Redmax EBZ7500rh vs EBZ8500 is a hard choice, especially because they are from the same manufacturer. Both are good leaf blowers with almost identical features.

Comparison of Redmax EBZ7500rh vs EBZ8500

The minor differences between them change circumstances in which they can be a great fit. This article will help you understand which blower is your best option. 

Feature  Redmax EBZ7500rh

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Redmax EBZ8500 

Cylinder Displacement 65.6 cc 75.6 cc
Noise Level 103 db  103 db 
Air Speed and Air Volume 236 mph 

768 cfm 

206 mph 

908 cfm 

Tank Capacity  71.01 fl. oz 77.7 fl. oz
Weight and Handling  23.6 lbs.  30.8 lbs.

What Are the Differences Between the Redmax EBZ7500rh and the EBZ8500?

The differences between the Redmax Ebz 7500rh and Ebx8500 are noise level, engine displacement, tank capacity, weight, and speed. The differences are so minor because they have the same manufacturer. All the differences are based on the sizes of the blowers.

Having the same manufacturing company means that they have lots of similarities. Firstly, they are both gasoline-powered blowers. Moreover, they are both backpack blowers. The third similarity is the fact that both have tube-mounted throttle.

Despite these factors, they also have many differences. These differences change the circumstances in which they fit into different situations. We have separated five essential aspects and chosen a winner for each category. We will go over them now.     

– Cylinder Displacement 

Winner: Redmax Ebz8500

The first category that we have chosen is the displacement size of the cylinder. The size is an essential factor due to the dependency on the power output. A large cylinder means that the blower will have more power output. Ebz7500rh’s cylinder size is 65.6 cc, which goes against ebz8500’s 75.6 cc.

Displacement Size of The Cylinder

It means that in this round, ebz8500 gains one point for having a large cylinder. The large displacement of the ebz8500 is sufficient if you have a larger area to clean. Hence, you can use this model for commercial and industrial applications. The smaller ebz7500rh is a better choice for relatively smaller areas. 

– Noise Level

Winner: It’s a tie 

The next essential aspect is the noise level of the leaf blower. Generally, bigger cylinders also mean that they generate a loud noise. Hence, it’s better to find a blower that creates relatively low sound. However, in this case, we don’t have a clear winner as they tied.

Both The Ebz7500rh and the Ebz8500 make around 103 db sounds. It means that they are equally loud and equally dangerous for your ear. In other words, you need to wear a hearing protector while using them. It also means that this is one factor that you shouldn’t rely upon when choosing a blower. 

– Air Speed and Air Volume

Winner: Redmax Ebz8500

Airspeed and volume are the next categories on our list. In this aspect, a bigger number is also the best choice. The Redmax ebz7500rh has 236 mph (airspeed) and 768 cfm (air volume), and it goes against Ebz8500’s 206 mph (airspeed) and 908 cfm (air volume). 

The winner is the Ebz8500 due to having a higher air volume. The reason behind this choice is as follows. The higher the airspeed is, the better the cleaning of a tighter spot is, and the higher the air volume, the better the blower can pick up a bigger pile. So, when choosing a blower, consider the priority in cleaning, bigger piles, or tighter spaces. 

– Tank Capacity

Winner: Redmax Ebz8500

The next category is tank capacity. As stated before, both blowers are powered by gas, which means both have a fuel tank, hence the importance of identifying the capacity. The fuel tank capacity of the Ebz7500rh is 71.01 fl. oz, which goes against Ebz8500’s 77.7 fl. oz. 

Blowers Having a Bigger Fuel Tank

Similar to other categories, we are looking for a bigger number. In this case, ebz8500 is again a winner. Having a bigger fuel tank means that it can run a longer amount of them. So, if you are looking for a blower that will run for a long time, then the Ebz8500 is for you. 

– Weight and Handling 

Winner: Redmax Ebz7500rh

And the final essential aspect is the weight and handling of the blower. In this case, we are looking for a lighter blower, which is more beneficial. So, the Ebz7500rh weighs 23.6 lbs. which goes against Ebz8500’s 30.8 lbs. As we are looking for a lighter blower, the winner in this round is the Ebz7500rh. 

Weight and Handling of The Blower

The lighter blower helps the operator work longer as they will not have weight fatigue. Furthermore, having a lighter blower makes it easier for the operator to control. The operator will not focus on adjusting to the weight as much as they would with a heavier blower. So, if you are looking for a lighter product, you cannot go wrong with the Ebz7500rh. 

Redmax Ebz7500rh Comprehensive Review

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  • Relatively light
  • Has a tube-mounted throttle 
  • Fresh flow feature
  • Max-cooled back pad feature


  • Noise can be a bit loud

Redmax is one of the leading brands in the industry, and the features are living proof of that. The first model is the Ebz7500rh backpack blower. This blower has several features that make it user and environmentally friendly. Similar to other Redmax blowers, the engine has an ultra-low emission

The engine also has a Strato-Charged engine which has a 2-stroke pure engine. This engine is the one responsible for the low emission. Another appealing feature of this model is its weight, which is only 23.6 pounds. The lightness of this model makes it easier to use and carry. 

Furthermore, this way you can work a little longer with it. The next appealing feature is the Fresh flow, which is a cleaning feature. Fresh flow has a two-way air cleaner system that protects the engine. And the final appealing feature is the Max cooled back pad. 

This feature uses air that’s in the fan housing to create a cooling effect for the operator during hot weather. The only con of this model is the noise level. It can emit up to 103 dB, which can be dangerous for the ears. Hence, the importance of the hearing protector. 


In the end, with the Ebz7500rh, you will have a lighter and more powerful blower. Furthermore, with this model, you will protect yourself from weight fatigue. 

Redmax EBZ8500 Comprehensive Review


  • Has a cooled back pad feature
  • Has low emissions 
  • Creates more power 
  • Has a bigger cylinder  


  • It’s a little heavier  

EBZ8500 is another model from Redmax backpack blowers, and similar to other blowers, it’s also equipped with some beneficial features. One such feature is the Strato-Charged engine. The engine has a 2-stroke pure engine, responsible for the low emission. 

Another common trait between Redmax blowers is their Max cooled pad feature, which is also present in the EBZ8500. The feature cools the operator to create a more comfortable environment. Furthermore, the EBZ8500 model has a bigger fuel tank and cylinder. So, with the EBZ8500, you will have a more powerful filter. 

Another contribution of a larger tank capacity is a longer run time. This way, you can work longer and do more work. However, having a larger cylinder also means a heavier blower. And as we mentioned, lighter models contribute to users’ comfort more.  


The heavy weight can also lead to the operator having weight fatigue. The weight, however, can be a minor problem if you know how to work with it and how to get used to its weight. So, in the end, with the EBZ8500, you will have an environmentally friendly and powerful blower. 


Overall, the Redmax ebz8500 won three of the categories and tied on one out of five, which makes it the winning product. However, when choosing a blower, you need to consider your needs.

In case you are looking for a lighter blower, then the Redmax ebz7500rh is your best choice. However, if you are looking for more power, then the Redmax ebz8500 is your blower. 

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