Purple passion plant care infographicPurple Passion Plant also known as Gynura Aurantiaca, is one of 25 members of the eponymous genus of Herbaceous or shrubby plants native to tropical areas of Asia.

The genus includes various herbaceous plants, shrubs, and vines, but only those with attractive crimson hairs on the leaves are grown as houseplants.

The most famous among them is the small Gynura Aurantiaca, commonly called Purple Passion plant or Purple Passion vine, grown as a houseplant worldwide for more than 200 years.

It is a unique phenomenon in the plant kingdom due to its velvety leaves covered with intensely purple hairs on a dark green background. This unusual combination of colors makes this small purple vine a well-accepted houseplant.

What Is Purple Passion Plant

The Purple Passion plant is an evergreen, short-lived perennial with thick, flashy stems that can grow up to 3 feet in length. In the wild, the plant grows as a dense shrub. Its stems lean on each other or bend under the weight of the leaves crawling on the ground.

As an indoor plant, the Purple Passion plant rarely reaches more than two feet. Each stem grows upright or arch slightly, which makes it suitable for growing in hanging pots.