Plants to hide garbage cans are exactly what you need to hide your backyard trash bins and at the same time keep the attractiveness of your garden alive. But which types of plants do you envision growing in your garden?

15 Plants to Hide Garbage Cans While Conserving Garden Beauty

To identify plants of this kind, our team has conducted extensive research. You can read this post in its entirety to learn how to hide garbage cans outside using plants, and you can do it right now.

List of Plants to Hide Garbage Cans

1. Evergreen Clematis

The Evergreen Clematis is a perfect plant to hide trash cans. This is a woody, perennial vine that climbs by winding its stems and petioles around one another, it is also called the Clematis Armandii. Central and Southern China as well as Burma makes up its natural habitat.

Evergreen Clematis

– Advantages

The color of the leaf is green and brown and has lanceolate, cordate, ovate, and oblanceolate shapes. This plant thrives best in warm, sunny locations with soil that is wet, organically rich, well-drained, and has a pH that is close to neutral, which is easy to be cared for.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This is a poisonous, perennial, vine type of plant with a rapid rate of growth and blooms white and pink color flowers in winter and spring. It will make an amazing addition to your landscape, as it thrives and blooms up.

2. American Boxwood

The American boxwood, also known as boxwood shrubs or even Buxus Sempervirens. This tree is an evergreen small tree that belongs to the family Buxaceae. Its original habitats can be found in Western Asia, Southern and Western Europe, and Northern Africa

American Boxwood

– Features

It has a broad, rounded crown with several branches. Its color of the leaf is orange, green, or gray, and ovate, oblong, and elliptical. We suggest you do not plant it too deeply and that it be grown in soil that drains well.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This is a shrub and perennial type of plant with a slow rate of growth and blooms cream, yellow, or gold color flowers in spring. It is a great one to add in your garden, especially if you wish to hide the garbage cans behind it.

3. Black-Eyed Susan Vine

The Black-Eyed Susan Vine is also called the Thunbergia Alata, and it is a gorgeous tropical evergreen plant that is on the fragile side and grows best when treated as an annual and renewed every year.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

– Requirements

You should plant it in the complete sun with a little afternoon shade and in soils that are rich, moist, and have good drainage. The color of the leaf is green and has an ovate, deltoid, or cordate shape. It does best when you plant it near an arbor, trellis, fence, or inside hanging basket.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This is a vine and ground cover type of plant, and it blooms orange, yellow, and gold color flower in spring and fall. As you can plant it near a fence or a trellis, you can hide the garbage near it, and it wouldn’t be a visual disturbance.

4. Paper Plant 

The Paper Plant or Fatsia Japonia, is a broad-leaf small tree that gives off the impression of having tropical foliage. You should find a spot that is sheltered for this plant because the leaves will turn brown if they are exposed to complete sun or wind.

Paper Plant

– Highlighted Characteristics

The color of the leaf is green, and the leaves are of palmasect, oblong, filiform, or cordate shape. Although it does best in soils that are acidic, organically rich, and well-drained, it may survive on clay and sandy soils.

This is a tree and shrub type of plant and it blooms cream and white color flower in fall, and it would be a very nice addition to your landscape or near your home where you would place the garbage cans or bins.

5. American Arborvitae

Another great plant to hide trash bins is the American Arborvitae. Originates from the Eastern and even to the Central regions of Canada as well as the Eastern and North Central regions of the United States, this plant is an evergreen tree with a pyramidal shape.

American Arborvitae

– Highlighted Characteristics

The prominent trunk of this plant is one of the characteristics that sets it apart. This plant has green, silver, gray, yellow, or gold color ovate-shaped leaves. The upper surface of the leaves has the appearance of scales and is a dark green color.

In addition, as you plant this tree, you must know that it is a native type of plant with a slow rate of growth and blooms brown color flower, adding a highlight to your fence or around your garden.

6. Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea)

The Bougainvillea can easily climb wooden fences, in addition, if you place your garbage can behind a wooden fence and grow this plant on the fence, it will smoothly hide the can there.


– Highlighted Characteristics

The flowering plants that make up the genus Bougainvillea are all indigenous to South America and belong to the family known as Nyctaginaceae or the four o’clock. Nonetheless, the color of the leaf is green and elliptical shaped. These are woody vines that tend to scramble over one another.

You must note that this is a vine and shrub type of plant, and it blooms white, burgundy, red, lavender, purple, pink, yellow, or gold color flower in winter, summer, spring, and fall.

7. Cypress Vine

If you wish to make your garbage can look like a catchy can, you can grow the Cypress Vine over it because this plant climbs over objects where it is grown. Even though it is an annual plant, this invasive vine may reproduce by seeding itself very quickly, which contributes to its rapid spread.

Cypress Vine

Its native habitat is the tropical regions of South America. It can reach a height of fifteen feet in a short amount of time, scientifically, however, it is called the Ipomoea Quamoclit.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This is a vine type of plant with a rapid rate of growth and the color of the flower can be burgundy or red, which blooms in summer and fall. You would see your landscape thriving in the variety of colors in these seasons

8. Wax-Leaf Privet (Ligustrum Japonicum)

The Wax-Leaf Privet is a wonderful plant to hide your garbage can or wheelie bin. It is a member of the Oleaceae (olive) family. If you plant it under full sun to partial shade, it can reach a height of twelve feet and a width of six feet quite quickly.

Wax-Leaf Privet

It has green leaves with an ovate or oblong shape. It can withstand heavy pruning, is dense and erect, thrives in a variety of soil conditions, and is resistant to drought and salt spray.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This plant is a tree, shrub, and poisonous type plant with a rapid rate of growth and blooms white flowers during the spring season.

9. Carolina Jasmine

You can cultivate the Carolina Jasmine over a hardboard wall to make a privacy screen and hide your trash cans, and it would be a great addition to perform this task effortlessly. It is a climbing plant that is indigenous to Mexico, Guatemala, and the Southern United States.

Carolina Jasmine

– Highlighted Characteristics

It is a vine, poisonous, native, and ground cover type of plant that has a medium rate of growth, and it blooms yellow or golden flowers in spring and fall.

It contains leaves that are burgundy, red, lavender, purple, yellow, gold, or green and have oblong, lanceolate, or cuneate shapes. Furthermore, it will thrive best when you grow it in fully sunny locations with soils that are organically rich, moist, and well-drained.

10. Spindle Tree

The Spindle Tree is an amazing plant to grow and hide trash cans behind it, because of the beauty that it has and how it grows so tall, and it would hide away the visual disturbance. It is a tall, deciduous shrub, or small tree that possesses the classic Euonymus traits; a sturdy, long-lasting plant that develops rounder and wider as it matures.

Spindle Tree

– Highlighted Characteristics

The color of the leaves can be lavender, purple, green, yellow, or gold the leaves have ovate, obovate, or oblanceolate shapes. It can reach heights of up to thirty-three feet under ideal conditions.

This one is a tree, shrub, and poisonous plant that has a rapid growth rate and its color flower can be green, yellow, or gold which blooms during summer or spring.

11. Chocolate Vine

If you have a small fence, and you wish to hide your trash can behind it, you can plant the Chocolate Vine over your fence. It is a huge and highly strong vine that may grow up to forty feet in length and has beautiful leaves that are palmate compound, in addition, its scientific name is the Akebia Quinata.

Chocolate Vine

– Highlighted Characteristics

It is a vine-type plant with a rapid rate of growth, and it blooms burgundy, red, lavender, purple, green, yellow, gold, or brown color flower in spring.

The reason why this vine is loved to grow is that is relatively easy to cultivate in regular soil that has good drainage and can survive in settings with a significant amount of shade.

12. Bog Rosemary

The Ericaceae family includes the low-growing evergreen shrub known as Bog Rosemary. It is also used as a ground cover, or you can use it as a cover to hide away any plastic or tin made disposal box. You can find this plant in other names as well, as its scientific name is Andromeda Polifolia.

Bog Rosemary

– Features

Growing to a height of between eight inches and three feet, this plant is found in its natural habitat, which is mainly bogs. Although the bush does not have many branches, multiple bushes can grow with each other to form a cluster.

– Highlighted Characteristics

This is a shrub, poisonous, and native plant that has a slow growth rate and contains white or pink flowers that bloom during the summer. However, it should be placed away from dogs and even kids because it may cause intoxication if they get digested

13. Climbing Hydrangea 

One of the most wonderful plants you can use to hide your outdoor trash cans is the Climbing Hydrangea also known as the hydrangea Anomala. It is characterized by lush green foliage, white flowers in the middle of summer, yellow leaves in the fall, and stunning peeling bark in the winter, hence it is easy to hide garbage cans around it. 

Climbing Hydrangea

– Decorative Locations

This early-blooming vine is perfect for creating a massed impression on concrete or brick walls, gazebos, arbors, or virtually any other free-standing garden building.

– Highlighted Characteristics

It is a vine, shrub, poisonous, and ground cover plant with a rapid rate of growth and it blooms white, yellow, or gold flowers in summer and spring.

14. Christmas Holly

The Christmas Holly belongs to the Aquifoliaceae family and can be either an ornamental tree or a tall hedge, sometimes, scientifically it is called the Ilex Aquifolium. It is most commonly found in hedges, soils in the scrub, and woods. The shrub is used throughout Europe as the traditional Holly.

Christmas Holly

– Highlighted Characteristics

This plant is a tree and shrub with a slow growth rate and its color of flowers can be white or green which blooms during spring. Note that this beautiful tree can be pruned and trained as a hedge that is about twelve feet tall, or it can be left to the full height. It is not susceptible to damage from frost.

15. Cathedral Bells

The Cathedral Bells is one of those climbing plants that are perfect for hiding garbage cans, because of the way that they grow and how they would have the ability to hide away the bin.

Cathedral Bells

It is also referred to as Monastery Bells, Coral Bells, Cup and Saucer, and Cup-and-Saucer Vine. It is a tender tropical vine that lives for many years, but is typically treated as an annual due to its spectacular blossoms.

– Highlighted Characteristics

It is a vine and perennial type of plant that has a rapid rate of growth and it blooms white, lavender, purple, or green color flower in summer and fall. These reasons are why this plant is loved and placed, in short, this feature is what makes it popular.


Now that you have learned about different “plants to hide garbage cans” it will be easier for you to choose a plant for your garden.

You can see we have suggested different types of plants for different decorations. For example,

  • You can grow the vines such as Evergreen Clematis along trellises or fences to hide your trash can behind them.
  • You can grow shrubs such as American Boxwood or Spindle Tree around your garbage can to hide it.
  • The Bougainvillea is a plant that you can cultivate for growing over a trellis or as a shrub to create a natural fence.

You have to choose according to your garden décor and we hope now you will not have any confusion in choosing the right plant.

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