Plants that keep roaches away can be a day saver. If you are looking for one, look no further! 

Plants That Keep Roaches Away

When we want to get rid of the creepy crawlies, most of us think about reaching for a chemical repellent. But there are far better, more natural options that are equally efficient. And they smell and look better too. 

If you’re asking what plants keep bugs away from the house, we’re here to help you with these 12 uniques that will keep them away for good! 

Roach Repelling Plants List

1. Bay Leaf Plant

Bay leaves are a spice of choice, especially if you’re in Italian cuisine. Not only that, but pungent bay leaves are effective if you want to deter roaches. Don’t just buy several leaves – a bay leaf plant is the perfect decorative plant for your balcony or porch!

It fits into almost any space and can even serve as a beautiful landscaping or bedrock addition. In the pot, it grows as a dwarf tree, but if planted in the ground, it can reach a few feet in height.

Bay Leaf Plant perfect decorative plant

Every branch bears quite some number of bay leaves. If you plan on having them outside, be mindful of the climate as they’re winter hardy only in zones seven through 10.

This natural roach repellent is so easy to care for and maintain. It loves to sit in moist soil, so you don’t have to be mindful of the watering schedule, and you can prune those lovely roach-repellent leaves throughout the year. If you’re wondering does basil repel cockroaches, that’s another scented plant for your kitchen too! 

2. Osage Orange

This plant is popular in gardens for its weirdly-looking fruit. Osage orange is a medium-sized, thorny tree. 

This plant will not only repel roaches and pests but beautify the garden. Its green leaves turn to attractive yellow color in summer. You will likely have to plant them in pairs of male and female plants to get yourself those precious oily fruits. 

Osage Orange weirdly-looking fruit

One great thing about the osage orange is that it can thrive almost anywhere you plant it and in any climate. It’s hardy in zones four to nine. It’s a great option to plant these where other plants can’t grow.

Best if you provide them with airy soil, such as diatomaceous earth. Not only will osage orange trees serve as roach and cockroach repellent in your garden, but the roaches hate the essential oils you can extract from the fruit and bring inside the home. 

3. Pitcher Plant

This carnivorous perennial is one of the best plants that keep roaches away. The pitcher plant is effective at exterminating all kinds of pests. Roaches and even cockroaches hate to come near it.

Pitcher plants also have breath-taking development phases, going from bright yellow flowers to a lovely reddish hue of a grown insect pitcher in the summer. If you’re asking how to keep cockroaches away at night, this plant is the answer.

Pitcher Plant exterminating all kinds of pests

The pitcher plant’s attractive colors leave no insect blind to its charm, and once they get trapped inside the flower, there’s no way back. These insect-repellent plants love full sun and require water often, as they like a wet bed.

You’ll also have to keep them in slightly acidic soil, but other than this, you’re welcome to be amazed by these deadly beauties. The pitcher plant has no diseases, so if you maintain it properly, you’ll have this roach-repellent growing forever! Also, you may want to overwinter them inside, as they’ll only be hardy in zones seven to 10.

4. Lemongrass

Lemongrass is also known as citronella grass or Cymbopogon. It is a plant used to make citronella oil for ages and has seen a comeback in the last decades not only for its healing properties but as an effective roach repellent.

This plant grows as a bushy ornamental and is native to the southern hemisphere but can be grown anywhere, provided the conditions. It grows luscious, long green, and beautifully aromatic leaves.

Lemongrass known as citronella grass

Planting lemongrass can improve your curb appeal and boost your pest control efforts outdoors. Be careful, though, as they’re winter hardy only in zones nine to 10.

Fresh lemongrass is useful in the kitchen to spice up your soups, salads, and teas. Its fragrance can deter roaches too. You can try to extract the citronella oil from the leaves. The oil is something roaches hate, so you’ll have some pest protection indoors as well!

5. Lavender

This one has to be on the plants that keep roaches away list. Lavender is a world-renowned purple flower plant that we all adore and is incredibly easy to grow. The plants’ flowers bloom mid to late spring and can even have a second yearly flush.

The plant is incredibly versatile, as it can be grown as a hedge, a perennial ornament, a pot plant, or as a nice addition to your herb garden. But does lavender repel roaches? It is proven to repel roaches anywhere it grows. 

Lavender easy to grow

It thrives in full sun and loves dry and airy soil. They will survive winters in zones five to nine.

Its fragrant flowers can be cut, dried, and used to bring that fresh field scent indoors. People use them for pot potpourris, but they can be hung in areas that need to be freshened up too. It’s a great idea to put these insect-repellent flowers inside a bag and place them inside your wardrobe. This will repel insects from having a bite at your clothes. 

6. Mint 

Mint is a short perennial with flowers similar to those of lavender, and it makes for a perfect addition to your garden for combating pests. Its bushy foliage comes in clumps of scentful leaves, on top of which you get these sets of purple flowers.

This plant is appreciated spice for teas, salads, often soups, and of course – mojitos! You can plant mint in any climate, but it does best in zones three to eight.

Mint comes in clumps of scentful leaves 

But does mint repel roaches? In short, mint will be a perfect sidekick to deter all kinds of bugs. 

Roaches and cockroaches hate that peppermint extract and flavor and won’t come anywhere near it. Grab yourself a fresh set of peppermint leaves and scatter them in your cupboards to deter those nasty things! You can even get peppermint extract oils to ward them off. 

7. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a medium, often large-growing tree with smooth bark and a range of colors and hues. If you’re lucky enough to have eucalyptus growing on your property, you’d want to give it extra care, as it can help you repel the nasty bugs.

It is a wonderful ornamental tree that can serve as a shader, windbreaker, or screen off your property from wondering eyes.

Eucalyptus oils for roach repellents

These trees enjoy being in full sun and well-drained soil such as diatomaceous earth. They’re winter hardy in zones eight to 11. 

These are considered one of the best plants that repel roaches and spiders. Its oils are very effective roach repellents, but you don’t have to have a tree in the garden – acquiring a couple of bottles of essential oils with a diffuser will do the trick – not will they freshen up your living space, but it will keep those pesky things away from your home. 

8. Citrus Plants

All plants from the citrus family are great roach-repelling plants. While oranges are great, the real juicy juice lies in the essential oils of lemons and limes. If you have a lime tree around, you’re in for a win.

In any case, feel free to plant one up. Limes are shrubby, typically thornless trees that provide insect-repellent protection in your garden. They enjoy the full sun and love moist, fertile, but well-drained soils. Citrus fruits get easily damaged by frosts, so they’re usually grown in zones nine to 11. 

Citrus Plants for air protection

You can use almost any kind of citrus fruit in your house to keep the cockroaches and roaches away. Their oils are perfect to have –  you can use them in your diffusers for air protection, and all citrus fruits are skin-infused with these oils.

One thing you can do is save those lemon, orange, and lime peels. Put those peels on top of your radiators, as they will slowly release that pleasant smell all around the home. 

9. Catnip 

Catnip is one of the best plants that keep roaches away. This beautiful natural roach repellent is a perennial forming clump of branched stems filled with aromatic leaves. They resemble mint but produce white flowers that stay on the plant for an entire growing season.

This medicinal herb can alleviate feverish conditions in children but can also be used for tea to reduce stress and help with sleep and sore throats. Not only is it a versatile remedy, but it’s also used to combat cockroaches, roaches, ants, and repel bugs. 

catnip can harm animals

Catnip leaves contain a chemical called nepetalactone highly effective for pesky bugs. No wonder, as this chemical is used in natural insecticides. Be mindful – catnip can harm animals, so if you have cats around, you’d want to skip this one.

It will benefit from being planted in diatomaceous earth and even tolerates being both in the shade or the full sun. It will survive harsh winters of climate zones three to eight. 

10. Rosemary

This attractive evergreen shrub is great to have planted in your garden and can serve as a great spice for barbecued meats and all kinds of dishes. There’s even a variety called ‘barbecue’.

The stiff, dense rosemary stems have clusters of bluish flowers appearing all through the summer, which bear seeds for propagation. They enjoy fertile, very well-drained soils and full sun in the summer.

Rosemary poisonous to roaches

If you wonder how to keep roaches out of plants and are in climate zones seven to 10, try planting a good amount of rosemary in the garden. 

Rosemary is highly effective for your pest control regime both in the garden and indoors. It is poisonous to roaches and cockroaches as a live plant.

But you can use the cuttings too! Bring them inside, hang them in the kitchen, or scatter them around. The pungent smell of rosemary blooms and leaves will ensure you’re in a bug-free zone and help you repel bugs like a pro. 

11. Marigold

This abundantly blooming flower is grown for its beautiful orange petals. Marigold is a fast-growing plant that just seeks attention in any garden setting. The blooms themselves are edible.

They’re used in various dishes, such as soups, rice dishes, and salads – both to add some color and that extra flavor. They’re incredibly easy to grow and require low maintenance efforts. Marigolds will also be frost tolerant surviving winters in zone range two to nine, so they’re perfect to plant in any climate setting. 

Marigold chuck full of pyrethrin

If you’re wondering what plants keep bugs away from the house and are beautiful at the same time, look no further than marigolds.

Marigolds are chuck full of pyrethrin – a substance often used in insecticides and roach repellent products, and no bug will be able to tolerate marigolds being around your house. It will even repel cockroaches. They’re a perfect first line of defense to place on your window sill or stool.

12. Garlic

No list of plants that repel roaches and spiders goes without mentioning this universal spice! Garlic is probably one of the annual herbs grown from the beginning of civilization.

It’s native to the Mediterranean but is adored in every corner of the Earth. The garlic plant produces aromatic and edible bulbs, which consist of up to 12 cloves of this precious herb.

Garlic great at repelling pest

It performs best in rich, well-drained soils under full sun. Garlic won’t mind strong winters too! Being in the ground, it can withstand climates in the range of one to five! 

This pungent plant is great at repelling insects, roaches, snakes, spiders, and almost every pest out there.

Roaches are attracted by the scent of those lovely white bulbs. But as soon as they taste it, they run away. It’s because of the allicin found abundantly in garlic cloves. While it does wonders for us, it will destroy and deter roaches. 


Roach repellents don’t have to come in expensive tubes or contain any kind of chemicals. Turns out, there’s a perfectly natural way to repel the pests, and the answer may be hidden somewhere in your garden today. 

Whether you’re into purple hues of lavender or garlic, maybe even a soft green citronella plant, or a bushy tree-like eucalyptus or citruses – there’s something for everybody on this list to help keep roaches away from the house forever. We certainly hope this list helped you out on your roach control mission. 

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