Poulan Pro PPBV25 is a superb lawn blower necessary for flawless grass upkeep. This review of this particular blower demonstrates why it offers the best value for your money.

Powerful Poulan Pro Ppbv2 Blower Review

After weighing the advantages, we talk in-depth about the product features and specifications, explain why this model is superior to earlier ones in terms of quality.

Reas as we come to a conclusion that persuades you that this gas-operated leaf blower is the best one out there.

Pros Cons
Powerful gas motor  Heavy
Cruise control feature  Slightly noisy (106.7 dB)
Anti-vibration design 

Poulan Pro PPBV25 Highlights

The gas-powered Poulan PPBV25 makes it simple to clean up your lawn with its popular two-stroke engine which is great for clearing up large amounts of debris. 

  • Cylinder displacement of 25 cm³
  • Airspeed of 230 mph
  • Airflow of 450 cfm in the pipe
  • Net weight of 17 lbs
  • Gas-powered 
  • Homeowner warranty of two years
  • An operational noise level of 106.7 dB
  • 19 x 16 x 12.75 inches in size

Pro PPBV25 Review

Poulan Pro PPBV25 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Powerful gas motor
Cruise control feature
Anti-vibration design
Slightly noisy (106.7 dB)

When considering power tools and equipment, Poulan is a name that immediately springs to mind, adn this is because the company has excellent lawn equipment. As a result, the company has established a great reputation for its products by demonstrating their dependability and affordability. 

The design’s anti-vibration feature and cushioned handles make it simple to use, lessening muscle tension while guaranteeing a secure grasp, which is why you won’t be as tired in the long run. There isn’t a more user-friendly design out there, and thanks to its rotational control structure, weariness and exhaustion are reduced by eliminating the wrists’ tension. Existing users of the Pro PPBV25 have given specific praise for how simple and comfortable the blower is to operate. 

Remember that your comfort is a priority in the design of the Pro PPBV25. Despite being heavier than typical, this leaf blower has some pleasant features that raise its level of comfort. One of them is that it is one of the most reasonably priced gas-powered vehicles, which, given its feature set, makes it a viable option.

The Pro PPBV25 blower comes with a nozzle extension of 38 inches, allowing it to be used close to the ground. Producing one of the fastest air speeds we tested, the 25 ccs two-cycle gas engine is tough and propels air through the tube at 230 mph. Such impressive speed makes the blower worth more than its market price. 

A piece of useful yard equipment with several wonderful features, this blower has many uses. We have to mention that the blower not only packs incredible blowing force but also comes with a vacuum feature; this innovation is actually quite surprising. On another note, keep in mind that the vacuum feature can be turned on with just a click of a button from the convenient control panel for increased consumer comfort. 

The blower comes with all the necessary Poulan Pro PPBV25 parts including a bag that can be attached to the blower if the vacuum feature is needed. It may be used as a vacuum for your yard by attaching a bag, which is a practical way to clear up wet, dirty leaves.

Moreover, this machine also functions as a mulcher, which means you will have a reduction in leaf bag numbers. According to the mulch ratio, which is around 16:1, you can mulch 16 bags of leaves into one bag. As a result, you have far fewer bagged leaves to deal with after raking your property, thanks to this convenient feature. There is nothing that this leaf blower company hasn’t prepared for maximum utility for its customers to reduce the stress in using their product.

Now, we can also talk about some of the drawbacks of owning this gas-powered blower by Poulan. Despite its strength, this blower only moves leaves a limited distance, which is about 12 feet, compared to the other blowers we tested. 

With a weight of 17 pounds and a noise level of 106.7 decibels, this blower is the loudest we could find among the ones we researched. So it is a good idea to use ear protection when using any blower, especially this one, and it may even annoy your neighbors. 

Also, the maintenance requirements for this gas-powered blower are higher than those for an electric model, which is true for all gas blowers. Given that the engine is a two-stroke, you will need to mix oil and gasoline as fuel to run this blower.

How Has the Poulan Pro PPBV25 Evolved?

The Poulan Pro PPBV25 has evolved from its previous model the PPB25 by having a vacuuming option on it, as the previous one didn’t have this. Moreover, the speed of the new version is a bit stronger than that of the old version.

Evolved by Having a Vacuuming Option

The Pro PPBV25 comes slightly heavier than its successor, the Pro PPBV26, which stands at 10 lbs while the PPBV25 is roughly 17 lbs. However, the weight is not much of a concern when we look at how the Pro PPBV25 excels at airspeed compared to the PPBV26. 

The PPBV26 generates a maximum air speed of 200 mph, while the PPBV25 runs at a maximum air speed of 230 mph. This is a considerable difference when contemplating between the two popular blowers.


Also, the price has quite a negligible difference too. The PPBV26 is the more affordable of the two, but the slight increase in the price of the PPBV25 is worth the improved airspeed one gets with it. Hence, one should weigh the importance of weight and speed when choosing between the two. Poulan Pro gas blower BVM200VS is also a great option to consider.

Feature Breakdown

– Carburetor 

The Poulan Pro PPBV25 carburetor is significant among Poulan Pro leaf blower parts since it is put in the internal combustion system to guarantee that the machine remains in good condition for a long time. This aids in the engine’s efficient and smooth intake of the oil and air mixture and ensures the starting of the blower is hassle-free.

Poulan Pro Ppbv25 Carburetor System

On another note, also think about how the company is thoughtful in this process because if the carburetor has to be replaced, it is available separately, which means that you don’t need to get rid of your machine; you can simply replace it.

– Increased Airspeed 

The Pro PPBV25 comes with a maximum airspeed of 230 mph, which is extremely impressive for a hand-held blower. The speed exceeds many of the other blowers in the market and that makes it favorable as with this blower, you can get your entire yard covered in a matter of minutes. This would help you save so much time in accomplishing the task. 

– Vacuum Ability 

The blower comes with an inbuilt ability to convert it to a light vacuum when the user chooses to. With just a click of a button, it uses the same airspeed to suck in the debris and deposit it in the vacuum bag attached, which can later be taken off and disposed of. 

This means that it reduces the work on the user’s end since you no longer need to blow and vacuum the leaves separately, nor do you need to invest in a separate blower and vacuum. This would help you save time and money because the machine has this feature established.

– Hand-held Property 

Although backpack blowers are what most users incline towards, this handheld model is considerably more lightweight and portable than those. Due to its lightweight and tiny size, the device is suitable for people who suffer from back or spine conditions.

Poulan Pro Ppbv25 is more Lightweight and Portable Blower

Moreover, the blower’s ability to access smaller spaces with impressive efficiency is made possible due to its size, and this company size is great for maneuvering properly and getting the job well done.

– Anti-vibration Design

Using a handheld leaf blower/vacuum sometimes leads to excessive uneasiness brought on by the vibrations, which makes using the machine incredibly tiresome. On the same note, if you are using Pro PPBV25 in your yard is enjoyable because the majority of the vibrations are dampened by the thick rubber handle.


Because of this, it is reportedly one of the lawn blower’s most popular design elements, and you won’t be tired so quickly, or go through muscle spasms.


Without a doubt, the Pro PPBV25 has all the functions that a blower ought to have, in addition to extras that some other manufacturers might not have included. When used in conjunction with the thorough Pro PPBV25 instructions, the blower is simple and enjoyable to use. 

It must be noted that certain components must be replaced and taken care of as instructed by the Poulan Pro PPBV25 manual to ensure that your blower lasts for years. Replaceable Poulan Pro 25cc gas blower parts like the purge pump primer, carburetor, and the Poulan Pro PPBV25 spark plug are also easily available in places like Amazon. After all, it is important to take care of such a sensitive machine to expect optimum results for a lifetime.

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