Pool landscaping ideas texas are ones that you’re probably looking for that calming vibe that a body of water brings. But, of course, every homeowner’s dream is to make their home an oasis, especially in Texas, where the summers are especially muggy and hot. Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to achieve that.

Pool Landscaping Ideas for Texas Homes

This blog details all you can do to make your pool landscaping a success that will provide your property with an amazing curb appeal and give you a retreat.

List of Pool landscaping Ideas Texas

1. Jungle Theme

You can create a setting that makes you wonder if you’re in your backyard or on a tropical trip by adding lush exotic plants to the area around your pool.

Bringing the Jungle to Your Backyard

– Adding Big Trees

Your local climate will determine the best plants to put around a pool in texas to use, but even pool owners in regions of the country where hardier plants are required can achieve the same appearance with ferns, hostas, and hibiscus. Some palms can even withstand temperatures below zero.

2. Bring in the Rocks

By placing some high boulders around the edge of your pool, you can significantly improve the landscaping. Of course, rock can be included directly in the design for the most distinctive appearance when building a pool. But even if you are adding landscaping to an existing collection, you can use real or fake boulders to implement this concept.

Natural Elements in Your Pool Landscape

– Features

For a resort-like effect, add built-in planters. Create a focal point for your landscaping with unique rocks that would be integrated into your landscape. Built-in planters give your pool landscape an instant wow factor by presenting blooming flowers, plants, or even trees.

Stone-made big planters are a terrific choice when you don’t have much room because they let you display miniature trees and plants everywhere there is sunlight. This means that you can still embrace the greenery as they are placed in rock-made pots and enjoy the benefits of raising your them even if you only have a little patio, driveway, or balcony.

3. Make a Shaded Area for Relaxing

With a cabana space at the pool, you’ll be comfortable in the shade. The simplest and least expensive solution includes lounge chairs and a sail shade. On the other hand, for a more luxurious experience, you can construct a whole open-air pool house.

Creating a Relaxing Shaded Area

– Features

Outside sitting gives homeowners a chance to take a break from their everyday surroundings. They can chill and calm down in the open air before returning to work, feeling more relaxed as they would sit under the shades near your pool.

In conclusion, outdoor seating can also result in a welcome gain in revenue. Shaded landscaping can be used to increase the pool decking space.

– Pricing Range

One of the major costs associated with pool landscaping is also one of the most crucial: The average cost of creating or remodeling a pool deck with stamped pavers is $7,000.

However, you can cut expenditures while emphasizing the Palm Springs-like vibe by including escaping components around a more constrained pool deck, you can stick to the simpler design from a gardening store, and build your own shades near the pool.

4. Grass Between Pavers

By inserting a few inches of turf between concrete pavers around your pool, you may sink your toes into lush maiden grass and provide visual interest.

Unique Combination for Your Pool

– Features

This is one of the most fantastic pool landscaping ideas to consider if you’re renovating your pool decking. It has an appearance that is both contemporary and classic. It would feature a mood that is very warm and welcoming, and your pool would not look dull and plane.

5. Raised Wood Deck

Combining materials for the pool decking area is a great method to add some intriguing design aspects to your pool landscaping.

Wood Deck in Your Pool Landscape

– Features

A smart approach to creating the appearance of more space is to install a slightly elevated floating wood deck adjacent to the pool because this would make things easier like for example fetching some pool stuff for instance. For the ideal dining location by the pool, add a patio table.

– Choice of Wood

On another note, you can choose different styles and colors of wood for the deck. You can go for darker shades of brown to lighter ones, also depending on the aesthetic of your house and the colors that you have themed it.

6. Create a Waterfall

Your pool landscaping will undoubtedly feel more opulent if you add a waterfall feature, and the process might not be as pricey as you think.

Bringing the Sound of Nature

– Features

You can have some that would be stacking big stones, and the water would seem like it is falling if you have a big pool. However, if you have a smaller pool, you can always stick to simpler aesthetics and far from the complications and go with a stainless steel one that would help the water to fall more in a flat way.

– Pricing Range

A 12-foot, expertly constructed rock waterfall costs $1,500 on average for households nationwide. On the other hand, if you wish to elevate the aesthetics even more, you can always go for a bigger waterfall on the side of your pool that would also filter the water, and this would cost around $5,000 to even higher.

7. Flower Variations

If you incorporate aromatic blossoms into the landscape design of the pool, relaxing by the pool can be a fully immersive sensory experience.

Various Flowers in Your Pool Landscape

– Choosing the Flowers

You should conduct research before planting fresh flowers or plants around your collection because it has its microclimate. Lavender and geraniums, though, are some comparatively safe picks for most regions.

– Adding colors

You can extend the season by growing your favorite flowers in pots. You can add some color to your pool as you paint the pots of flowers that are terracotta with different shades, and they would go well. From smaller flowers to bigger ones, you can make some kind of tower with ranging sizes.

8. Add Lighting Around The Pool

They look fantastic inside, but your backyard is where they shine and make your landscape design pop. Any environment is made just the appropriate amount brighter by string lights. Rather than using huge bulbs, opt for white LED Christmas lights to decorate your garden.

Lighting Up Your Pool Oasis

– Benefits

They are far more energy-efficient, lighter, and simpler to set up. A successful combo for providing your patio with lovely, ambient illumination all year long without raising your energy costs.

– Safer Option

We advise mounting lights far from the water features against the walls of your home or pool enclosure. It eliminates most risks and is faster, safer, and safer than lighting up the pool, with possible electric shock, knocking them down when cleaning.

9. LED Underwater Pool Lights

Looking to make your swimming pool’s inside more vibrant? Think about LED pool lighting that will light up underwater, during the evening. They are easily installed, come in several colors, and significantly reduce energy costs, especially if you’re swapping either incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Beauty of LED Lights in Your Pool

– Setting Some Mood

LED pool design lights produce cooler, brighter, and more vibrant lighting. Lighting may change depending on the situation, whether you’re having dinner by the water or sitting poolside on a summer night with a drink, and it would set the mood very prominently.

Some LED pool lights may even change color, making it easier to set the tone for pleasant, relaxing midnight swims or to get festive for the holidays.

10. Fireplace Illumination

Looking for a pool light source that is easier to use and more natural-looking, especially for cheap landscaping ideas? Nothing compares to a campfire, especially in north Texas.

Fireplace into Your Pool Landscape

– Elevated Aesthetics

It serves as an eye-catching accent piece and an active, breathing light source. It draws attention, lights up your backyard, and keeps everyone in the neighborhood warm. It is also something to consider for front yard garden ideas.

Truly, there isn’t a cozier way to spend a winter night than by gathering around a fire. It’s a custom that dates back as far as recorded history and is soothing and cozy. A firepit by the pool adds the atmosphere to your backyard pool at any time of year.

11. A Stone Path Leading To Swimming Pool

Do you need an alternative to stumbling across the maiden grass to get to your pool? Build a stone walkway. Just enough stones are required to cover the distance from your pool door to it. And there’s truly no end to your capacity for creativity.

A Stroll Through Nature

– Adding Colors

For a striking mosaic effect, pick slabs of various colors, or match the color scheme of your pool deck for a more understated route. You can quickly add a touch of rustic charm to your lawn with stone slab paths. They also contribute to keeping the water features and pool deck clean.

– Different Choices

You can have different choices in the variety of stones that you are adding to the pathway toward your pool. You can have lighter-colored stones or darker ones, regarding your pool’s theme or your backyard’s aesthetics.

On another note, you can also choose whether you wish to add bigger stones that would be like stepping stones, or little ones that are arranged on the sides, making it more of a simpler design that is just a leading rout.

12. Add Some Rockery

Are you still hesitant to use your green thumb? Want to fill a void around the pool design? Create a river rock garden of your own, right near your pool.

Using Rockery in Your Pool Landscape

– Contrasting Feature

It is as simple as collecting a few bags of river rocks and adding them to a bed of earth. These rocks would make the place feel edgier in a sense, and as you add different colors and shapes of stones, maybe even textures, the pool landscape will look more elegant in a way.

The calm yet striking contrast that rock gardens bring to your backyard is their greatest strength. To create a river rock accent border around your pool decking, pick one location for your rock garden.

13. Recycled Planters For Gardens

Are you in the mood to plant? Recycle your old car tires; they make a great replacement. Take advantage of these pool landscaping ideas concept if you need new tires soon.

Using Recycled Planters in Your Pool

– Rustic Feature

It’s a fantastic, environmentally responsible substitute for placing them in landfills. Pick up some tires, paint them, then stack them near each other. All you need from there is dirt and plants. Everything else is up to you when creating this rustic look.

14. Include A Few Accent Plants

Perhaps you already have one or two plants in your backyard. So why not add a few more to make your pool decking more lively?

Incorporating Accent Plants in Your Pool

– Elevated Aesthetics

Poolside plants add lush textures and vivid pops of color that give your backyard pool a tranquil, peaceful feeling—as if you were on your private island. First, you don’t need a large garden; just a few potted plants would do.

– Variety of Choices

There’s a big variety of choices that you can tackle when adding these plants, for instance, you can pick plants that require full sun and don’t leaf out frequently. As a result, they emit the least amount of debris, are durable, and require little upkeep.

However, some ideal plants for landscaping ideas, such as Coconut palms, Scorpion agave, Justicia red, and Dalea weeping. Adding different palm trees would give your house a more West Coast appeal or ambiance, because they are more familiar over that part of the states, and would add a touch of a luxurious feel.

15. Pallet Furniture Made of Wood

Want to furnish your backyard but are limited by money? Think about recycling some used wooden pallets. They are identical pallets in warehouses, hardware stores, and shipping yards. Pallet furniture is fantastic because it provides you with so much freedom.

Rustic Charm to the Pool

– Comfortable Appeal

To begin with, you don’t require many tools to make it. In addition, it would make the poolside feel more comforting, as you would add some pillows or cushions as well with your choice of colors.

You may line them up on the floor to make a “deck,” stack two together to create a table or cut one in half to make a bench. Or you can even make a place that would be comforting and create some chairs as well.

16. Plant A Hedge-lined Privacy Wall

Want your backyard pool to have a little extra seclusion but aren’t quite ready to hire fence builders? Make a green wall for solitude instead.

Hedge Lined Privacy Wall in Pool

– Decoration Ideas

A hedge of plants or trees provides the ideal balance of aesthetics and seclusion and is one of the cheap landscaping ideas to consider. A few excellent trees, plants, and shrubs for privacy hedges include: Alaskan Spruce, Green Giant Arborvitae, Emerald Green Arborvitae Bamboo, and Colorado Blue Spruce.


As a homeowner, one of the features of your home you are most proud of would be your pool. With some amazing pool landscaping ideas, you can get all the reasons to boast about it.

  • You can always set different themes in order to boost up the look of your landscape around the pool, such as adding a jungle theme.
  • Adding some lights around the pool would give a touch of simplicity, but it would effect so much because the lights would be appealing to the surrounding.
  • You can always add applicable plants that would grow in the area, regarding the Texan weather and climate, and this would add more appeal.

A few tips and tricks can transform curb appeal. So follow these tricks to make your exterior the talk of the neighborhood.

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