Redmax EBZ6500RH is a professional-grade backpack blower, designed with professionals and heavy-duty demanding cleanups in mind. This blower is one of the most popular gas-type backpack blowers money can buy, and for a good reason, as it is among the most powerful, durable, and respected blowers out there.Redmax EBZ6500RH

In this review, we go over everything about it, from its features and specifications to its upgrades and how it evolved through the years, so now you must make sure to read through to the end to know all about it.

Looking at the Features and Specs

Redmax EBZ6500RH Key Criteria
Number of functions 8.5/10
Weight 9.5/10
Airflow 10/10
Number of airflow settings 8.5/10
Commercial use grade engine produces an airflow of 632 CFM
Tube-mounted throttle for convenience and comfort
Relatively light in weight as compared to other gas blowers
Large fuel tank capacity for prolonged operations
Relatively loud performance
Produces carbon emissions and gas

Based on our observations, Redmax products are often equipped with some of the best quality leaf blowers in the market, and this Redmax EBZ6500RH is no different due to the quality that it serves. This world-class, professional-grade blower has a slew of nifty features that are sure to exceed the expectations of many professional buyers.

  • Cylinder displacement of 65.6 cm^3
  • Start-Charged engine reduces fuel consumption by 20 percent
  • A power output of 3.81 hp
  • Fuel tank volume of 71.01 fluid ounces
  • Fuel consumption of 422 g/kWh
  • Airflow of 631 CFM
  • Airspeed of 232 mph at the round nozzle
  • Blowing force of 30 N
  • Machine weight of 22.7 lbs
  • A sound power level of 96 dB
  • Tube mounted throttle

A Comprehensive Review on the Redmax EBZ6500RH Backpack Blower

  • Number of functions 8.5/10
  • Weight 9.5/10
  • Airflow 10/10
  • Number of airflow settings 8.5/10

Through our practical knowledge, this blower stands out as unique, few of it are available in the marketplace. Overall, we are quite impressed by the capabilities of this blower, as after conducting experiments with it, we give it an 8.5/10 for the number of functions it offers, a 9.5/10 for its lightweight, a 10/10 for its perfect airflow, and another 8.5/10 for the number of airflow settings.


As per our expertise, as far as leaf blowers go, superior performance in terms of greater power is always provided by gas types such as the EBZ6500RH, and with the right criteria being looked upon, this machine is one that will work wonders. Sure, you can argue that electric leaf blowers are more environmentally friendly, and as important as that is, they cannot, unfortunately, match the power of these gas-type blowers.

Additionally, with gas-powered blowers such as the EBZ6500RH, you do not have to worry about the battery running out mid-operation and then having to charge it and wait around for the battery to be full again. With it, all you need to do is fill the tank once and you are good to go for hours and hours of runtime, or until the fuel tank empties, which is rare.

Redmax is a powerhouse manufacturer of gas blowers and other lawn tools including hedge trimmers. Other notable Redmax leaf blowers include the Redmax blower EBZ8550, the Redmax EBZ8500, and the Redmax blower EBZ8560.

All of these are amazing and critically acclaimed products, which speaks levels about the reputation of the brand. Because of the innovative technology, you should know your investment is in safe hands when picking the EBZ6500RH.

As mentioned above, this blower is designed with commercial and professional use in mind, which is why this beast of a blower can provide you with an airflow of 632 CFM and an air speed of 232 mph. This is more than enough to take care of your bigger and more demanding tasks. Because of this, the blower excels at clearing away large and stubborn debris, like wet piles of leaves and muddy messes that do not budge with regular blowers.

When the EBZ6500RH arrives at your doorstep, it comes with all the Red Max blower parts, even the blower tube included, which sometimes does not come included with other blowers, and you have to purchase them separately. It also requires minimal assembly when it first arrives, and the included user manual takes you through each step of it.


– How Has the Redmax EBZ6500RH Evolved?

The Redmax EBZ6500RH has evolved and brought the Strato-charged engine technology. This new and improved engine mechanic helps conserve fuel and reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent, reducing the amount of fossil fuel burned during the time the blower is running.Evolution of Redmax EBZ6500RH

Through the many years of service that Redmax blowers have provided, they have continued to upgrade their technology and mechanisms to keep up with recent trends and demands. The EBZ6500RH showcases this trait of Redmax through its many undergone upgrades and improvements.

It also makes it more cost-efficient as now you do not need as much fuel to do your work as before. The engine also features a new two-step air filtration system that increases the engine’s life span and prevents it from getting clogged up and damaged over time.

Now to compare the EBZ6500RH to newer versions in the Redmax line, let us see the comparison of two of the most popular choices among the EBZ series: the Redmax 6500 vs 7500. Although the newer Red Max blower 7500 provides slightly more power at 37 N blowing force and 236 mph air speed, compared with EBZ6500RH’s 30 N and 232 mph, these are not big differences, this may also be the cases for the future machines produced, even when you check the Redmax 8550 specs.

However, the EBZ6500RH wins over its newer peer model in sound levels, as the 7500 produces a much louder sound level of 103 dB at the user’s ear. In contrast, the 6500 produces 96 dB, making the 6500 a better-suited choice for users with concerns about ear sensitivity.

A Further Evaluation of the Main Features

– Powerful Engine

This blower features a mad powerful engine that provides a blowing force of 30 N which lets it produce an airflow of capacity 632 CFM and an air speed of 232 mph; in short, you would see that this leaf blower will accomplish the task in a smooth and a fast way. As this blower is designed for commercial use, this is the perfect amount of magnitude you would need to handle those heavy-duty tasks.Redmax Powerful Engine

– Strato-charged Mechanism

The technology of the engine is designed in such a way as to conserve fuel and reduce fuel consumption. This blower uses about 20 percent less fuel than other gas blowers to do the same degree of work, which proves to be more budget-friendly as blower fuel is getting expensive with each passing day.

This means that this machine is not completely one that will harm the environment; on the contrary, the manufacturing company is looking through ways to make it eco-friendly, and this is a great step into it.

– Lightweight Build

Unlike most gas-type blowers, this backpack leaf blower is barely 22.7 lbs in weight which are super light for a gas backpack leaf blower. It makes it super easy to maneuver and store, while also ensuring the user is energized after a long and hard day of yard work. This is why it won’t give you a hard time and as you hold it upon your back, the weight will be perfectly balanced as it sits on your shoulders.Lightweight Build of Redmax Blower

– Backpack Design

Other types of blowers, such as handheld and walk-behind, can be such a chore to carry and move around. In such cases, this backpack design of the EBZ6500RH comes in handy if you plan to be blowing for a long time, as it makes carrying the blower much easier on the joints and arms than a handheld alternative.

When you pull up these reviews by searching Redmax EBZ6500 reviews, you see an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. This is because the EBZ6500RH blower offers a high customer satisfaction percentage, and we are sure you will be more than satisfied with it too.


– Tube Mounted Throttle

The tube-mounted throttle feature of this blower makes using it much easier and more convenient than those blowers with a hip-mounted throttle that can be harder to reach and work with. As a result, it makes for a more comfortable operation, no matter how intense the yard work is.Redmax Leaf Blower Throttle


We determined through our tests that this blower is a wonderful option for professionals looking for a commercial-grade option. Since it does not get better than this, we highly recommend it and believe it to be a worthy option for your investment. From its impeccably strong engine with unmatchable horsepower to its convenient and comfortable backpack design that makes it easy to use and carry, it offers everything you wish for.

We have found from using this product that it performs to the high standard of leading leaf blowers, and so makes for a trusty blower for professional users. We hope this review has been helpful to you in deciding whether or not this is the right blower for you and will help you in making a sound and informed decision.

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