Purple flowers are some of the most magical blooms that can be found in nature and in our gardens. A single purple flower can lift up our spirits even just by looking at it.

Unleashing the Charm of Purple and Yellow Flowers

These flowers have one commonality and that is the way that they look because they all come from different places and their requirements are all of the different varieties.

Even better, purple and yellow flowers meaning is a mix of royalty and happiness. Here are some of our favorite purple and yellow flowers names and their best features.

List of Purple and Yellow Flowers

Purple flowers are some of the most magical blooms that can be found in nature and in our gardens. A single purple flower can lift up our spirits even just by looking at it.

Even better, purple and yellow flowers meaning is a mix of royalty and happiness. Here are some of our favorite purple and yellow flowers names and their best features. 

1. Calla Lily

The elegant flower flutes of the purple calla lily make this plant quite beloved in many gardens. The flowers come in many colors ranging from creamy whites to bright yellows and warm reds.

However, the regal purple and yellow blooms are some of the most popular colors you will ever see. These flowers are perennials that would bloom again if you keep them in the right condition.

The Elegant Beauty of Calla Lily

Unlike such plants as Cosmos bipinnatus, Cirsium japonicum, and Callistephus chinensis, a calla blossom has the potential to display two colors in one petal. This beautiful flower is the most proportionally colored flower of both yellow and purple shades.

It almost has equal parts of yellow and purple colors in one single bloom. If you’re a gardener or flower lover looking for rigorous perfection in terms of colors, then look for calla blossoms such as this one. We’re sure you’ll never regret it!

2. Cattleya Orchid

We love this hothouse favorite because not only do varieties produce flowers in plain purple as well as violet and white, but purple and yellow flowers are also easy to come by.

Some varieties are wonderfully patterned, while others are strikingly striped. These orchids thrive in warm humid climates, which means that you must make sure you are prepared to keep them in these conditions.

Exotic Splendor Cattleya Orchid

We would have suggested the Camas lily, the Campanula medium, or the Cyclamen persicum, but these flowers have pure purple-colored petals. Wild hyacinth plants have yet to produce flowers with purple and yellow colorations, and the same goes for the Canterbury bells and even the Persian cyclamen.

It would take a person with the most discriminating taste to find orchid varieties that possess all the required colors in the flower petals.

While most cultivators are trying to display a rainbow of colors in one petal, this possibility may be light-years away. If you are thinking of trying to grow this orchid, it is recommended to do so, since it is quite easy to maintain, even for beginners.

3. Dendrobium Orchid

The colorful and dramatic purple flowers of this tropical orchid can be plain, striped, or mottled. There are also varieties that produce a mix of purple and yellow flowers, making these orchids incredibly beautiful yet easy to care for. Most orchids of this cultivar tend to come in plain colors, so it’s a treat when you find one that has purple and yellow coloration.

While the Datura metal, or the scented blackcurrant swirl moonflower, has variegated blossoms, it does not have any with yellow and purple colors.

Bouquet Dendrobium Orchid in Garden

Dianthus caryophyllus, or carnations, also have yet to show both colors in one single flower, note that the bell heather blooms also have the same issue.

It can be hard to find flowers with both purple and yellow colors in the petals; however, once you find one, it can seem like a real treasure, and this one is the one that does the job right. If you’re the type who is picky enough to disregard the purity of single-colored flowers, then orchids are one of your best bets!

4. Digitalis Purpurea

Each beautiful but dangerous violet flower from each foxglove spike is toxic. Just like the Aconitum napellus, this plant is best admired from afar. It can be incredibly tempting to touch the flowers, especially those with purple and yellow colors in one single petal.

Most foxgloves come in single colors, which shows that coming across one with variegations is akin to a miracle.

Purple Majesty of Digitalis Purpurea

While the Eustoma grandiflorum comes in various colors, it does not display purple and yellow flowers in a single bloom yet. Lathyrus odorata, or the sweet pea, faces the same dilemma, as well as Liatris spicata or the blazing star plant.

This particular foxglove variety, known as the Candy Mountain, has flowers that start out with golden-yellow peach tones before maturing into dark purplish-pink colors. It’s incredible to see how two colors can be found in one flower cluster. Overall, the gracefulness of this flower will be enough to satisfy your needs for purple and yellow colors in one flower.


5. Dwarf Iris

Vibrant and fragrant, this tiny iris has vivid purple flowers with a yellow center in each petal. What you must remember is that you can place this plant in full sun or partial shade in moist but well-draining soil, because it will thrive in such conditions; don’t worry, as it will take time to smell each violet flower for that special springtime scent. 

This amazing plant has three colors in each flower, which are purple, yellow, and white. While you might nitpick that you’re looking for a flower with just two colors, this particular iris manages to one-up you with three.

Beautiful Romdoul Flowers

Most purple and yellow flower lovers will agree that this specific iris is an adorable variety. It is very small yet showy. When you plant this, make sure you enjoy this because tri-color iris plants don’t come often, and when they do, you better enjoy the experience!

Plants such as Malva sylvestris or Mystic Merlin only have pure beautiful purple flowers, as with Platycodon grandifloras or the balloon flower. Lunaria annua, or the Honesty bloom, also has plain purple flowers. These three plants would make a poor choice if you’re looking to grow specimens with yellow and purple colors in a single flower.

6. Hydrangea

Hydrangea flowers and clusters can be in shades of pink, blue, purple, and even pure white. Delicately scented, the purple hydrangea flowers come out during spring and summer times.

However, the combination of colors where neon yellows meet rich purples and fiery fuchsias is stunning. If you look closely, the bright chartreuse yellow blooms are tinged with purple edges.

Blooming Beauty of Hydrangea

The striking color combination of yellow and purple makes this particular flower very impressive because most hydrangeas lean toward pale pastel colors. If you do happen to come upon this particular variety, grab the chance and buy it immediately. Finding purple and yellow colors on one single flower is very hard to come by.

We love how roses come in a variety of colors, but we have yet to see one that has purple and yellow colors in a single bloom. While there is a purple rose, it doesn’t have any yellow color at all. The same goes for Salvia nemorosa or the woodland sage. We thought that the spiky sea holly, or the sea thistle, also has variegations. Alas, we were mistaken.

7. Ipomoea Purpurea 

The bluish violet flower of each morning glory blossom seems to spring out in many gardens. The morning glory plant needs full sun and moist, well-draining soil. This plant is a vigorous climber and can cover arbors and walls with purple lilac flowers amidst a sea of emerald leaves.

This isn’t to say that the flowers are purely purple. Look at them closely, and you will see that the inner petals have yellow and white colorings. The yellow and white markings make this morning glory truly glorious.

Morning Glory of Ipomoea Purpurea

If you happen to see one for sale, get it while you can, because they add a unique touch. We are sure a lot of gardeners are just waiting to grow flowers with purple and yellow colors in the flower’s petals.

Not all plants are lucky to have purple and yellow flowers. Sinningia speciosa, or the gloxinia plant, belongs to the plants that produce plain purple flowers.

Solanum dulcamara, or the Bittersweet nightshade, has pure purple blooms. Stachys monieri, or the Alpine betony, has plain purple blooms rich with nectar.

8. Iris Reticulata

Violet netted iris plants are wonderfully interesting and can be grown easily in pots as well as around borders. The deep colors of each violet flower with a splash of yellow are exquisitely simple.

You will have to note that the yellow color is not proportional to the purple hues of the flower. However, this flower does have purple, yellow, and white colors in one single bloom.

Iris Reticulata Purple Flowers

Each year, in the months of early spring, these flowers would happily bloom again, as long as you have provided them with the right soil, which would be acidic yet chalky-textured soil. However, don’t forget to keep it around some shady areas, because to thrive, it will require indirect light.

We understand it can be a dealbreaker for some, especially those who are looking for equal ratios of purple and yellow colors in one flower. But if you’re pretty open to growing a tri-color plant, then look no more than this particular iris.

9. Ophrys apifera

This curious little plant is known as the bee orchid and has beautiful violet flowers with yellow splashes in the center resembling a bee. Easy to grow and care for, the bee orchid is a favorite in many gardens and greenhouses. We’d suggest Wisteria sinensis, Aconitum napellus, or Agapanthus orientalis, but these plants just gave us pure purple blooms.

This busy-looking flower has purple colors on its outer petals while the inner parts are yellow. While the colors are not striped, both are included in one flower.

The Bee Orchid Ophrys Apifera

And even better, the flower resembles a bee, which encourages other bees to visit and pollinate the blooms. 

The color combination makes this particular plant a shoo-in for discriminating flower lovers looking for purple and yellow colors on a single bloom. The beauty of purple and yellow flowers is that you have so much to choose from, however, once you know which one tickles your fancy, you can take your creativity with the floral arrangements that you can make.

10. Viola Wittrockiana

The presence of even a single purple pansy is enough to cheer even the grayest day. One of the best color combinations is the purple pansy with yellow splotches. Each purple flower can come in plain or in patterned colors, making your whole garden full of vibrant hues.

Striking and attractive, these flowers have both yellow and purple colors in their petals, even if they are not striped, spotted, or graduated.

Wittrock Viola Wittrockiana

While it can take time to cultivate new hybrids, these types of flower combinations are the closest ones you can ever hope to find when it comes to purple and yellow blooms.

Close runners-up to flowers with purple and yellow coloring include Aster amellus, Blue-eyed grass, and Baptisia australis, or even in blue indigo.

However, it’s the petals that are purple while the centers are yellow. However, if you’re not very specific about having purple and yellow colors in a single petal, then you can check them out.

11. Crocus Sieberi

A close relative of Crocus vernus, the Crocus sieberi boasts purple, yellow, and even white colors. These are enough to satisfy even the most discriminatory tastes when it comes to looking for flowers with all three colors on their petals. These are springtime favorites, so growing them in your garden is a must.

One of the Largest Rarest Plant

Grow the crocus sieberi in your garden as a wonderful option for fragrant spring flowers. Better yet, purchase all the plants with purple and yellow color combinations in one flower to get that special look for your garden.

It may seem odd to some, but beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. Plus, you’ll always be at peace knowing you followed your heart in planting and growing flowers with purple and yellow combinations!


Purple and yellow flowers are fantastic color combinations in any garden or bouquet. Simply mix and match any of the plants found in our list and you’re bound to enjoy them almost all throughout the year. Purple and yellow flowers can mean magic, royalty, creativity, and happiness. 

We also suggest selecting your flowers carefully since some plants can irritate or cause toxicity. Group freshly cut violet flowers and yellow blossoms to capture whimsy and imagination. 

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