If you’ve come to this Redmax ebz8500 review for detailed answers about this gas-powered leaf blower, you’re in the right place. We’re going to lay out all the facts about this powerful outdoor tool and let you know how it performs in real-world situations.

Commercial Yard Blower Redmax ebz8500

The Redmax brand has a long history of building high-quality outdoor equipment. Husqvarna now owns the company, and the brand benefits from its superior small engine emissions technology and manufacturing.

Read on to find out all the details, so you can come to your own conclusions about owning one of these backpack leaf blowers.

Redmax Backpack Blower Pros and Cons

Redmax ebz8500 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
A powerful, commercial-grade engine
Massive air volume
Comfortable backpack frame
Extra-large gas tank capacity
High fuel consumption

Redmax ebz8500 Specs and Highlights

This Redmax model has a large and powerful engine, producing extra-high airflow with moderate wind speeds. This combination is precisely what is needed for blowing large piles of wet or dry leaves, grass, weeds, and heavy debris like branches, pine cones, and small rocks.

  • 2-stroke gas-powered engine
  • Engine displacement of 75.6 cc and 4.43 HP
  • Top airspeed of 206 MPH
  • Top air volume of 908 cfm
  • Hip mounted throttle controls

Redmax ebz 8500 Review

This Redmax leaf blower is a popular choice among commercial landscapers with big jobs to finish as fast as possible, and there’s a good reason for this. The extra-high air volume gives this blower a massive blast of wind that can move grass clippings from 15 yards away. You don’t have to walk around as much to get the job done with this machine helping you out. Walking around less while you work is an obvious benefit for anyone using a leaf blower on commercial jobs.

The engine in this beast is large and robust, with a high cylinder displacement of 75.6cc and 4.43 HP output of energy. In addition, the generously-sized fuel tank lets you power through leaf blowing for over an hour at full throttle without needing to refuel. Nonetheless, this machine has a reputation for being a fuel hog, but it takes gas to produce the kind of wind power this machine delivers.

Nonetheless, this Redmax backpack leaf blower is relatively light for the massive air volume it delivers, and the runtime of up to two hours without refueling is exceptional, thanks to the large gas tank. In addition, the throttle lock/cruise control feature aids you in keeping the blast of air going for long periods without stressing your hand by holding the trigger down.

The frame is cooled down with fresh air drawn in by the fan to keep you comfortable with this powerhouse on your back. This feature makes a huge difference in the ergonomics of the blower, especially when working in hot weather.

The right or left-hand, hip-mounted throttle is another comfort feature. Your arm sits in a relaxed position on the throttle arm as you grip the control handle, and this position relieves stress and strain in your arm as you work. It also makes it easy to direct the nozzle where you want it while precisely controlling the airflow with the throttle.

You can maximize the lifespan of the 2-stroke engine in this blower by always using 91 octane gas and mixing it carefully with high-quality 2-stroke engine oil in a 50:1 ratio. Draining the gas from the tank when the tool is out of use for more than a few weeks also extends the life of gaskets in the engine and prevents build-up inside the fuel line and carburetor that make it hard to start the machine after storage.

Due to the large size of the engine, it usually takes a couple of sharp pulls on the recoil cord to get it going when the engine is cold. It’s helpful when starting up to set the tool on a level spot. You usually only need the choke and primer bulb when the engine is cold.

Compared with many other backpack gas blowers out there, this Redmax blower is built for the rigors of commercial work, day in and day out. It has the power to rapidly complete large debris-blowing jobs and the versatility and operator comfort to handle many types of cleanup situations for residential, commercial, and institutional buyers.

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Redmax Backpack Leaf Blower Main Product Features

– Engine

The engine in this Redmax backpack leaf blower is one of the company’s Strato-Charged® models. This engine design achieves reduced emissions and approximately 20 percent better fuel efficiency than similar-sized 2-stroke engines, all while delivering 15 percent more horsepower. This blower’s engine has a displacement of 75.6cc with 4.4 horsepower and a top rpm of 7,250.

Engine of The Redmax Backpack Leaf Blower

This Strato engine has only three moving parts and requires minimal maintenance. It’s also considerably lighter than a similar-sized engine of typical design. The high power to weight ratio allows Redmax to classify this as a high-performance engine, and this is the only type of engine Redmax puts in their machines. You can identify the Strato-Charged® engine series by looking for a ‘Z’ in the model number on blowers and other gas-powered equipment by Redmax.

The large fuel tank is an advantage for anyone with acres of ground to cover, but this blower is known for going through fuel quickly, with a reported consumption rate of 464 g/Kwh. At full throttle, you can expect a bit over an hour of blowing. At lower airspeeds, it’s possible to get close to two hours of work done on a tank of gas.

– Throttle Controls

This blower is available with either right-handed or left-handed hip-mounted throttle controls. The left-handed mount is standard and often preferred by commercial users, but you can get the right-handed model by looking for the RH in the model number.

Hip Mounted Throttle Controls of The Blower

Choosing which side of the machine the throttle is mounted on is a significant advantage of this tool for many users, and it makes the blower versatile for both commercial and residential use.

– Airspeed and Air Volume

Air volume on this blower is impressive, with a powerful 908 cubic feet per minute blasting out of the nozzle on the high fan speed. Combined with the top airspeed of 206 mph, there is little out there you won’t be able to move with this blower. This high and powerful wind force is what makes this blower so popular with commercial buyers.

Powerful airflow is a valuable benefit; it lets you minimize how much you need to walk around to get a leaf-blowing job done. Using this blower in a small yard, you could probably get the whole space cleaned up standing in place in the center. However, we don’t recommend that approach. This blower is better suited for commercial clean-up of large yards and open grounds.

The tube tip has a slight angle on it for focusing the air more forcefully, and you can install it facing either direction for the best effect, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. The tube diameter is 3.3 inches.

Overall, the blowing power of this machine is fantastic and up to the most strenuous leaf blowing tasks out there, making this tool especially advantageous for commercial users with large jobs and tight deadlines.

– Ergonomics

The ergonomic features of this blower match its power. The backpack stays pleasantly cool when working long hours due to the innovative cooling delivered by the fan housing. This active cooling system does much more than the passive designs on most other blowers. Cool air actively circulates between the backpack frame and the operator’s back on this blower for a maximum cooling effect and a comfortable working environment.

Cool Air Actively Circulates on The Blower

The broad shoulder straps and padded back are made from durable foam that contours to your body as you wear the pack. The throttle lock lets you set the airflow where you want it and let go of the trigger, relieving stress and strain on your hand and fingers. There is also a kill switch located conveniently under your thumb on the throttle control stick so that you can shut off the machine in an instant.

The optional right-handed or left-handed throttle mount is another ergonomic feature that makes this blower special. Many gas blowers only have the throttle available on one side of the machine. However, different users prefer the throttle on one or the other side, and it’s a significant benefit to be able to choose this, especially for anyone who needs a blower for daily use on commercial jobs.

– Weight, Size, and Noise Level

The overall size of this blower is approximately 23 by 22.6 by 16 inches. It’s fair to say this is on the bulky side for blowers in general. However, it’s still a compact size, considering the power this machine can generate.

The dry weight is 25.1 pounds, and with a full tank of gas, the weight goes up approximately another four pounds. This load is heavy for many people. However, it is average for a powerful blower like this and expected given the commercial-grade construction.

The sound pressure at the operator’s ears is measured at 103 dB. This high noise rating makes wearing ear protection a must when using this machine, and we also recommend a face shield or goggles for eye protection against small rocks and grit that can get blown around by the high wind force. In addition, the noise level of this blower is too loud for many residential locations, especially noise-sensitive areas such as dense neighborhoods and in homeowner associations.

The noise level rating on this machine makes it most suitable for commercial applications on large properties, agricultural settings, and institutional grounds.

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This Redmax leaf blower comes with a standard limited 2-year warranty for residential and commercial buyers. However, non-commercial buyers can extend the warranty up to 5 years by purchasing at least 96 ounces of Redmax brand premixed fuel when buying the blower. In addition, the buyer must then register the product online within 30 days of purchase to activate the warranty extension, and the receipt must show the purchase of the blower and the premixed fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start the Redmax ebz8500?

To start the Redmax ebz8500, locate the choke and throttle controls on the device, turn the choke on, pull the starter rope firmly until the engine fires, then adjust the throttle to the desired speed.

2. What is the fuel capacity of the Redmax EBZ8500?

The fuel capacity of the Redmax EBZ8500 is typically around 77.8 fluid ounces or 2.3 liters, allowing for extended periods of use before needing to refuel.

3. Can the Redmax EBZ8500 be used for removing snow from driveways and sidewalks?

While the Redmax EBZ8500 is primarily designed for leaf blowing and debris removal, it may be used to clear light snow from driveways and sidewalks, though caution should be exercised to prevent damage to the machine or injury to the operator.

Conclusions about this Redmax Leaf Blower

This Redmax ebz8500 review explained this gas-powered backpack leaf blower’s specs, features, and capabilities, showing that it is designed for professional landscapers, agriculturalists, contractors, and large residential property owners to give them maximum power and operator comfort clearing large amounts of outdoor debris.

Not all buyers are happy with how Redmax delivers on their warranty service, and it’s a good idea to check the warranty details directly with the seller at the time of purchase. However, this is still a powerful, reliable, and comfortable-to-use leaf blower for anyone with large residential, commercial, or institutional outdoor cleanup jobs.

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