Redmax ebz8550 review will help you take care of the fallen leaves that do look pleasing to the eye to some, but if you’re a person who likes to see a tidy lawn, then they might seem unappealing to you, which is why this Redmax tool gets the job done.The Redmax ebz8550 review

If this felt relatable, we are here with an in-depth RedMax EBZ8550 review, the best battery powered blower in town, to tackle your leaf worries.  Dive in because this blower review will be the final step to making your leaves leave! 

Pros and Cons Table

Pros Cons
High fuel efficiency as it saves gas Not the best customer service
Easy to start and handle Heavy with a full tank
Large fuel tank meaning it can run for hours
Vigorous with high-velocity wind speed

Product Highlights

If you also have an obsession with a properly maintained lawn, this product is a must-have for you. But you might consider it a risk to buy it just because of its high fuel efficiency and cooling system. Let us make your decision easier by enlisting more eye-catching features:

  • Fresh flow two-way air cleaner system
  • 2-stroke third generation strato-charged engine
  • Formed back pad
  • Large 77.8 oz. fuel tank 
  • Full wrap free flow 
  • Maximum power speed of 7450 rpm
  • Solid two-year warranty
  • Magnesium engine crankcase
  • Hip throttle – makes it easier to control the speed
  • Maximum airspeed of 206 MPH
  • Swivel grip system 

RedMax EBZ8550 Review

RedMax EBZ8550 Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
High fuel efficiency as it saves gas
Easy to start and handle
Large fuel tank meaning it can run for hours
Vigorous with high-velocity wind speed
Not the best customer service
Heavy with a full tank

If you are someone who loves their lawn and often scrolls through lawn care products, including lawn mowers and leaf blowers, then you must have encountered the word RedMax at least once.

It is one of the top-ranked and oldest brands that have not only won noticeable industry awards but has also had a significant improvement in quality throughout its time.

The overall customer rating is also more than average and why wouldn’t it be when the company always puts the user’s needs first?

All the products are developed while keeping user demands in mind. Nonetheless, their comfort and safety are the two main concepts behind all the hard work, hence this is why gardeners would have a positive attitude towards this leaf blower.

Just like all of the other products, the EBZ8550 is no less. It is a gas-powered backpack blower that comes with a two-stroke third-generation strato-charged engine, which has no negative impact on the environment because of its ultra-low emissions. 

Despite being around 26 pounds in weight, many people prefer it over other similar products because of its high fuel power and efficiency. With a full tank, expect it to run for a whole hour with maximum throttle. Isn’t it relieving when a difficult task becomes so quick and efficient? 


Talking more about RedMax EBZ8550 specs, like mentioned above, it has a maximum airspeed of 206 MPH which is almost four to five times more than a horse’s running speed, which means the work is not just efficient but also quickly done. 

However, as expterts in the field, our favorite among RedMax EBZ8550 parts is the back pad, and that too for numerous reasons. It is a lifesaver during the hot summer season because it keeps the operator cool by using the air sucked by the fan housing. 

– How has the EBZ8550 evolved?

RedMax released its first leaf blower, the EB6200, 62cc backpack blower, in 1997. Almost 25 years since that day and they are still creating top-notch backpack leaf blowers, including RedMax 8560 vs 8550 as the most advanced products. 

Users have seen a noticeable improvement in quality, both engine, and appearance. For instance, in the RedMax 8560 specs mentioned in a RedMax 8560 review, the position of the hip throttle has allowed users more flexibility and control over the movements of the blower. 


Product Features Breakdown 

The brand was also one of the first outdoor power equipment manufacturers to take a step towards the improvement of the environment.

People have always found RedMax products to be simple and easy to operate, however it has more than this features, as it has a large fuel tank, strato-changed engine, full wrap with a free flow and a proper gripping system.

– Large 77.8 oz. Fuel Tank

The large 77.8 oz. fuel tank comes with two major benefits. First, the user can work for a long time without having to worry about fuel running out because the tank is moderately large. Second, the user can also check the fuel levels on the monitor even while using the blower. 

– Two-stroke Third Generation Strato-charged Engine

If you are an environmentalist, then this should be your go-to product because of its increased fuel economy and ultra-low emissions, both of which reduce the impact on our environment without the use for a heated, heavy catalytic converter. 

The advanced technology used in this engine greatly reduces the amount of unused fuel that is released through the exhaust. It also generates 15 to 20 percent more horsepower than a typical four-stroke or four-stroke hybrid engine of the same engine displacement size.

– Full Wrap Free Flow 

The EBZ8550 has a built-in air net system which gives the engine a longer runtime by preventing overheating. The reason why people mostly like it is that the engine runs at a cooler temperature, and the hero is the full wrap free flow which keeps that in check. 

This is a worthy mention because working with heavy machinery during extremely hot weather can tire you out even quicker than usual and this is not only beneficial in that scenario but also prevents body aches because the pad provides comfort.

Furthermore, the two-way air cleaner system protects the engine from dust and extends service intervals. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of time every once in a while on cleaning the item, this will relieve you of that duty even after heavy usage or in case of any dust storms.

– Magnesium Engine Crank Case

If you are a chemistry geek, you must know that magnesium exhibits great potential for heat dissipation, and not just that, it is also a very lightweight metal. Both of these qualities, when combined, make the best backpack blower in town!

Moreover, it can also take a blow or two because of these qualities so if you’re a little clumsy, this might just be the right one for you!

– Swivel Grip System 

Most people tend to get frustrated when dealing with heavy or complex machinery. However, we have noticed the EBZ 8550 users be less fatigued. Why so?

The swivel grip system in EBZ8550 eliminates wear at pipe connections which gives a long-lasting life to this blower on its tube joints. As a result, the user can freely move around with less resistance, blowing at different angles which causes less exhaustion.


– Easy Use

If you’re looking to clean up your lawn, this is a must-have product because it is powerful enough to blow the debris and leaves far away and leave you with an ideal-looking lawn. 

And if you’re wondering about using it because of its high power and maximum speed, the hip throttle is the answer to your worries because it lets you take full control of the machine’s movements.

Moreover, for people who have curved landscapes and are also fans of proper tidiness, the hip throttle feature seems the most attractive as they can speed the backpack blower up and lower it down at their command. What can be better than that?


How many CC is a RedMax EBZ8550 leaf blower?

The RedMax EBZ8550 leaf blower has a displacement of 75.6 cc.

Is RedMax EBZ8550 a left-handed leaf blower?

No, the RedMax EBZ8550 leaf blower is not specifically designed for left-handed use.

Should I use ethanol-free gas in my RedMax EBZ8550 leaf blower?

Yes, it is recommended to use ethanol-free gas in your RedMax EBZ8550 leaf blower for optimal performance.


Besides the RedMax 8550 price and heavyweight, it seems like a whole package deal. It is quick and easy to operate, and the back pad and hip throttle add to its uniqueness. Keeping the two-way air cleaning system and the large fuel tank in mind, we recommend this product. 

Though new products have also been released over time, this product remains a favorite of RedMax users. If you have any further queries, you can always consult the RedMax EBZ8550 manual. Now that you have a detailed analysis along with the pros and cons of the product, it is time to review your budget and requirements so you can make the final call!

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