Poulan Pro PR46BT is something you should have if you are on a journey to revamp the look of your house. An unclean and undone yard makes a home look unattractive, no matter how gorgeous it is.

Amazing Poulan Pro PR46BT Blower Review

In this article, we have come here to help you and have brought you an in-depth review of the Poulan Pro PR46BT backpack blower that will clear up all of your doubts about this machine and bring ease to this journey.

To learn more about the Poulan Pro backpack blower, keep on reading!

Pros  Cons
Lightweight Gas powered
Vibration damping system Loud
Comfortable harness to reduce backaches

Exporting Poulan pro pr46bt Highlights

The Poulan Pro PR46BT is a gas backpack leaf blower that comes with various specs and features that make it a great option for different purposes. In almost every case, the brand Poulan aims to make blowers that give the user all they desire, and the PR46BT makes this true through features like:

  • 46 CC two-stroke engine
  • Cruise control
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Lightweight: 19.8 lbs only
  • Load-reducing harness
  • Variable speed throttle control
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Two-year homeowner warranty
  • 200 mph air speed
  • Comfortable operating handle
  • Includes back padding
  • Vibration damping system 

– Poulan Pro PR46bt Review

Poulan Pro PR46BT Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Settings
Vibration damping system
Comfortable harness to reduce backaches
Gas powered

It is quite usual for a person to reach for brands that they are already famous or trustworthy, and this brand is one of those, because they oversee each detail and tailor themselves into manufacturing the ultimate one. The same is the case with blowers, as the first thing you notice when you go to the market to get a blower for your home is the company’s reputation amongst users. 

Poulan prides itself on making outdoor electronics that are powerful, reliable, and comfortable, while also being an eye candy to look at when you place them under your shed, especially with the Pro Pr46bt version of their investment. The company has been manufacturing products for seven years and has always put forward its best in leaf blowers.

However, the second most important thing that users tend to focus on when looking for a new device is the comfort the machine provides during use. The more comfort a product provides to its users, the more people enjoy using it. This is true for the Poulan Pro PR46BT due to its various features.

Nobody wants to end the day with tired and sore muscles that ache and keep you miserable for the next couple of days, especially if it is through accomplishing a chore.

In addition we never want yard work to be a burden as that usually results in yard neglect and nobody wants that, that is why this leaf blower is the perfect addition, as the company has taken this aspect into consideration!

To elaborate further the Poulan Pro has proved to be the company for the users’ comfort through its two harnesses, back padding, and a backplate that helps take most of the fatigue away and aids in working longer.

These Poulan Pro PR46BT parts give your back essential comfort and support, and you can always read more about them in the Poulan Pro PR46BT parts manual in a detailed form.

Not only will you be satisfied by the operating ease, but the powerful 46 cc two-cycle engine ensures this blower works with strength that helps you pick up all the leaves covering your yard. The engine is gas-powered and works like a champ. You can easily pick up any debris or even remove wet leaves after a day of rain with the might of this blower. We highly suggest checking these 5 gas leaf blowers with very high reviews and impressive performance.

It has an airflow capacity of 490 cubic feet per minute or cfm for short, and an airflow of 220 miles per hour, so you can pick up more leaves in a shorter time and get done with your work earlier, right in time to have a relaxing evening.

On the other hand, a usual concern that the users of most outdoor devices have been the amount and frequency of vibrations. These can be highly frustrating, as they cause aches and pains in the user’s hands and are also a huge distraction while you are trying to focus on the job at hand, but again, this is another aspect that has been covered by the company. 

The PR46BT makes sure that this doesn’t get in the way of your work by introducing a vibration-damping system that keeps excessive vibrations from coming to you by creating a barrier. This ensures that you complete your task with ease and without any fatigue or any back pain or even soreness!

The blower has a two-stroke engine so, for the Poulan Pro PR46BT fuel line, it is necessary to use a mixture of gasoline and two-stroke engine oil in the ratio mentioned in the Poulan Pro PR46BT manual. Otherwise, you can severely damage the blower fuel tank and the engine, which could cause your blower to malfunction.

Another feature that is appreciated by users is the variable speed throttle trigger lock that controls the speed of the engine and gives the user more control over the blower.

The Poulan Pro PR46BT throttle cable assists the user in controlling the engine. Therefore, with the throttle cable, it is more simple to shut down through the power than to fight it with the brakes.

Another great advantage that the Poulan Pro PR46BT carburetor has been the controls of the engine speed. It is very important that you would make sure the carburetor is on the right setting, the air filter is clean, and its cover is fitted.

Here, you might notice that if your Poulan Pro PR46BT won’t start, you might have neglected these factors and now the carbon deposits on the spark plug electrodes must have caused malfunctions in the blower.

– How Has The Product Evolved?

The Poulan Pro PR46BT has evolved in having a better air speed than its previous version, which means it will do the task more effectively and in a faster way. In addition to this, this version is lighter in its weight, which means you won’t get tired holding it.

Poulan Pro Pr46 Bt Backpack Blower

The Poulan Pro PR46BT blower was introduced with a similar blower: the Poulan Pro PR48BT. These two have very similar features, as they were introduced especially for the fall season, requiring some intense yard cleaning.

A major difference that set them apart is their weight. The PR46BT is lighter than the PR48BT, as the former weighs 19.8 lbs and the latter weighs 22 lbs, and hence is more convenient to use, and more practical.

Also, the PR48BT has an airflow speed of 220 mph compared to the 200 mph of the PR46BT. But the PR46BT has 490 cfm airflow volume, which is relatively higher than the PR48BT. Which means that even though the speed of air is lower, the blower can carry more air than the PR48BT, hence the PR46BT model is the better one.


Poulan pro pr46bt Breakdown

– Ergonomic Design 

Poulan Pro blowers have always ensured that their designs are the most comfortable for users, so they can get the optimal use out of their devices. The PR46BT is another example of this, as it is a powerful and comfortable leaf blower that amazes you with its user experience.

Poulan Pro Pr46bt Features Breakdown

The harness has adjustable back and shoulder parts that make it fit onto the user better and consequently cause less fatigue. 

The back padding and metal plates also provide additional comfort by providing the user with a comfortable surface to rest their backs. Therefore, all back aches and sore limbs stay away because your blower cares for you and your muscles and brings as less fatigue to you as possible.

Nonetheless, you might even note that the lightweight design of the blower adds to the pleasant user experience as the machine weighs only 19 pounds and can be easily carried by the users, in addition to the tool in use being a backpack version.

– Cooling System

The Poulan Pro PR46BT comes with an in-built cooling system to keep the working temperature of the blower as low as possible. This cooling system consists of cooling fins on the cylinder and an air intake screen.

Poulan Pro Pr46 Bt Comes with An In-Built Cooling System

Cleaning the cooling system with a brush once a week is crucial and is required more often in demanding conditions. This is because if you have a dirty or blocked cooling system, leads to the overheating of the machine, which can cause damage to the piston and cylinder, overall the machine’s lifespan will be a lot shorter than usual.

– Muffler

The muffler adds to the advantages the users will have once they purchase the Poulan Pro PR46BT. It reduces the noise levels in the machine and directs the exhaust gases away from the user. Note that the exhaust gases are hot and sometimes contain sparks, which could cause a fire once near a dry or combustible material, which is the feature that makes it something to consider.

– Powerful Performance

PR46BT is a high-performance blower that gives shocking results to the user. The 46 cc two-cycle engine works with a power that enables it to get your work done very nicely in a very shorter time period. 

In this case, the powerful Poulan Pro PR46BT spark plug, the 490 cfm airflow, and the 229 mph air speed, when combined, make it one of the strongest blowers you could purchase from the market.



Is Poulan Pro PR46BT an electric or gas leaf blower?

The Poulan Pro PR46BT is a gas-powered leaf blower, providing optimal mobility and power for outdoor tasks.

Can the Poulan Pro PR46BT leaf blower be self-propelled?

The Poulan Pro PR46BT leaf blower does not have a self-propelled feature and requires manual operation.

Is the Poulan Pro PR46BT leaf blower light to handle?

The Poulan Pro PR46BT leaf blower is designed to be lightweight, ensuring easy handling during operation.


This Poulan Pro PR46BT leaf blower review shows how this blower is the perfect one for every type of customer, no matter if you are in the professional line of work or need it for domestic purposes. This blower will not disappoint under any conditions!

The PR46BT delivers you the quality, comfort, and power needed to make your yard nice and pristine, and with an affordable Poulan Pro PR46BT price and a distinct function, it is a steal deal in comparison to other blowers! Remember that this is a compact, light, and powerful at the same time, it has all the traits that make a blower a star.

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