This Redmax ebz7500 review goes into the details of this gas-powered backpack leaf blower. We’ll cover its on-the-job performance for commercial landscapers and homeowners who want to keep their yards in tip-top shape in as short a time as possible.

Moreover, you’ll have a better understanding of its engine specs, the airflow and air volume, weight, and uses of this machine. We aim to give you an inside look into the pros and cons of using this leaf blower in the real world.

You’ll also get a summary of our honest recommendation and see if it’s a good fit for you.
Let’s start by looking at some of the basic specs for this leaf blower.

Redmax ebz7500 Specs

Dimensions Weight Air Volume Air Speed Noise Level
23 x 22 x 16.2 inches 23.4 Lbs.  770 c/f/m 236 mph 103 dB

Redmax ebz 7500 Review

Main Product Benefits:

  • Powerful, commercial-grade engine
  • Low exhaust emissions and fuel consumption
  • Ventilated backpack for work in hot weather
  • Extra-wide shoulder straps

The RedMax® EBZ 7500 is a gas-powered, 2-stroke engine leaf blower that produces a tremendous air volume of 770 cubic feet per minute (c/f/m) and top airspeeds up to 236 mph.

These airspeeds and air volume capacities are relatively high compared to many gas-powered leaf blowers in the same price range, although you can find other brands with higher ratings.

However, the power output of this machine is extraordinary for its size and weight.
You’ll find the blower tube located on the right-hand side of the machine. The throttle lever and cruise control are located on the frame near the top of the tube. Its handle design is made for right-handed people, and you cannot convert it for left-handed use.

The top airspeed of 236 mph is well above hurricane wind speeds, so it doesn’t have any trouble moving large piles of leaves, branches, pine cones, and even gravel and small rocks.

The 770 c/f/m air volume is exceptionally high for a blower in this size class. High air volume from the tube minimizes how long it takes to do a job.

RedMax® is a long-time leader in outdoor power equipment. Husqvarna now owns the RedMax® brand, and Husqvarna is another top-line builder of outdoor gas-powered tools, including chainsaws, trimmers, and leaf blowers like this one.

RedMax® and Husqvarna are also manufacturers who are ahead of the curve on creating gas-powered tools that are significantly more fuel-efficient and lower on exhaust emissions, contributing to cleaner air for all of us.

Redmax Backpack Blower

This Redmax backpack leaf blower comes with a powerhouse 3.9 hp Strato-Charged engine. RedMax® created this engine type in 1998 for superb performance, low fuel consumption, and low exhaust emissions.

This engine gets 20 percent higher fuel efficiency than 4-stroke engines of comparable size. According to the manufacturer, the average fuel consumption rate is 413 g/kWh. The engine also weighs approximately 20 percent less than other engines of the same horsepower rating.

The engine displacement is 65.6cc, accounting for the tremendous power this leaf blower delivers.

The high power output and low emissions rating put this engine under high-performance classification, meeting the strict emissions standards required in today’s market for 2-stroke engines.

A variable speed throttle lets you decide how much power to exert depending on the job at hand. The throttle is located on the frame near the top of the tube, making it comfortable to access while holding the blower handle.

Another advantage of the throttle location and design is that it has a minimum throttle cable length, reducing the chances of getting the cable caught on something while you work.

The cruise control feature allows the operator to set the throttle speed and let go of the throttle lever, reducing hand strain and fatigue and letting you focus on controlling the tube.

To start the engine, set the on/off switch to the on position and pull the starter cord.
The Free-Flow lubrication system on this Redmax commercial leaf blower prevents the engine from overheating, even when it’s under a heavy and extended workload.

The noise level rating on this engine is 103 dB is as loud as a garbage truck passing by, so ear protection is a must.

– Fuel Tank and Fuel

The translucent fuel tank is situated at the rear of the machine, holding 71 ounces of gas/oil mix.

The fuel capacity is high for a leaf blower with this engine size, allowing you to work for extended periods without needing to stop and refuel. However, the extra fuel does add additional weight to the machine.

When the tank is full, it adds approximately 4.4-lbs of weight to the overall machine weight of 23.4-lbs, bringing it up to 27.8-lbs.

This 2-stroke engine runs on regular gasoline (90 or higher octane) mixed with 2-stroke engine oil at a 50:1 ratio. RedMax® recommends using their brand of 2-stroke engine oil for best performance.

You can buy gas and oil separately and mix your own gas/oil blend, or you can buy a premixed 50:1 fuel blend to run this machine. The average fuel consumption rate is 413 g/Kwh.

– Maintenance and Safety

The Redmax backpack blower comes with a printed owner’s manual detailing everything you need to know about maintaining and operating this product.

Reading and following the instructions in the manual is crucial for optimal performance and keeping the warranty valid.

The primary maintenance requirements are changing the air filter, checking the spark plug gap, occasionally replacing the spark plug, and draining the fuel tank and fuel line when storing the machine for longer than a week or two.

Draining out stale gas from a leaf blower like this can significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs and assist in easy engine start-up.

Due to the tremendous airspeed generated by this machine, wearing safety goggles or a face shield is essential.

The engine also produces a significant noise level that can damage a person’s hearing unless they wear ear protection.

The blower handle has padding for comfort, but wearing work gloves adds additional protection against vibration and hand fatigue.

Ergonomic Features

The manufacturer of this leaf blower put a lot of effort into making it comfortable for the operator.

These ergonomic features include:

  • Extra-wide, adjustable shoulder straps to fit most body sizes
  • Max Cooled backpack design
  • Frame-mounted throttle control
  • Padded hand grip

The backpack uses air drawn from the fan housing and circulates it across the well-padded backpack for maximum operator comfort when working in hot weather. Its backpack unit design makes working for long periods significantly more comfortable.

The shoulder straps and belt are extra-wide and made to contour fit the operator’s body for additional comfort. Its frame-mounted throttle and cruise control location reduce hand strain and free up your right hand for controlling the blower tube while you work.

Our Tests Using this Backpack Leaf Blower

We tried out this RedMax leaf blower to see how it really works. Here’s what we discovered:

First, this leaf blower is not inexpensive, but we found it exceptionally powerful for blowing leaves from a one-acre test site. It took only a little over an hour to clear the leaves from this large area.

Next, we tested it out on blowing pine cones, pine needles, and small branches. Again, this blower handled the task without any problems.

The machine started up every time on the first or second pull of the start cord. The pull cord was a bit stiff, but by first gently pulling it until we felt some resistance, one solid yank was all it took to get the machine going once the engine warmed up.

The backpack unit was comfortable and easy to adjust and get a snug fit, and the air circulation around the back helped the operator stay cool while working for over an hour.

We also tried this RedMax blower out on pushing around some larger branches, and again we found it has ample power for the most challenging leaf blowing jobs.

The noise level is definitely high, and wearing ear protection is essential. We also found that the dust and debris blown around by high wind speeds made it necessary for our operator to wear a set of goggles under his face shield.

Overall, we determined this RedMax leaf blower is:

  • Extremely powerful
  • Reasonably light and easy to use
  • An excellent choice for commercial applications

Overview of this Commercial Backpack Blower

Landscaping contractors and homeowners with large acreage widely use the Redmax backpack blower because of its extraordinary power, airspeeds, air volume, and many well-designed ergonomic features.

This machine is relatively light for the engine’s size, making it easy to work with for long periods and in hot weather conditions.

Many landscaping contractors, farmers, and even homeowners rank this Redmax backpack blower as one of the best machines out there.

The RedMax EBZ 7500 comes with a limited 2-year warranty for commercial and residential use, and it’s made in the USA.


The RedMax® EBZ 7500 is a 2-stroke, gas-powered leaf blower with efficient fuel usage, low emissions, high airspeed, and an air volume of 770 c/f/m. It’s a beast of a machine and is ideal for anyone who needs a reliable leaf blower for heavy-duty use.

This Redmax commercial backpack blower is built for the rigors of commercial use where you need a leaf blower that can run every workday with as little downtime and maintenance as possible.

If you’re a typical homeowner without a massive residential property, orchard, and woodlot acreage, we recommend you try a different model we’ve reviewed. Getting the EBZ 7500 might be just too much for you.

However, if you do have a large property and want to get things done quickly, this machine is the bang for your buck.

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