RedMax EBZ5150 is one tool that can make lawn maintenance a breeze. While the design and style of the lawn are important, the quality of the blower is even more so, as a powerful lawn blower aids you in achieving the perfect grass, free of loose leaves and debris.

Closeup Review of RedMax EBZ5150

Swiftly climbing up the charts, the EBZ5150 is a backpack lawn blower you cannot sleep on. This review article explains why buying the EBZ5150 blower is worth it after thoroughly examining its features and specifications.

Pros Cons
Robust with strong wind speed A little on the heavier side 
Easy to start Pricey compared to other blowers 
High fuel efficiency 
Large fuel tank
Cooling and comfort pad on the back

Product Highlights

The EBZ5150 is the ideal blower to use when those bothersome leaves begin to fall or when it is time to clean up the property after the lawn has been mowed. It is easy to use and has sufficient force to blast debris wherever it is needed for the best clean-up. The specifications are what sets this leaf blower apart from other ones. 

  • 22.7 lbs weight
  • 15.8 inches length
  • 2.24 inches tube diameter
  • 2.15 hp power output
  • 6300 rpm maximum power speed
  • 70.9 fl oz fuel tank volume
  • 455 g/kWh fuel consumption
  • 214.75 mph air speed
  • 216 mph air speed around nozzle
  • 20 Newton blowing force
  • 104 dB (A) sound power level 
  • 89 dB(A) sound pressure level
  • Two years consumer and commercial warranty

RedMax EBZ5150 Review

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  • Number of functions: 9.1/10
  • Air flow: 9.5/10
  • Weight: 8.8/10
  • Number of airflow settings: 8.4/10

Although having a perfect lawn is desirable, it is not worth sacrificing your comfort. And in this section, we shall judge the EBZ5150 backpack blower from all aspects: comfort, efficient cleaning, price, portability, etc. 

Regarding power blower performance and variety for users, RedMax is climbing its way to unquestionably the market leader. 

The strato-charged two-stroke engine in the EBZ5150 blower has extremely low emissions and tremendous power and is greatly favored for that. Not only does it perform like a monster when it comes to heavy-duty debris cleaning, but RedMax tries the best in its power to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

RedMax understands lawn maintenance lovers and makes mobility easier with the backpack feature of the blower. The straps are wide and cushy so that they do not make you itch after prolonged usage. 

Moreover, the straps and the back are made from ventilated technology which allows for the air vents to be formed. This prevents sweating and discomfort after working on a sunny day.

Perhaps the only drawback is the fact that the EBZ5150 leans on the heavier side compared to other blowers in the market. The reason for that is its larger fuel tank capacity so that the blower may be in use for longer. The majority of the RedMax users appreciate the improved runtime, even if it means carrying a pound-heavier blower. 

A few may be concerned by the relatively higher pricing, but rest assured, the returns on the investment exceeds the cost. Since the improved model brings you multiple added benefits and satisfying cleaning quality, one cannot complain about the slight price increase. 

The only flaw in this device, in our opinion, is that the blower parts occasionally need to be readjusted. You can consult the RedMax EBZ5150 parts diagram for it. 

If the attachments and extensions, especially the RedMax EBZ5150 carburetor, are not securely fastened, they can potentially fly off. Hence you need to take care of the maintenance of your blower. 

It is recommended to change the fuel every once in a while to ensure the great condition of your blower. As advised by RedMax, the RedMax EBZ5150 fuel mixture should be 50 to 1 parts fuel-to-oil ratio with a high-quality oil blend developed especially to give RedMax portable devices the best possible equipment performance.

How Has the RedMax EBZ5150 Evolved?

RedMax ebz5150 has evolved as it comes with the hip throttle and improved purge primer system. In addition, this blower has been made to be more lightweight than the previous models, and it is also more powerful than the other version.

Every great thing goes through a series of improvements to get to where they are. Moreover, the EBZ5150 is built to carry more fuel, while simultaneously not being too heavy to carry. Built for extreme professionals and enthusiasts, this blower comes with the best RedMax engine. 

RedMax EBZ5150 Evolved

The EBZ5150 is also significantly lighter than its previous models, such as the RedMax EBZ5150RH, and yields better fuel consumption and saving, and this is what is significant about this model.

Let us see how the EBZ5150 compares to one of the most popular backpack blowers, the Stihl BGA 86. Despite being a well-known backpack blower, the Stihl BGA 86 produces a blowing force of about 15 N while the RedMax blower has the blowing force of an additional five newtons i.e., 20 N. 

Moreover, the highly praised Stihl blower has a maximum runtime of 20 minutes while the EBZ5150 can run for hours on end without exhausting itself. As a result to this, you can see that the RedMax technology is unmatched, even by high-powered backpack blowers. 


RedMax EBZ5150 Features Breakdown

– Ventilated Back and Straps

On hot days, the ventilated back pad keeps users cool and comfortable by blowing air from the fan housing. The air vents from the ventilated material allow you to remain airy even when working under the harsh sun. 

For added comfort, the back pad is curved, and the straps are extremely wide so that they do not dig into your shoulder. This feature is a fan favorite according to many RedMax EBZ5150 reviews.

Ventilated Back Pad Keeps Users Cool

This given feature is an amazing one if you are trying to buy a leaf blower, because this allows you to feel no pain or fatigue, because of the padding. Furthermore, if you consider, the ventilation is very important, so that the machine doesn’t get too hot, and doesn’t get damaged as a result of working long hours. On the contrary to this, the given aspect will enhance and provide the right efficiency.

– Power

RedMax is known for going out of its way to make its blowers as powerful as ever and the EBZ5150 is no different. The blowing force of 20 N packs such a punch that the full power gives you a jolt if turned on instantly. As it does so, the machine will help you so much in performing the task, and as a result the user won’t feel exhausted or tired because the process got longer than it should have.

The unmatched motor packs a nozzle speed of 616 mph! This is a testament to the powerful RedMax motor that can move leaves even if they are wet or dry. While other blowers run on batteries, this one does not, letting the fuel tank give its best in the efficient cleanup. 

– Durability 

RedMax is renowned for its dependability and high-quality components. The EBZ5150 is designed to last for many years, and to get the job done effectively during these years, this aspect is one to consider and to invest in, because a leaf blower shouldn’t be one that should be replaced, on the contrary, it should be durable. 

The complete mechanical and electrical system is protected by the housing and other components and is made of sturdy, thick plastic that is resistant to damage while in use. So you don’t have to worry about the exterior giving out after a few rough turns. The reason is simply because the exterior has a durable quality that can resist different weather conditions. 

– Fuel Tank Capacity

The added weight of this blower is a downturn, however, it does mean that the weight carries the improvement of a larger fuel tank. With the bigger capacity, the blower can now run for hours while still being fuel efficient and saving on gas. What a convenience to not have to stop to refill the fuel every so often.

– Strato-charged Engine

The Strato-charged engine is a pure -stroke engine, and this is one of the most innovative ways that a leaf blower can be useful and productive. This technology produces low emissions that comply with standards without the use of a hot, bulky catalytic converter, achieving up to 20 percent higher fuel efficiency than conventional two-stroke engines.

Strato Charged Engine is a Pure Stroke Engine

It does not require daily oil reservoir level checks, oil changes, or valve adjustments. Moreover, it produces 15 to 20 percent more horsepower compared to a standard four-stroke or four-stroke hybrid engine with the same engine displacement size.

– Two-stage Filtration System

The RedMax EBZ5150 air filter has a two-stage system that allows less time to be spent doing maintenance and services. Hence, hectic visits to the maintenance are not required if you get this blower and take proper care of it according to the RedMax EBZ5150 manual. Because most of the time some leaf blowers will lack this aspect, and it will make it more challenging, but this one includes the aspect, which is a key to its durability,

– Swivel Grip System 

This blower’s blower tube joints last longer because the pipe connection wear is eliminated. With this method, the user has more movement and encounters less resistance when blowing at various angles, which results in reduced fatigue. This gripping system will help the user to be more efficient in the task that is running, which means you will put less energy into the manner and get better results. 

– Magnesium Engine Crank Case

The RedMax blower is designed with good heat dissipation and weight reduction in mind. As a result, the machine the operator uses on the task is lighter and works longer even at lower temperatures. 


This crank case is a feature that the company looked upon, to decrease the weight, and to help you in performing the chore. In addition, this alloy, itself, is one that will protect your leaf blower, and to save you so much time from being tired, and even for future reference, to help you in muscle pain.

– Two Year Guarantee

Remember that this leaf blower company is giving you a two-year guarantee which shows you a very special trust that they have toward the end user and their product, at the same time.

Whether something happens and the machine turns out defected, the company will take the responsibility, however, this would ensure you that nothing will actually happen.


The EBZ5150 blower offers everything that a blower can while also delivering additional features that other brands of blowers may not have. It is realistic to say that this backpack leaf blower is among the best products from RedMax after looking at all the features of this series. 

Due to its simplicity of use and the thorough EBZ5150 series user manual, it is reliable and enjoyable. After assessing the pros and cons and going into the details of the EBZ5150 features, it is safe to say that you must purchase one for yourself.

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