These pool pavilion ideas help extend your outdoor living space and shelter you from the heat. During the summer season, it’s tough to enjoy some sun if the heat is too much.

Best Pool Pavilion Ideas for Living

These outdoor structures cool down your atmosphere while providing you with the most enjoyable life. You can take a dip and settle down in a cozy space to catch up on your favorite movie. In this article, we will give you backyard pavilion ideas you can use to transform your pool area.

A List of Pool Pavilion Ideas to Choose From

1. Cambridge Pavilion

This design carries the Cambridge paving stones that are outstanding when used in the backyard. The paving stones add a cool touch to the home made of unique stones or bricks.

Outdoor Cambridge Patio

You can add a cooking station and outdoor kitchen sinks for some outdoor cooking. These paving stones are best used for patios, pools, walkways, or living areas.

2. Cottage Style Pavilion

A cottage style gives you a graceful look from the layered grid and latticework support columns. This idea is a perfect backdrop for the glimmering pool.

Outdoor Cottage Style Pavilion

It provides ample space for your outdoor living, allowing you to enjoy the breeze under the shade in summer. Invest in some high-end furniture to get a classy seating area.

3. Large Poolside Pavilion

If you have ample space, choosing sizeable pavilion designs is ideal. This large landscape design ideas will allow you to have a small or large party, especially if you love hosting. Generous space is all you need, and it will bring out this idea in a beautiful way.

Large Poolside Cottage

The wooden design magnificently complements the pool. Inside this large design, you can have a bar, a fireplace, and a comfortable sofa area for watching T.V. This idea will not only suit your large backyard but offer you a gorgeous view of your pool area.

4. Open Air backyard Pavilion

The open-air backyard pavilion is the best if you love an open space that allows more breeze. Put in a few pieces of furniture and add a fireplace if necessary. Be sure to leave ample space as open to allow in plenty of air as its name suggests. However, don’t feel limited by anyone; organize it as best as you like.

Open Air Backyard Pavilion

This is ideal for any season of the year as it’s cozy, allowing you to relax in a calm environment. You can sit by the pool, enjoy the breeze, or get in for a nice dip. Whichever the case, this and more ideas are best for you.

5. Pool House Pavilion

A pool house is generally where swimmers change into their costumes, freshen up, and enjoy a drink or snack. It will provide all that and more! It can include all the living space services, a relaxing area, or an entire bar area as you wish.

Pool House Pavilion

It will be convenient for parties saving your guests from walking to and from the pool in wet swimsuits. It also keeps you from many cleanups after the party, separating the main house from the swimming area. This design is one of the oldest, with many homes using it.

6. Traditional Pavilion

Enjoy more of your backyard with a traditional design with an outside kitchen. It is an excellent solution for keeping you protected from rain or shine. You can add some of your favorite pieces of furniture to this idea to personalize it as best as you like.

Traditional Temple Like Pavilion

The open sides will give you that cool breeze as you rest under its shade. You can also use it to host a few guests who love to take a dip as you chat away. This is one of the most common designs to find in most homes.

7. Bamboo Roof Pergola

The bamboo roof pergola provides you with some beautiful shaded space and transforms the atmosphere of your outside area.

Outside Bamboo Roof Pergola

You can get as creative as you like with your design by adding as many bamboo touches as you want. The fact that bamboo is natural brings in an appeal that you cannot assume.

You can incorporate some plants to create a more natural vibe to make the bamboo theme fit well. Couple this with some gorgeous modern furniture, and you will have a fantastic summer vibe. Some white curtains will add an excellent summer effect that you will love.

8. Mini Pergola

Who said the pavilions have to be big? Dynamite comes in small packages! The mini pergola is, by all means, cozy, elegant, and intimate. Add a high roof for your design to give it an elevated look. Coupled with a comfortable couch and some pillows, you will have a comfortable spot to retreat.

Mini Garden Pergola

The pool view always brings a relaxing mode to your pergola, and you can enjoy sitting here for hours. This design is great for small pools as it does not take up much space. Give more thought to the furniture as it makes everything look comfortable at a glance.

9. Cabana pavilion

Cabana is standard among many homeowners. This design is the best to go for if you are a party person. It hosts a combination of a mini restaurant and bar.

Outdoor Cabana Pavilion

This setup gives your guests a choice to sit by the bar or the mini restaurant as they unwind with a cool drink during summer. It is spacious and elegant for both casual and formal parties. The pool’s reflection brings in a sophisticated view that many love. This idea not only looks exquisite, but it’s incredible.

10. Mini Pool House

This is an excellent idea if you love to have a personal space outside where you can sit all day. You can make your mini house as cozy as possible by adding almost everything you need from your home. Get a comfy sitting space with a sofa to recline on when watching TV. Add a mini cooking station to get yourself a meal when outside.

Mini Pool House in Backyard

This will enable you to sit outside and enjoy the essential things you need. You can add storage cabinets to lock everything in when done.

The idea behind this design is to ensure you get everything you need without needing to make trips back and forth to the main house. You can always get this personal space spruced up as best as you like. There is no one perfect way to do it.

11. Freestanding poolside Pavilion

This is another fun backyard idea to choose from. The beauty of this idea is that you get to add some features you like. You can do so if you want to add a bar and some comfortable living room outside.

Freestanding Poolside Pavilion

Add a large TV set for a movie afternoon or evening out by the poolside to make it a more sophisticated design.

Couple this setting with long sofas or a hanging swing chair for complete comfort. People will not only enjoy the beauty that this idea delivers but also the comfort. This is the idea to go for if you like a more open pavilion with the breeze sweeping through.

12. Outdoor Wood Pavilion

The outdoor wooden design comes in handy when you want to laze around as you watch others take a dip. It’s the perfect corner for parents who wish to shelter from the sun as the kids swim.

Outdoor Wooden Pavilion

It also offers a cozy spot to relax and unwind, enjoy the breeze, and give similar vibes to the beach. Add some comfy furniture towards the middle and some side storage area. It will provide you with the relaxation you deserve. This is a friendly design that doesn’t cost as much as other modern ones.

13. Pavilion with bar top Counter Seating

How about a drink by the poolside serviced by a bar next to you? The design of the bar is a favorite for many who love catching up with friends over a bottle of beer.

Pavilion with Bar

You can serve your favorite cocktails and enjoy your space with the boys or girls without disruptions. This idea is best for tiny backyards at the home’s corner. You can use it for small intimate parties that do not require too much space. 

14. Outdoor Pavilion With Kitchen

Dinner or breakfast can be cooked and served in this outdoor pavilion with a kitchen. You will love to sit around the table with your loved ones, sipping your coffee on special days.

Outdoor Pavilion with Kitchen

The dazzling beauty of the sun’s reflection on the pool is so inviting for a dip later on. You can add a dining room and a sofa for a relaxed day.

On those full days, you want to enjoy the outdoor life, stock up your pantry, and enjoy cooking with a fresh breeze brushing your face. Nature is always beautiful!

15. Patio Pavilion

The patio design is perfect for those who don’t like spending too much time outdoors. It’s a roof that does not provide you with ample shade but it’s still a nice relaxing spot to absorb plenty of vitamin D and air.

Relaxing Patio Pavilion

This design provides a space with plenty of ventilation from all four sides. It can accommodate a sofa and a table to give it a complete look that will make it homely.

16. Backyard Bar Pavilion

Want a place to have some beer outdoors with friends? You can choose this backyard bar idea that can accommodate several of your friends.

Bar Pavilion in Backyard

It’s an excellent design that creates a nice drink station where you can intimate hold backyard parties. This design complements any home design making it one of the most fantastic choices.

17. Screened-in Pavilion

Suppose you live in a mosquito-infested area or any other insects; it’s best to use a screen to protect you. The screen enables you to use the pavilion as a dining or dining area without insect bites.

Screened Porch with a Dinning Table

The screen fabric is not the same as solid glass, as it keeps the area airy and well-ventilated. Add your favorite types of furniture to enjoy a fun time under protection. It’s also a friendly area to relax with babies on summer days as they will be kept away from direct sunlight and all pesky insects.

18. Brick House Pavilion

A home made of bricks will match so well with this design. It will be a substantial space that will last many years due to the durability of the materials used to build it.

Brick House Pavilion

Coloring it white gives you the beach feeling on a hot summer day that will relax your mind. Add some classy furniture to this design, and you will have an elegant space for yourself and your loved ones.

19. The Royalty Canopy Pavilion

Royalty is sweet, especially if you are royal at heart. Get the royalty frame pavilion that will give the kingly vibe all through. Add a touch of white color to this design to set the mood.

The Royalty Canopy Pavilion

Suppose your pool is nestled near trees, the better. You will have a serene environment that will allow you to rest and unwind. Add some fancy furniture handpicked to complete this theme.

20. Modern Pavilion with a Fire Pit

This design comes with a fire pit that provides you with breathtaking beauty for your space and warmth on those cold evenings.

Modern Pavilion with a Fire Pit

The outdoor fireplace is professionally designed in the center to circulate heat throughout the pavilion. It is excellent for romantic cool evenings or parties that end late into the night.

21. Simple Backyard Pavilion

A simple swimming pool structure is easy to make for anyone who does not intend to spend too much on this structure. The shade is the most critical factor, but the sides can be left open to attract plenty of breezes.

Simple Backyard Pavilion with Swing

Give your simple backyard pavilions a lift by installing beautiful lights and seats that will give the space an elegant look. It will still serve you well as simply as you may want it to look.


The above pool pavilion ideas will work in any home setup. Large spaces usually bother most homeowners more than small spaces. Some designs like a large poolside pavilion, cabana pavilion, or outdoor poolside pavilion are best for these large spaces. We hope you find at least one idea to inspire you to build a pavilion.

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