maids, Bachelor’s Buttons, Wild Chamomile, and Manzanilla as they are altering names.

– Decorative Option

The long-lasting flower heads are perfect for use as cut flowers. You can also dry them and use the dried flowers.


The flowers have a relatively long blooming period. They form mounds, stand upright, and are about three feet. 

– Highlighted Characteristics

This plant is a perennial type plant with a rapid growth rate and during the summer season, it grows white, yellow, and gold flowers, and it will highlight your garden in a beautiful way.

12. Four-o’clock Flower 

You can treat the Four-o’clock Flower plant as an annual, but the only place it will truly thrive is in a warm, sheltered seaside garden. The fragrant flowers of this plant open around four or five in the evening. Its roots are huge and tuberous, like potatoes. 

– Intoxicating Feature

Even though it is a beautiful flower, but you must note that if someone accidentally eats this plant, they will experience mild poisoning.

Four-o’clock Flower

Skin irritation, if any, may be temporary and mild if this comes in contact with the skin.

– Highlighted Characteristics

Although this flower is poisonous and however it is a perennial type that would blooms beautiful flowers in summer, spring, and fall and the flowers that it would produce are of different colors such as white, lavender, purple, pink, yellow, or brown.

13. Fern Leaf Yarrow

The Fern Leaf Yarrow is native to the regions of Central and Southwestern Asia, and it is also called the Achillea Filipendulina. This naturalized plant also exists in both North America and Europe. 

– Growth Requirements

It thrives in well-drained, average garden soil, but can also survive in poorly-drained areas.

Fern Leaf Yarrow

You should keep this plant away from soggy, rich, and fertile soils and place it in sheltered areas. In addition, note that it can handle moderate amounts of salt and hot, humid summers.

– Highlighted Characteristics

It is a rapidly growing herbaceous perennial with white or yellow flowers that blooms during the summer, spring, and fall seasons. 

14. Flowering Tobacco

The Flowering Tobacco is one of the most beautiful trees beginning with f. In its native South America, it grows as either an annual or a fragile herbaceous perennial, belonging to the Solanaceae family, and it is specifically called the Nicotiana Alata. 

– Growth Requirements

You have to place it in full sun to medium shade and organically rich, well-drained soil.

Flowering Tobacco

While this plant can survive full light, it does get benefits from the hotter southern climates as well.  

– Highlighted Characteristics

The reason why this plant is loved to be kept is that this is a low-maintenance herbaceous perennial. In addition, this plant has white, red, green, or yellow flowers blooming in summer and fall. 

15. Fire Pink

The Fire Pink is an annual and short-lived plant with hairy, sticky stems that can reach heights of about three feet. The majority of leaves, anywhere from two to eight pairs, are borne by the stem near its base. 

– Origins

The Eastern and Central United States is home to the Fire Pink. Bluffs in woods, rocky slopes, and even grassy fields could all be potential habitats for this beautiful flowering plant.

Fire Pink

– Growth Requirement

This beautiful plant will thrive as it receives direct sun somewhere between six and eight hours a day. In addition, you must make sure that the soil that it is receiving its nutrients in, is a well draining type where water will not sit on top of it.

– Highlighted Characteristics

It is a wildflower, perennial, and herb-type plant, and it blooms red flowers during summer and spring. This plant, when given the proper requirements, will grow from six inches to two feet tall, with its beautiful red and pink flowers blooming.

16. Forsythia

If you are looking for shrubs beginning with f, we recommend Forsythia for many reasons, especially because it is a gorgeous flower. This is a group of flowering shrubs that includes several species endemic to Japan, China, and Southeastern Europe. 

– Attracts Pollinators

Forsythia attracts beneficial insects like bees and butterflies and makes a cheery addition to any garden as a backdrop, border, or focal point.


The reason why this is an advantage is that if different pollinators visit your garden, the flowers will thrive and produce more blooms in the long run.

– Highlighted Characteristics

Although some species of forsythia grow only a few feet tall and wide, others can reach heights of ten feet or more. It is a shrub-type plant with green leaves that grows rapidly and blooms beautiful yellow flowers in spring.

17. Forget-me-Not

The Forget-me-Not plant is easy to cultivate in direct sunlight to partial shade on soils that are organically rich, regularly moist, and well-drained. In hot summer regions, this plant gets benefits from partial afternoon shade. 


– Highlighted Characteristics

This ground cover plant has a medium growth rate and its flowers have white, pink, or blue color that blooms during spring.

These plants self-seed readily and even aggressively, ensuring their survival in the yard for many years. You should timely remove the deadheading foliage to avoid excessive and unwanted seeding of this plant.


Now that you know there are many kinds of plants starting with f and having beautiful flowers, it will be easier for you to acquire these plants for your yard or to use as decorations.

For instance:

  • You can cultivate the Firecracker Flower or Crossandra Infundibuliformis to have flowers in your yard for the whole year.
  • If you want a pleasant aroma in your garden, you can grow the Feverfew Plant or Tanacetum Parthenium.
  • For those who want to grow flowers indoors, the Fan Flower or Scaevola Aemula is a great option.

Now, which of the plants are you willing to choose for your garden or home decoration from this list? 

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