Reel mower vs electric is a confusion of both mower models, and how they are both important pieces of equipment for our outdoor spaces, with their differences. Some homeowners often have a preference for one lawn mower over the other.

Reel Mower vs Electric Mower Differentiations

Let’s explore what features each model possesses, as well as the benefits and drawbacks.

Features Reel Mower

Electric Mower


Manual operation and will require physical effort to push

Powered by an electric motor and will require less physical effort


Little maintenance is required

May require occasional blade, as well as battery replacement


Very quiet

Can be noisy, especially with corded models

Environmental impact

More environmentally friendly since it emits no pollutants

May contribute to pollution depending on the source of electricity


Generally less expensive in terms of the purchase price, as well as any ongoing maintenance costs

Generally more expensive in terms of the purchase price but may have lower ongoing maintenance costs

Key Differences Between the Reel Mower and the Electric Mower

The main difference between reel and electric mowers is that reel mowers, are lawn mowers that are operated manually, and less noisy. On the other hand, electric mowers use an electric motor to power their blades, and they make more noise.

A reel mower may be used to mow large lawns. However, it may consume more time and effort compared to an electric model. A small area is preferable for a reel mower unless you intentionally want to exert more physical effort and take more time to mow the lawn.

On the other hand, if you are motivated by environmental impact, then the reel mower may be a good choice. In the end, your lawn mower choice will depend mostly on the factors listed in the table above.

What Are the Specifications of Reel Mowers?

The specification of reel mowers is that they require more manual labor because they should be pushed, but little maintenance is required in the long run.

What Are the Specifications of Reel Mowers

They also make less noise and are more environmentally friendly, and are less expensive than other mowers.

– Operation

Reel mowers are manual lawnmowers that require more physical effort to operate. As a result, homeowners find them to be less convenient. This mower type has a series of blades that rotate as the mower is pushed forward to cut the grass, and you would do this by pushing them, and it would work by manual labor.

These blades are attached to cylinders that spin as the wheels turn. At the same time, the cutting height can usually be adjusted by pressing a lever, which would be adjusted by the one doing the work. This type of rotary mower is better suited to flat lawns since they require more effort if the lawn is inclined or rough.

One advantage is that this type of lawn mower is quiet when in operation since it does not require electric engines to operate. At the same time, they do not emit pollutants into the air or contribute to pollution caused by electrical consumption.

– Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of using reel mowers is that they require very little maintenance. Since the blades of a reel mower sharpen by themselves, they require sharpening rarely, and if they get dull, you should replace them.

In the event that the blades of the push reel mower become dull, they can be taken to a professional to be sharpened. Homeowners who have sharpening kits can use these to keep the blades of the rotary motors sharp.

Additionally, a reel lawn mower does not have any battery or engine. This makes the push reel mower preferable for homeowners looking to have a low-maintenance machine.

– Low In Noise

Reel mowers produce very little noise and are considered to be very quiet when in operation. The absence of engines or motors ensures that these types of lawn mowers do not produce unwanted noise.

This makes them preferable to electric models. Consequently, this rotary mower model is often used in urban areas or by homeowners who prefer a quiet mowing experience.

– Environmental Impact

A reel lawn mower model is considered more environmentally friendly compared to electric models. This is because this type of lawn mower does not emit harmful pollutants in the air, because you are using your force to move it; it is manual not automatic.

Environmental Impact of Reel Mower

Homeowners who are concerned about their carbon footprint tend to use this type of mower. Even ordinary homeowners will find that their electrical bills are not affected by this particular type of this mower.

– Cost

This is the type of machine that tends to cost less than other types of models. This means that homeowners get the same result at less expensive prices. Being manually operated, the reel type of mower does not require maintenance or operational costs.

This makes it a good option for homeowners looking for a budget-friendly mower for their particular lawn care.

What Are the Specifications of Electric Mowers?

The specifications of electric mowers are that they run on battery, and would require maintenance every once in a while with blades or battery.

What Are the Specifications of Electric Mowers

Also, they are loud when operating, and could have a range of prices that are often more costly.

– Operation

Electric mowers are powered by electric motors, making them easier to operate compared to manual mowers. There are two basic categories: the corded electric mower and the cordless electric model, and they are both machines that run on a source of electricity.

Cordless models are more convenient since they do not have any attached cords that can get in the way of mowing activities, and they would be running on battery. Corded electric models may restrict homeowners when the area to be mown is large. Generally, electric mowers work well on all types of lawns.

Most electric mowers come with a mulching feature. This allows homeowners to mulch grass clippings and use these as fertilizer. If your electric model has this feature, this allows you to be more environmentally friendly compared to bagging and disposing of grass clippings.

– Maintenance

Electric mowers require occasional maintenance and repairs. These include blade sharpening as the blades can become dull over time. To sharpen them, homeowners can use sharpening kits or have them taken to a professional for a better sharpening experience.

Also, battery replacement is another factor that needs to be considered by homeowners. Cordless models require regular battery charging. Additionally, cordless models may need to have their batteries replaced every few years.

– Excessive Noise

Electric lawn mowers are noisier compared to manual lawnmowers due to their motors. The corded models are especially noisier than the cordless ones. This may be unappealing for homeowners who prefer a quieter mowing experience, this is due to their strong source of power.

– Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of electric mowers depends mostly on the source of electricity that is used to power them. The electricity of this machine is from non-renewable sources, which is why the gas lawn mower is not eco-friendly.

However, if the source of electricity comes from non-renewable sources, such as natural gas or coal, then electric models may add to the pollution. If homeowners are concerned about their carbon footprint, then they should opt to charge their electric mowers using renewable sources.

Moreover, it is environmentally friendly only if it runs on a battery, which is a source without any carbon emissions. The battery life of electric mowers depends largely on the model, and on a single charge, most batteries tend to last for up to an hour.

Some electric mowers may have longer battery lives while other models have shorter battery lives. To determine yours, check your owner’s manual from the manufacturer, and doing so will give you an idea of the operating time, as well as its overall battery life.

– High in Cost

Generally, electric mowers are more expensive than manual ones. In terms of the initial purchase price, the cost is higher. In terms of maintenance costs, the cost is also higher for electric mowers.

On the other side, electric models tend to be more efficient at cutting grass. Since they can handle larger lawns than manual mowers, homeowners can save more effort and time in the long run.

– Used With Cautiousness

In general, electric mowers are considered safe to be around children and pets. However, electric mowers still have parts that may cause accidents around children and pets, so it is best to exercise caution when using them.

Electric Mower Used With Cautiousness

Safety precautions can be found in the owner’s manual. The manufacturer should include safety guidelines to help homeowners supervise children and pets during mowing activities.

To avoid accidents, electric mowers should not be operated on wet grass or in the rain. Doing this can damage the mower and lead to serious and dangerous situations. If you are going to use electric mowers, always wait for the wet grass to dry or for the rain to let up.


You now have a better idea of what kind of lawn mower is more suitable for your lifestyle. Let’s do a quick recap on what we’ve learned so far:

  • A reel model mower costs less, makes less noise, and requires less maintenance but will demand more physical effort.
  • Electric mowers cost more, are noisier, and require more maintenance but will make your mowing experience easier.
  • The most prominent feature of a reel mower is that it is manually operated and will require more physical effort.
  • If you prefer electric models but are conscious of environmental impact, consider using renewable sources of electricity to charge your selected lawn mower.

Based on what you’ve learned, which one seems better for you? By measuring the right requirements that you need, you will be able to find the right type for you!

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