Calathea in a potThe rare Calathea types are known for their vibrant and unique foliage. These plants are ideal for foliage, pattern, and color-loving growers.

Each one of them has its own foliage patterns or markings and the most interesting thing about Calathea is that all varieties have the same care requirements.

This article will equip you with the much-needed Calathea care tips that help you to attain the best results.

Rare Calathea Types 

Rare Calathea Names Features
Calathea orbifolia Grows up to 36 inches in height. It has round leaves with a double-toned green color with darker and lighter green hues. This variety does well when kept in a well-draining soil mixture.
Calathea ornata This plant is quite as rare as the Calathea white fusion. It is also easy to care for and its leaves are green and long with silver-white and green stripes. It has a reddish-purple color on the back making it a great alternative for color seekers.
Calathea warscewiczii This one thrives in bright indirect sunlight, making it ideal for indoor gardening. This Calathea has colorful thick green leaves with silverish stripes on the front and a violet color underneath, which gives a vivid spark to your indoors.
Calathea sp. ‘White jade’ This variety is large and does well in bright but indirect sunlight. It is also perfect for outdoor growing. It is different from other Calathea varieties due to its big green leaves that have a pink tone underside. They also produce vibrant pink blooms.
Calathea roseopicta This variety likes to be kept moist and like other Calathea types, it does not like direct sunlight. It is also an easy-to-care-for plant that is highlighted by green and white leaves that have pink rose-colored hues on the face of the leaf.
Calathea Majestica ‘White Star’ This Calathea variety has much larger leaves than most Calathea varieties. The white color is more dominant than the green one on this plant. It requires well-fertilized soil which has good drainage qualities.
Calathea Pavonii This plant is also known as the red star Calathea, and unlike other Calathea species, it is characterized by splotches, square-like shapes, or diamonds rather than stripes. These designs are very useful in bringing vibrancy to your indoors.  
Calathea Makoyana This plant has the same care requirements as the White Star. It is also an ideal houseplant that is not toxic to your kids and pets.
Calathea crocata It is a relatively new houseplant species that also has a tropical origin. Environmental degradation is pushing this Calathea type close to extinction making it quite rare.
Calathea Zebrina Its variegation comes in the form of very significant ze. This plant’s leaves can be as large as 12 inches in length which makes it more eye-catching.
Calathea lancifolia Widely known as the rattlesnake plant, this species’ fo