Redmax EBZ8550RH is a good choice of a blower if you’re on the lookout for a top-notch backpack leaf blower for your yard. Backpack leaf blowers have the advantage over others in that they allow you to clean up your yard with a snap without putting a lot of strain on your arm and wrist.

Perfect Backpack Leaf Blower Review

However, power is the most attractive proposition when choosing a backpack blower, so if you doubt that this tool has got enough, don’t be. This in-depth review will tell you more about this machine and clear any doubt you may have about this tool.

Pros Cons
Adjustable harness and with a comfort pad Quite heavy
Good value for money The pull cord is somewhat short
Looks durable
Delivers great performance

Explore and Dive in the Highlights

This Redmax leaf blower that is in a backpack structure, is an absolute beast with strong airflow that outperforms blowers within its price range, making it one of the best choices for you.

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Before we talk further about the power this blower possesses, you must know the key specifications for that this machine has been manufactured to perfection.

  • 6cc gas backpack
  • 209 MPH max airspeed
  • 980 CFM air capacity
  • Gas powered
  • Different speed settings
  • 8 oz tank
  • 103 dB noise level
  • Approximately 25 lbs weight
  • Backpack harness with a comfort pad

Guiding the Redmax EBZ8550RH Review

Redmax EBZ8550RH Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Number of functionalities
Adjustable harness and with a comfort pad
Good value for money
Looks durable
Delivers great performance
Quite heavy
The pull cord is somewhat short

It is important to choose a reliable brand that isn’t only well-known but has all the specs and functionalities to match your needs; doing so, you would see that the production is given a great deal of time and effort.

This is why the Redmax brand is a good choice. Although we didn’t expect so much from this blower because backpack gas blowers are not typically known for having many functionalities, one thing sets it apart from other blowers—the comfort it provides.


It has a fan housing that propels air to the back pad to keep the user comfy. It also comes with a throttle for adjusting the blower’s power to suit the task. Apart from these, it is a simple gas blower that does its job without tweaking it so much.

As a matter of fact, this is a great feature that has been set, because the machine would run in a smooth way, and it would exhaust you with little circumstances.

The airflow is topnotch, and arguably the best in the backpack category. The leaf blower produces an airflow of 980 CFM at a super fast 209 mph. This is powerful enough to remove wet and dry leaves from your lawn in no time.

This is all thanks to the Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine and 4.4 horsepower; if you check this feature, you will see that the productivity or functionality of the machine is superb. These help to improve efficiency and maximize airflow, enabling you to get the best performance from the blower.

Gas blowers are known for their heaviness because you are going to fill them up with fuel, and the machine would get heavier, or else it will not work if it doesn’t have the source that gives it power. This blower isn’t an exception, although it weighs slightly less than some of its competitors.

If you are hoping to tweak the speed of this blower like its cordless counterparts, then you’re settling for the wrong choice. Although it comes with a throttle, you can only adjust the power to a certain degree. It comes with just two air speeds.

– How Has the Redmax EBZ8550RH Evolved?

The Redmax EBZ8550RH has evolved from its previous model the Redmax 8500 by having better and stronger air power than it used to. This means that it used to have 908 CFM air force, but now it has 941 CFM.

Evolved by Having Better and Stronger Air Power

Moreover, you could also see that with improved user comfort and lightweight, this product is an upgrade from the Redmax EBZ7500. The 8550 has a fan cooling tech to keep the user comfortable, a feature lacking in the 8500. The 8500 also significantly weighs more than the 8550 (30 lbs vs. 24 lbs).

When you compare the Redmax 8550 vs 8500, you will realize that the former weighs significantly less despite both having similar engine specs. You will only feel the weight of this tool if you opt not to use the integrated padded straps.

Main Features and Uniqueness

– 75.6CC Engine Gas Backpack

The engine power of a blower is the first thing a customer considers aside from the price, and it determines the blower’s capability and handling, to show you exactly how capable this machine is.

This Redmax blower doesn’t fall short in engine performance; this matter is seen through the fact that it is powered by a Strato-Charged two-stroke engine of 75.6cc and 4.4 horsepower. With this kind of engine specification, you should get your work done in the least amount of time.

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It is quite fortunate to look at the two-stroke engine, and you would clearly see that the blower can handle moderate to intense tasks. Use it on wet leaves, and you will see the wonders of its sucking power. If you are in a hurry to get some clearing job done in your garden, the blower won’t let you down, and it will give you a neat structure.

– Airspeed and Air Capacity

There aren’t many gas blowers that offer this kind of airflow at a competitive price, which is why we are impressed with the Redmax backpack machine. With an airspeed of 209 mph and an air volume of 980 CFM, this machine blows piles of leaves well, whether wet or dry.

Impressive Airspeed and Air Capacity of the Blower

Since it is a gas blower, tweaking the speed is limited, but you don’t even need that. The max airflow is enough to deal with stubborn debris and leaves. As a result, you will see that the machine is working to your benefit, and it will swiftly clean up the place because the quickness with that you would function with is the one that is controlled by the airspeed that the machine is providing.

On another note, you can adjust the throttle if you want to use less power. The throttle is positioned on the right side of the blower, which leaves left-handed individuals at a slight disadvantage. However, to see the functionality, all you have to do is pour gas into the tank and fire the blower up, and basically, you should be done in less than no time.

– 77.8 Oz Tank

This machine has a fuel tank capacity of 77.8 oz, which is quite large for a blower. It can hold a good amount of fuel that can last you for half an hour on intense use. On the plus side, you can now check that you will work efficiently because you wouldn’t have to stop to refill every once in a while.

More power equals more fuel consumption; unfortunately, this is the state of this blower. The fuel consumption level is high, and if you intend to work extensively, then you can ensure that the tank is filled up before starting to avoid stopping your task. Moreover, this would also ensure that you don’t want to be refueling your blower while working.

– High Noise Level

Unsurprisingly, this blower is loud as you would expect from a gas blower, but manageable when compared to other backpack gas blowers. It has the tendency to get even louder if used for a prolonged time, so it would be wise to wear some earplugs or headphones to cushion the effect.

You should also try to place a specific time to clean the lawn so that you won’t disturb the surrounding ones. But you would also see that the vibration level is also good, so you should have a good pleasant working experience, in contrast to the noise level.

– Heavy Weight

The light weight of a blower makes it appropriate for all body types, but this is a pretty heavy blower in all ramifications. At approximately 25 lbs, 24.6 lbs to be precise, and it will be difficult to move this blower by hand.

This Leaf Blower is Heavy in Weight

The good thing is you don’t have to do that because of the straps added to the machine. All the controls are within reach, so you don’t have to move your hand too far. That’s why it is called a backpack blower, anyway; And the machine is set in a way that it will have a comfortable seat on your back and shoulders, which will not be just a grip with one arm.


– Backpack Harness With a Comfort Pad

This is the focal point of this product’s numerous features – the comfort of using this blower. The product might be a tad heavy, but the wide straps and contoured back pad eliminate any reason for you to worry while working with it.

In short, no matter how long or how much work you are doing, Redmax ensures that neither your hand nor wrist suffers the consequences. So those long cleaning hours just got better, and this is the aim of the manufacturers.

The exciting part of all this is the integrated cooled back pad, which uses air from the fan housing to cool operators and keep them cool on sunny days. The oversized straps and contoured back pads combined with the cooling fan make this blower one of the best based on comfort.


The EBZ8550RH is an overpowered blower that will cut your work time in half. It has features, such as 209 mph airspeed, 980 CFM, and a Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine of 75.6cc and 4.4 horsepower to tackle piles of leaves and leave your lawn debris-free.

Despite offering a powerful performance, user comfort isn’t hampered. When you compare this to the Redmax 8560 specs, you will see that you will get more value for money with the 8550. At its price, you should add this tool to your arsenal.

However, we advise you to get this tool from an authorized Redmax dealer to avoid issues with defective parts and numerous back-and-forths.

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