Picking the right pool fire pit ideas will revamp your outdoor space. The combination of fire and water will turn your poolside area into the perfect conversational spot, where you can warm up or have a quick snack after a swim.

22 Pool Fire Pit Ideas

But not every idea will work for your spot and budget, so having plenty of options will definitely be a plus. 

Discover amazing pool fire pit inspiration to implement in your backyard and enjoy the magic of the fire and water combo. 

A List of Pool Fire Pit Ideas

Investing in a total landscape makeover might not be the most appropriate option, but adding a fire pit to your swimming pool area will be the needed change. 

1. Simple Stone Fire Pit

Cold stone becomes warmer when you turn this fire pit on. Its simple yet practical design is the perfect addition to your pool, turning the poolside area into the right outdoor seating area. 

Simple Stone Fire Pit

Whether you want to enjoy a drink or need to chill after a swim, this will be the right spot to pick. 

2. Colored Pool Fire Features

Going all-natural will indeed be effortlessly elegant and practical at the same time. However, if you’re a fan of colors, tempered glass can be your best friend. 

Colored Pool Fire Features

This heat-resistant glass is designed specifically to withstand fire, so it won’t explode or change color with regular use. Pick the blue glass, and you’ve got a mini fire pool in the middle of your cozy seating area, which perfectly matches the colored cushions on your furniture. 

3. Mini Pool Side Seating Area

If you’re space challenged, this fire pit seating area will work for you. This idea proves that a small swimming pool and an adjacent seating area can be the perfect addition to your small backyard. 

Mini Pool Side Seating Area

The best part? The fire pit adds the needed warmth. Throw in a few chairs, and nothing will compare to a dinner enjoyed in this cozy spot. 

4. Protect Your Fire

Are you worried about your fire going out because of the wind? 

Protect Your Fire with a Firepit

In this design, your fire pit is protected with a cover that guarantees that the warmth with last for hours. The landscape designer chose stone benches for a comfortable seating area that complements the hardscape elements in the backyard. 

The result? The ultimate relaxing spot. 

5. Concrete and Glass Fire Bowl

One of the keys to successful landscaping is to choose elements with various features and create unique combinations using them. This is precisely the idea behind this simple yet eye-catching fire bowl. 

Concrete and Glass Fire Bowl Firepit

The bowl sits on the pool’s edge and could be the focal point of a small seating area. The concrete is designed to withstand high temperatures, and the colored glass comes in earthy colors to complete the look. Having water, fire, earth, and air in the same setup means that you’ve got a winner. 

6. Go Natural

They say that designing the landscape of small backyards can be challenging, but choosing the right design ideas for a big backyard can be as tough. 

Natural Materials for Fire Decor

You want to ensure that all the elements complement one another and that nothing will oddly stand out. 

For this design, the stone steps lead to the pool, and the same stones are used to build the seating area around the fire pit. It’s the perfect blend, and it won’t break the bank. 

7. Minimalist Fire Pit Design

In most cases, simplicity wins over too many details. When the space is limited, going for a simple design is always a win. 

Minimalist Fire Pit Design

On the one hand, the renovation project will take less time and money. On the other, it won’t be crowded or cluttered, so your small space won’t look smaller than it really is. 

So, with this round concrete pit and wooden benches, your pool patio will be all set. 

8. Unique Curves

You don’t have to go for symmetric designs when you’re planning your landscape. After all, nature isn’t always perfect, and this is the beauty of it. 

Unique Curves on a Home Firepit

In this design, we have curves that feature different elements in a complete setup that elevates your pool deck area. The fire pit on one side and the stacked stone barrier on the other hug the water outlet in between to be an eye-catching focal point in your backyard design. 

9. Fire Pit Fountain

This landscape design takes the fire and water combo to a whole new level. 

Fire Pit Fountain

Next to the pool, the fire pit spreads warmth while trails of water flow continuously. The water movement adds to the tranquility to make this area the perfect conversational spot. 

10. Sunken Fire Pit

At the end of the day, a sunken swimming pool fire pit will bring everyone together. 

Sunken Fire Pit Stone and Lever

Thanks to its sunken design, those sitting around the pit will be at the same level as those swimming in the pool. People could interact in this cozy setting however they want to, without having to move from one spot to the other unless it’s their choice. 

11. The Perfect Center Piece

You might be used to the look of a fire pit next to the pool area to lighten up an adjacent outdoor seating setup. Here, the designer chose to use the fire feature as a centerpiece to highlight the whole pool setup and create a warm seating area in the middle of the water. 

The Perfect Center Piece Firepit

The water swirls around the platform where the fire pit is built, with steps leading to and from the pit to the rest of your backyard. The built-in round sofa makes up the comfortable seating area that your guests will definitely love. 

12. Wood Burning Bubbles

Have you ever wondered why people go for one fire feature when they can have more? The truth is that adding more fire pits can be the perfect solution if a big one won’t fit on your pool deck. 

Burning Firepit in a Yard

Here the fire pits add the needed balance to the cool pool area and provide illumination at night. Whenever you turn them on, the wood-burning effect will give old medieval vibes that contrast with your modern simple pool design. 

13. Blue is the Magical Color

The harmony and balance between the soft and hardscape elements in your outdoor planning make all the difference. Every little detail can change how your pool area looks from wow to OK. 

Blue Firepits next to a Pool

Here, the propane fire pit burns with a blue hue to complement the look of the lava-tempered glass. The combination of warmth and decorative flare is a definite win. 

14. Get a Little Warmer

The core of a successful landscape is ensuring that all the elements complement one another in harmony while serving different purposes. 

Warm Pool Atmosphere

The steps from the pool area lead to a functional kitchenette setup, and the fire pit adds the needed warmth. Think of the tasty snacks your guests will enjoy in the seating area next to the pit while you’re preparing your signature dishes. 

15. Portable Fire Pit

Homeowners now are all for functionality, and portable furniture pieces and accessories always check the right boxes. 

Portable Fire Pit

In this design, you can have your central fire pit and set up your outdoor living space wherever you want because it’s portable. Arrange some chairs around it, or set it up next to the pool for some nighttime illumination. The choice is yours. 

16. Fire Table When Needed

In a small backyard, picking designs and pieces that serve two purposes is a must. 

Fire Table in a Backyard

Your backyard pool patio can look a lot different with this fire table. Light up the fire and enjoy the warmth and light, or turn it off, and you’ll have a flat surface. 

Just add a few comfortable chairs around the stone pit, and the perfect relaxing spot will be ready for a morning or afternoon splash. 

17. Double the Fun 

A fire pit and a water feature are a match made in heaven. 

Double the Fun with Firepit

Not only does it combine two of nature’s precious elements, but it also creates the needed balance in your backyard, regardless of its size. 

The raised fire pit keeps the seating area warm for an after-pool conversation. It also provides some privacy to your inground pool, so your swimming guests can have a little alone time without being exposed to everyone sitting around the pit. 

18. We Go In Circles

Curves and circles add more smoothness to hardscape elements, and stone is an excellent choice for creating this curvy design. 

Circular Firepit next to a Pool

The round fire pit complements the deck of an irregular pool. With no harsh lines, everything seems to flow smoothly, mimicking the ever-flowing movement of water. Adding some cushions will make this spot the perfect one for after-pool refreshments

19. Modern and Simple Fire Pit

When you go for a modern design, there’s always a question of whether you’ve gone too simple. Here the fire pit sits on the side of the pool and, together with your modular furniture, creates the perfect outdoor living area. 

Modern and Simple Fire Pit

You can use this area to chill at the end of the day, invite your guests over for a summer night gathering, or to freshen up after spending time in the pool. In all cases, compliments will shower you, and your guests will definitely come back for more. 

20. Elevate Your Pool’s Experience

Do you feel that your went too simple with your pool plan? 

This can happen if you’re not a big fan of clutter and want to ensure that your backyard isn’t overcrowded with different elements. Yet, if you feel that your poolside area is too bare, then a combination of fire and water will solve this problem. 

Elevate Your Pools Experience

For this pool, the raised tile platforms add much elegance without occupying valuable space. With two water outlets set at a lower level, the landscape designer tried to make use of the vertical space to make this pool area one of its kind. 

21. Fire Feature on Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are amazing on their own, but adding a natural gas fire pit makes a huge difference. With a simple rectangular design, the fire feature provides the needed warmth to your pool area whenever you turn it on. 

Fire Feature on Infinity Pool

At the same time, the three fire features with the blue fire glass will be the boundaries to your infinity pool and provide illumination at night. 

22. Adirondack Rocking Chairs Deck Area

Will your deck area look unbalanced and cluttered if you implement different materials to create an outdoor seating area? Definitely not. 

Adirondack Rocking Chairs Deck Area

As a matter of fact, combining several elements for a farmhouse style complements your outdoor area without appearing like it’s overly done. 

The Adirondack chairs come with a twist as they’re rocking for a perfect afternoon conversation. The sunken fire pit doesn’t obstruct the views, so people can see each other and access the pool whenever they desire. 


Adding a fire pit to your pool area perfectly balances two contrasting elements that complement each other beautifully. You can go the extra mile or pick a simple design, depending on your budget and taste. 

So, after checking out all these inspirational ideas, which one will you go for?

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