Rare hoyas are hard to find, but they add appeal to your home and a statement of wonder for the visitors. The plant produces thick waxy leaves, which gives it the name “Wax plant.”

Rare Hoya PlantHoyas are tough and can live long lives, producing beautiful flower clusters and generating positive vibes. Don’t worry keep reading here you will learn about the 14 rare hoyas that will make an excellent addition to your collection.

List of Different Varieties Of Rare Hoyas

A hoya plant is unique, making it the first choice for plant enthusiasts to add to their collection. These are usually trailing or climbing plants that produce flower clusters known as umbels. Some rare hoyas are Hoya incrassata, Hoya kerrii, Hoya wayetii, Hoya curtisii, Hoya compacta, and more. Cheek out the 14 rare hoyas we have put together:

– Hoya Callistophylla Or Stiff Leaved Hoya

This one is quite the showstopper. It produces thick lime-green, oval-shaped leaves with prominent dark-green veins on the light surface. It is one of the main attractions of the plant, along with the cluster of white blooms that it produces in umbels. 

The plant has large, block-patterned leaves with a notable appearance. Besides, like hoya meliflua, these flowers also produce a sweet scent and nectar that attracts insects and pollinators. The flowers also have red and yellow highlights, with a reddish-colored stalk.

To make them healthy, you should ensure high humidity and light watering patterns. The plants prefer moderate temperatures and well-drained aerated soil. Although they grow slowly, providing them with bright indirect sunlight will help them flourish and produce stunning blooms.

– Hoya Carnosa Or Porcelain Flower