RedMax EBZ6500 is what you need to achieve that modern and elevated look for your home because nothing makes your home look at its peak more than a pristine and clean yard and driveway.

Effortlessly Blower RedMax EBZ6500 Review

Today, we have brought you an in-depth review of this blower that will persuade you to make the first step in compiling the perfect tools for your yard by bringing this impressive device into your collection. If you want to learn more, keep reading!

Pros  Cons
Lightweight blower makes it easy to carry around while using Risk of spraying the operator with fuel
Produces less sound and vibrations Releases fumes that can be harmful to plants and the environment
Powerful engine and low fuel consumption

RedMax EBZ6500 Highlights

RedMax’s commercial handheld and backpack leaf blowers are efficient, powerful, and easy to operate and the EBZ6500 is no exception. Before buying any outdoor equipment, the most important factor is to look at all the relevant and up-to-date features that may make it the right choice for you.

Here is a feature list that will let you know that this blower is a great pick for you, just like for many other users:

  • The air volume of 632 CFM 
  • Speed of 232 MPH
  • Tube-mounted throttle
  • Strato-charged engine
  • Cylinder displacement of 65.6
  • Fuel tank volume of 71.01 fl oz
  • Fuel consumption of 422 g/kWh
  • 30 N blowing force
  • 22.5 lbs body
  • Sound power level of 111 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure level at operators ear of 97.1 dB(A)
  • Two-stage filtration system
  • Additional frame-fed intakes 
  • Swivel grip system
  • Full wrap free flow
  • Blow molded frame 
  • Formed back pad 
  • Magnesium engine crankcase
  • 3 heavy-duty mounted vibration reduction system

RedMax EBZ6500 Review

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RedMax EBZ6500 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Air Flow
Number of Airflow Settings
Lightweight blower makes it easy to carry around while using
Produces less sound and vibrations
Powerful engine and low fuel consumption
Risk of spraying the operator with fuel
Releases fumes that can be harmful to plants and the environment

Backpack blowers are all the talk around town nowadays. And there is no surprise that they would be, as everyone wishes to get their hands on these impeccably comfortable and convenient machines that make your home look squeaky clean and put together, earning you compliments from all visitors. 

However, with the variety that is available in the market, it may be difficult to come to the final decision regarding the brand and specs you are looking for. Being particular about the brand you are choosing may seem like a shallow thing to do but it is highly advised as it allows you to make a more appropriate and intelligent decision. 

RedMax is a great company that remains a popular choice amongst users. It gives you an exceptional commercial lineup of outdoor power equipment, ranging from trimmers to leaf blowers, and also includes tools like hedge trimmers, chainsaws, zero-turn mowers, and more. You don’t need to be concerned about this brand as their diehard fans have been vouching for their various products.

If comfort before anything is your motto, like many others, then you have been brought to the right blower. This blower is like a cloud at your back. Not only does it have a lightweight 21 lbs body but it also provides such comfort to the user that cleaning the yard hardly seems to be a task at all. 

The power of electrical devices is another highly important factor that you must consider and match with your requirements before making a final purchase, especially when they are outdoor appliances. Power is what you want to be looking for in a blower because a powerful blower results in a cleaner yard in a shorter time. 

If an effective and time-saving device is what you want, then the power must be considered thoroughly. You should know that the reliable strato-charged engine on this blower with the 30 N blowing force does not let you down, as it works in even the harshest weather conditions.

How Has the RedMax EBZ6500 Evolved?

The RedMax EBZ6500 has evolved by offering a new perspective on what a gas-powered backpack blower should be like and brings great competition to the market with its endless list of features. A lot of fans have commended the upgrades that this model has achieved when compared to previous models.

This blower’s specs are an upgrade to many of the other RedMax leaf blowers, including the Red Max blower 8500 and the RedMax EBZ5150. Being a great representation of what features should be present in a blower to make it the most effective and practical, this blower raises the bar for all the other specs, including the RedMax 8500 specs, and brings in a strong worthy competitor into the market. 

When we talk about RedMax 6500 vs 7500, we see that the EBZ6500 is lighter with its 22.5 lbs compared to the 23.4 lbs of the EBZ7500. However, the RedMax EBZ7500 has a higher blowing force of 37 N, meaning the engine is a little stronger compared to the EBZ6500.

When we compare this blower to the RedMax EBZ8560, it is heavier with 25.4 lbs weight and also has a bigger size compared to the EBZ6500. However, it does have a blowing force of 47 N and a higher air volume of 100 cfm. But the airspeed is lower compared to the 232 mph of the EBZ6500.


Features Breakdown

– Lightweight

The more comfort a device provides, the more it indulges its users and hence starts getting more hype. This leads to more customers getting attracted to it and leads to ultimately higher sales for the company.

Power of Professional-Grade Lawn Care

The lightweight blower is truly a blessing for all those users who are planning to divide house chores amongst all family members. The 22.5 lb blower can easily be held by anyone with the support of the backpack harness that divides the weight equally on both shoulders. So you don’t really have to worry about your back strength, arm muscles, or gym routine when working with the EBZ6500.

– Formed Back Pad

The formed back pad is another of its incredible features that allow the user to have a pleasant experience while working.

Experience Superior Blowing Performance

This helps provide air ventilation and extra operator comfort which is highly useful, especially during the hot summer and humid days when a little cooling can go a long way.

– Swivel Grip System

The swivel grip system is another great feature granting the user a more pleasant experience without any aches and pain. It eliminates wear at the pipe connection, giving this blower longer life on blower tube joints. This system gives the user more mobility and less resistance to blowing at different angles, leaving the user with less fatigue.

– Powerful Engine and Run-time

The blower’s engine is one of the most important RedMax EBZ6500 parts, followed by the RedMax EBZ6500 carburetor, as it is the powerhouse that makes the device run. Being particular about the engines of your outdoor power tools is necessary because these tools are expected to have even the roughest use and hence their engine durability is highly important. 

The Strato-Charged engine is an addition to the structure of this blower as it reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 percent while providing more torque over a wider RPM range and hence helps in making this blower last long and allows the user to spend less on fuel. A great deal, right?

Additionally, the fuel tank volume of 71.01 fl oz helps give the blower a further boost on the runtime and the fuel consumption of 422 g/kWh enables the user to get more work without having to refuel. The upright easy-to-view fuel tank provides a long run time and allows the operator to quickly check fuel levels without stopping to do so.

– Low Vibration and Sounds

The blow-molded frame is a durable frame that withstands the harshest conditions and climates and is supported by three heavy-duty mounted vibration reduction systems which provide greater comfort. The heavy-duty vibration reduction systems successfully reduce most of the vibration from getting to the user, which allows them to have a more pleasant working experience. 

Future of Lawn Maintenance Technology

Moreover, with the sound power level of 111 dB(A) and the sound pressure level at the operator’s ear of 97.1 dB(A), the user can work without harming their ears and even operate the blower in noise-sensitive areas.



This review shows you why the EBZ6500 backpack blower is a great choice to add to your yard care kit. It has a long list of key features ranging from power to comfort that make it famous and a favorite amongst fans! 

If you are looking for comfort and a power-packed engine all packed up in one blower, then this blower is the one for you. You will never be disappointed or unsatisfied with it, that is one thing that we can guarantee!

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