In this Poulan Pro PP2822 review, you’re going to know every feature this hedge trimmer has to offer. We’ve tested it, put it into action, and come to a sound opinion of who it’s for and what makes it worth your money.

Here, I have added the key features, pros, and cons of this hedge trimmer so that you can make the right decision.

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Poulan Pro PP2822 – PROS & CONS



  • Dual-side serrated blades
  • Swivel position handle
  • Lightweight
  • Secure grip
  • The direction of the exhaust can be an issue for some users
  • Noisy

Poulan Pro pp2822 Hedge Trimmer Review

Product Highlights

Some essential features regarding the Poulan Pro PP2822 hedge trimmer are the following. The following Poulan Pro PP2822 specs will let you know whether to buy it or not.

  • Performance
  • Powerful engine
  • Portability
  • Dual-sided serrated blades
  • Swivel position handle
  • 22-inch cutting length
  • Fuel tank capacity
  • Maintenance

Poulan Pro PP2822 Hedge Trimmer Review

The Poulan Pro PP2822 hedge trimmer has many vital features that make it a worthy buying unit for many users.

This machine is powered by a 28cc engine that supports heavy-duty cleaning. The engine uses a 2-cycle to operate. In contrast to a 4-cycle engine, a 2-cycle engine is much easier to maintain. Also, the vibration produced by such an engine is relatively less than the hedge trimmer that involves a 4-cycle engine. With its powerful engine, this trimmer gets the job done quite effectively.

Further, this gas trimmer’s weight is 15.8 pounds, and its dimensions are 46 x 10 x 8 inches. You will not find it hard to lift or store this hedge trimmer because of the lightweight and compact dimensions. However, if you have a lower upper body strength, you might get exhausted by carrying this machine for a longer period.

Besides weight and dimensions, another quality feature of this Poulan Pro PP2822 gas hedge trimmer is the cutting blade. The cutting blade is sharp, durable, and lengthier.

Thanks to the blade’s length and sharpness, you will be able to cut large hedges and branches effortlessly. The blade measures 22 inches, which is exceptionally long compared to many other models. Due to the longer blade length, some beginners might have difficulties handling it. The blade is serrated and dual-sided, making cutting effortless.

Moreover, consumers also appreciate the swivel position handle of this product. With the support of the swivel handle, you will also be able to get rid of low vertical bushes. It will additionally help you to shape the bushes as per your wish. It includes two handles, including a rear handle and a front handle. The front handle is easy to grip due to the D-shape. Both these handles will allow you to trim longer without feeling fatigued.

Also, some of the hedge trimmers have a visible fuel tank. The visible tank means that you can see through it, which helps in easy measuring and refilling of the fuel tank. But such a feature is not present in the Poulan Pro PP2822 gas hedge trimmer. 0.31 qt is the fuel tank capacity that is substantial.

Furthermore, many gas hedge trimmers cause vibration, making it hard to manage them.

In contrast, the Poulan Pro PP2822 gas hedge trimmer does not have a high vibration problem. Vibrations are kept to a minimum, so you feel comfortable while using this hedge trimmer.

Like other gas hedge trimmers, this one is also noisy. I suggest wearing ear protection if you intend to use this hedge trimmer for a long time. The ear protection will minimize the noise and help you use this unit for extended operation with ease.

With the PP2822 unit, the Poulan Pro brand has also included two years of warranty. The warranty offers you peace of mind to use the product without worrying about a malfunction. Apart from the PP2822 trimmer, the Poulan Pro brand offers a warranty on many of its products.

– Performance

When buying a gas hedge trimmer, users are mainly concerned about the performance. A better performing unit will help you accomplish the desired cutting. Poulan Pro PP2822 introduced a 28cc engine to deliver an outclass performance.

If you compared the power of the PP2822 engine with the engine of other hedge trimmers available in the market, you would find that this product is a clear winner. No matter whether you have to cut many hedges or you only need to complete a small cutting job, this PP2822 product will be an ideal pick.

– Powerful Engine

Trimming of numerous hedges becomes a much easier job because of the powerful engine used in Poulan Pro PP2822. The engine uses a 2-cycle technology and has a power of around 28cc. This 28cc 2-cycle gas engine is all you need for cutting of thorny hedges.

Though this engine is very much potent, it still does not consume greater fuel quantity. Its moderate fuel consumption will help you to complete the task without needing a lot of fuel. Therefore, unlike other gas trimmers, you will not have to spend a lot of money refilling fuel in this product.

– Portability

The lightweight property of the Poulan Pro PP2822 product promotes greater portability. The device is light at 15.8 pounds, so it is easier to handle and transport. Because of the high portability, users who have a large lawn to fix should use this product. However, while moving with the PP2822 trimmer, make sure to turn it off. Because while transporting it, there is a risk of touching the moving blade, which can cause severe damage.

– Dual-Sided Serrated Blades

When it comes to cutting hedges, the blade is the essential part of a hedge trimmer.

Cutting several hedges with a traditional blade is quite challenging. Due to this, Poulan has added serrated blades in the Pro PP2822 product. The serrated blades support the convenient cutting of tough hedges and branches. The best thing is that this serrated blade is dual-sided, meaning you can use both sides for cutting purposes.

– Swivel Position Handle

Another feature of the PP2822 model that most consumers praise is the swivel handle. Thanks to the swivel position handle that will permit users to use this product at different positions. Also, you can conveniently cut low vertical shrubs with it pretty quickly.

This adjustable handle grants a much better control of the machine. It will help you in the easy shaping of both the hedges and shrubs. Further, with the PP2822 trimmer, you will notice two handles, including the front handle and the rear handle. Both these handles promote easy gripping and effortless use of the machine.

– 22-inch Cutting Length

The Poulan Pro PP2822 has a cutting length of 22 inches. Reshaping and removing both small and large hedges will be easier with such a length. The adjustable handle will help you to take better advantage of this cutting length. However, the blade is a bit lengthier, so you should handle it with great care.

– Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank that you will get with the PP2822 unit has a 0.31 qt of capacity. As this hedge trimmer is fuel-efficient, so the 0.31 qt capacity is enough. For both small and large cutting jobs, this fuel tank capacity is very much considerable.

– Maintenance

The Poulan Pro PP2822 does require more maintenance than electric trimmers. Not only the PP2822 model, but maintaining is usually a problem with other gas-powered hedge trimmers. You may also require regularly maintaining this hedge trimmer to make it work effectively for a longer run.

Though it does need a lot of maintenance, this product’s power and performance are also high. If you do not have any problem with the hedge trimmer’s regular maintenance and want a better-performing product, try the PP2822 unit.


  • The Poulan Pro PP2822 gas hedge trimmer has a large 22 inches cutting length that you can use to trim small and thorny hedges.
  • This PP2822 model is designed in such a way that it produces less noise as well as vibration.
  • You can alter the position of this gas hedge trimmer while using it with the help of the swivel position handle.
  • The Poulan Pro PP2822 product supports a more manageable and secure grip.
  • The serrated blades present in the PP2822 model utilizes a dual-sided technology.

Is Poulan Pro PP2822 a worthy hedge trimmer to purchase? If you are looking for a hedge trimmer with a powerful engine and a comfortable grip, then yes, it will be a worth buying product. But like other gas hedge trimmers, this model also requires maintenance.

The Poulan Pro PP2822 product has a safety guard, 22-inch cutting length, and a swivel position handle, making it the top priority for many users. By reading this Poulan Pro hedge trimmer review, you can easily make the right buying decision.

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