Calathea also known as prayer plantPrayer plant leaves curling is a sign that something is not right with this plant. Also known as Maranta leuconeura, its beautiful green leaves with red veins will start to curl whenever there is a lapse in the prayer plant care from your end.

Read this complete expert guide to learn all the possible causes, and know how to solve all of them.

What Causes Prayer Plant Leaves Curling?

Some common reasons why your prayer plant might have curled leaves are dry soil, direct sunlight, low levels of humidity, and using tap water. Some less commonly occurring reasons are pest attacks, temperatures that are too high or too low, or overwatering.

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– The Soil Is Too Dry

Soil that stays dry for long periods of time might be the primary cause behind prayer plant leaves curling and turning brown at the edges. This plant likes consistently moist soil at all times. It cannot tolerate dry soil and will begin to die soon after.

There are two main reasons why your soil might be extremely dry.

– It Is Being Underwatered

Your soil will dry out if you are not watering your plant according to a regular schedule. The same goes for when too little water is used. This plant likes abundant watering each time.

– It Has No Moisture-retentive Elements

Components like sphagnum moss and peat are the moisture-retentive elements of your soil. These materials act like a sponge to absorb water during watering. Afterward, they slowly release it. This way, your soil stays moist for a relatively long time.

– Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Prayer plants are prone to getting sunburnt under direct light. You will notice their foliage curling, and the leaves will also start turning yellow and appearing dry and wrinkly.