Remington Brave RM125 is not just any blower; it is one of the most impressive handheld gas powered leaf blowers for light to heavy-duty domestic applications. This big-little blower is all you need for quicker, more efficient lawn care since it combines the power of a commercial-grade blower with the size and weight of a residential one.

Remington Brave RM125 Review

This blower has high ratings on many online stores and from many users, so if you want to find out if it is worth the hype, keep reading our extensive breakdown and review of all its features.

Pros Cons
Compact and lightweight design Producing high vibration while operating
Large capacity fuel tank Noisy operation
Easy to assemble and use
Good value for the price

Remington Brave RM125 Highlights

There are many blowers on the market today, and deciding which one matches your cleaning needs can be a hassle if you do not know what to look out for, so it is essential to take note of the features of the one you want to purchase.

As a result, to determine if the Remington Brave RM125 is truly a force to be reckoned with among other gas-powered handheld models, hence you should have a keen eye for this detail.

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  • 25cc 2-cycle gas engine
  • 180 MPH Airspeed
  • 400 cubic feet per minute air volume
  • Quick start technology
  • Variable speed throttle with cruise control
  • Weighs 9.71 lbs
  • Start type: recoil start
  • Noise rating: 73 dB(A)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 14 fl. oz
  • Two years limited warranty
  • The package also includes a Remington RM125 manual and 2-cycle oil.

Remington Brave RM125 Review

Remington Brave RM125 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Compact and lightweight design
Large capacity fuel tank
Easy to assemble and use
Good value for the price
Producing high vibration while operating
Producing high vibration while operating

One important feature you should always look out for when deciding on handheld blowers is weight. Since you will have to carry and maneuver it around with your hands for a long time, especially during lengthy cleanups, it is essential for it to have a decent weight that will not hurt your muscles or cause a spasm. Often, gas-powered blowers are generally known for being heavy because of their fuel tanks and engines. 

But the RM125 is one of the few exceptions to this rule because it weighs in at just 9.71 lbs, barely the size of a three-month-old baby. You can carry this device easily while blowing for several hours without worrying about your arms wearing out or getting fatigued. This lightweight also allows elder people and even teens who want to help with yard work to use the blower with ease, because it is quite well balanced as it gets the task done in regard to the weight that it has. 

The RM125 is fitted with a maximum airspeed of up to 180 MPH that allows you to confidently tackle any type and size of debris you are faced with. In addition to this, you should also consider how the air volume of 400 CFM will enable you to push debris quickly and finish your work with time left to spare.

Even though this airflow is average compared to other gas-powered handheld models set for commercial cleanups, it is more than enough for domestic applications. In short, whether it is several acres of land, your large yard, or a small driveway, you have sufficient air output for seamless cleaning.

Sometimes while blowing, you would need to be able to match the airflow to the type of debris or area you are working with. On another note, remember that this is where the variable speed control feature comes in, and it would easily give you the freedom and the ability to function the way that you wish. To elaborate on the matter further, think of it this way, when it comes to cleaning gutters or even tight corners, the airflow has to be low for enough precision to displace dirt. 

But when blowing an open area with wet leaves or small stones, you need maximum airspeed to push the dirt. With the variable speed throttle, you can easily adjust the blower’s air output depending on the blowing need. To top it off, the manufacturers have built the machine in a way that it comes with a cruise control setting you can use to lock in and continue with the set speed.


Gas leaf blowers are usually a bit expensive due to the amount of power they expel. By purchasing this device, you not only get incredible airflow with many user-friendly features, but you won’t break the bank doing it, and you won’t even harm your muscles, which means that this machine is very well put-together that it would benefit you in so many ways. 

One significant downside of this blower is the loud noise its engine produces while operating. As a result, it has a noise rating of 73 decibels, equivalent to a very loud alarm clock; in the long run, if you start feeling exhausted, you may want to start wearing a pair of ear muffs. Besides potentially disturbing your neighbors and the annoying feeling you get from the sound, prolonged exposure to such noise can cause damage to your hearing. 

Hence, it is quite simple to note that you cannot use this device early in the morning, late at night, or in noise-restricted areas. Even though this noise rating is within the expected level of gas-powered blowers, it is advisable to use ear protection muffs to dampen the sound and protect your ears from damage.

How Has The Remington Brave RM125 Evolved?

The Brave RM125 has evolved by being one of the most affordable models compared to other gas-powered handheld leaf blowers, considering some of the features it is packed with, including its powerful blowing force and quickstart technology.

How Has The Remington Brave RM125 Evolved

It also has a large tank compared to previous versions of gas-powered blowers. You can check the Remington Hero RM430 leaf blower as well.

Features Breakdown

– 25cc 2-cycle Engine

The Remington Brave RM125 is powered by a two-stroke engine with a displacement of 25cc. Two-stroke engines complete their power cycle in two strokes and have lesser parts than four-stroke engines. 

25cc 2 cycle Engine

So, they are about 30 percent lighter, more cost-efficient, require low maintenance, have a more straightforward mechanism, and have high torque, and with this, they are also manufactured in a way that it is easier to start. But some of the drawbacks of this engine are that it emits a lot of fumes, generates a lot of noise, which contributes to the high noise rating of this blower, and produces lots of vibrations.

Another thing to note is that two-stroke engines cannot run on gas alone and require a mixture of oil and gas. To this effect, the manufacturers have stated that the ratio of the Remington leaf blower gas mix is 40:1. 

The oil is required to increase the blower’s efficiency as well as lubricate and cool the engine to prevent wear and tear due to friction. On another note, it is crucial to use the highest grade or ethanol-free gas, or the gas must not contain more than 10 percent ethanol, which is why you must abide by the given guidelines to prevent your blower from breaking down.

Due to this oil and gas requirement, you will incur extra costs. But this should not discourage you from using the blower because, luckily, this is why the company of manufacturing has included a bottle of 2-cycle oil in the product, enough to mix your first gallon of gas, so that you would know the right oil that you should be using for a smooth use. 

Subsequently, you must purchase your own, but you can continue using the bottle to measure the oil for future mixtures. Finally, this device comes with a 14 fl. oz fuel tank which you will appreciate because it is large enough to hold fuel that can last a few hours before running out.

– Ergonomics

User-friendliness and comfort are two things every gas blower should provide its user. On another note, the RM125 does not disappoint as it is packed with many ergonomic features for an enhanced blowing experience. 

Apart from being lightweight and portable, this device also has a comfortable handle for a firm, comfortable grip, and compact tubes that are easy to assemble and allow for easy handling. And for more effortless startups, it uses Quick Start technology that significantly reduces the effort required to pull the start trigger; in short, the device roars to life after just two or three pulls.

– Strong Airflow Capacity

The airspeed of a blower determines whether or not you can push heavy objects over a distance. While the air volume determines the amount of debris, you can move in a certain amount of time. Hence, the higher the MPH, the heavier the debris you can blow.

Strong Airflow Capacity Blower 

This means that the higher the CFM, the faster you can be done with your cleanup. When it comes, the RM125 has a maximum airspeed of 180 MPH and an air volume of 400 CFM, which is the expectation from a gas-powered blower. Showing you that the machine has strong functionality, and it would get the job done in the right way.


This impressive airflow allows you to carry out light to heavy-duty cleanups on small to large landscapes in about half the time you spend using a rake for cleanups. However, you must clean the blower’s air filter after each use to maintain its air output.


Remington is known for their line of high-quality power equipment, and this one is no different. So many features are significant and an added value regarding the Remington RM125 blower, from its compact build to its ease of use and handling and, most importantly, its incredible airflow. 

There are so many things to love about the RM125, not just because the manufacturers have tagged it “Brave” but because fall leaves and debris from summer winds do not stand a chance when this tool swings into action. After reading this review, you should be able to determine whether or not this device fits your blowing needs accurately.

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