Review Robomow RS630 focuses on the high-end, robotic RS630 lawn mower, which comes with advanced technology and features. It is designed to provide the user with a smooth and effortless experience while providing the best care for your lawn.Review Robomow RS630

In this review, we cover everything you need to know about it, from its key features, like quality and power, to its durability and lifespan. If any of that interests you, make sure to continue reading below.

Pros Cons
Large cutting capacity of 0.75 acres, suitable for both small or large-sized yards Not suitable for rough and uneven terrain
Eco-friendly, works on rechargeable battery instead of fuel Higher cost than manual mowers
Smart AI features: ALEXA home, and  smartphone connectivity

Features and Specifications

This robot lawn mower provides its user with all the usual features we see in common mowers, like powerful motors, precise cutting, and sharp blades. But due to its robotic nature, the R3630 goes so far beyond the norms.

  • Cutting width of 22 inches
  • Cutting height adjustment of 0.78 to 3.14 inches
  • Cutting capacity of 0.75 acres
  • Up to 100 minutes of runtime
  • Charging time of 90 to 110 minutes
  • 26 V lithium-ion battery
  • 0 Ah battery capacity
  • Brushless motor
  • Noise rating of 74 dB
  • Tri-blade functionality
  • Compatible with a smartphone app that allows remote controlling and monitoring of the mower
  • ALEXA home connectivity and other smart capabilities
  • Floating deck to rearrange itself automatically to lift over slopes
  • Can handle slopes up to 20 degrees
  • Edge mode letting you mow right up to the edges of a wall or pavement
  • Safety features in place to ensure a risk-free operation

A Comprehensive Guide and Review Robomow RS630

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Robomow RS630 Key Criteria
Ease of Staring
Performance on rough terrain
Large cutting capacity of 0.75 acres, suitable for both small or large-sized yards
Eco-friendly, works on rechargeable battery instead of fuel
Smart AI features: ALEXA home, and smartphone connectivity
Not suitable for rough and uneven terrain
Higher cost than manual mowers

To give you a quick overview of this mower, we give it a score over four categories essential for high-performing robot lawn mowers. It gets a 10/10 for the easiest start-up that can be done remotely with a click of a button, another 10/10 for perfect delivery of power, a 9.5/10 for maintenance requirements, and lastly, a 9/10 for performance on rough terrain because of the efficiency it will result in.


Robotic mowers like the RS630 have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years, and for a good reason, as they make the ever-grueling task of lawn maintenance much easier and more convenient. The RS is especially a stand-out line of robotic lawn mowers, amongst which the RS630 is a particularly great robot lawn mower that is powerful and versatile and can easily hold up against small to large-sized yards.

One great feature out of many of the RS630 is its powerful battery which will help you with thee strength of the machine. This robust power source provides up to 100 minutes of mowing time, which is plenty for any length of the task and much longer than what is offered by other mowers available on the marketplace.

Additionally, the convenience of monitoring and controlling your mower from the comfort of your seat makes this mower stand out even more. It has never been this simple before, as you do not need to be on your lawn to mow it. Using the incredibly user-friendly app, you can let the machine do all the work while you kick back and take it easy.

A possible drawback of this mower may be the Robomow RS630 price, which due to its highly advanced robotic technology, can be a bit expensive for some buyers. However, considering the features it offers, this is an investment worth making, as you are not only purchasing a mower but a robot assistant that will handle all the lawn maintenance for you. It is also worth noting that if you check for Robomow RS630 for sale, you may be able to encounter some great discounts too.button_check-price-Red

Lastly, another thing to bear in mind is how easy and simple to use this mower is! We have, undoubtedly, never encountered one quite like it. The app and the smart AI connectivity capabilities make working with this mower an absolute dream because you will have perfect control over the machine. It also comes with an incredibly helpful Robomow RS630 manual which explains everything you need to know about it, from assembly to care, in neat little steps.

– How Has the Robomow RS630 Evolved?

The RS630 has evolved in many ways that are typical of the Robomow line: to start with, they have improved its AI and robotic technology to be even more proficient. The RS630 can run up to 100 minutes on full power, whereas before, this long time was not possible.Details of Robomow RS630

If we compare them the RS630 to the older Robomow RK1000 in details, it is clear to see how the RS630 has a much longer runtime of 100 minutes, whereas the RK1000 can go for a maximum of 60 minutes. That is a whole additional 40 minutes more, seeing this, it is clear that the machine is efficient with its running time.

Another way the RS630 has surpassed its previous modules is with its improved extended battery life. They have also improved the mower’s cutting abilities to be more precise and clean.

The RK1000’s cutting width does not even hold a candle to the RS630! The RK1000 offers an 8.2 inches cutting width, whereas the RS630 has a cutting width of 22 inches. Lastly, the RK1000 is suitable for lawns up to 0.25 acres in size on the other hand, the RS630 can handle up to 0.75 acres of land, and this is a way to see how the improvement is beneficial.

A Bird’s Eye View of the Main Features

– Design and Quality

This mower features a durable build quality, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather conditions outdoors. The blade is of a tri-blade design and is made from alloy steel which prevents it from corrosion or rust over time. The metal body of the mower is also sturdy enough to withstand harsh rains and wind, which is what to be a win-win for you, as you would keep it for a long period of time without any hassle in the quality.Design and Quality of Robomow Mower

– A Sensor for Rain

Along with other smart AI capabilities, this mower also features a rain sensor that detects when it starts raining and automatically stops mowing; this way, you will see how the machine is able to ensure the best result and how it protects. This feature protects the machine as if it were to continue mowing in the rain, and it may get clogged up with wet, muddy soil, and you would be worrying, in that case, how to repair it.

– Large Cutting Width

The 22 inches cutting width ensures an efficient and effective cut in large yards of up to 0.75 acres. Also, since the width is so large, it finishes off your entire lawn maintenance work in a shorter duration, thus ensuring you are energized by the end of it.

– ALEXA and Other Smart Home Capabilities

The RS630 works in tandem with ALEXA Home to allow its user to command and control the mower via voice command from anywhere within range. This allows you to sit and relax, while your smart mower takes care of everything in your yard, and the machine will be running the work for you.Alexa System of Robomow RS630

The RS630 mower also works with phone connectivity through a mobile phone app. This app lets you monitor and control your mower remotely. Which why, this app is highly convenient and easy to use, as you can relax inside while the mower takes care of the lawn.

– Anti-theft and Safety System

An anti-theft system is In place to prevent the mower from getting stolen, which means that if you aim to invest it in, it has a great way to be kept safe from any thievery issues. To operate the mower, you need a valid passcode, and it is set to automatically turn off when it is lifted off the ground or tilted, thus ensuring it does not accidentally harm someone within its range.


– A One-of-Its-kind Deck

This unique feature of the RS630 works by automatically slightly lifting the mower when it encounters slopes, which is particularly helpful for uneven land patches. The mower can incline up to 20 degrees, making it capable of handling sloped terrains as well as smooth ones.


So to sum up our final thoughts, we think the RS630 is the best option for those looking for a robotic lawn mower. It is easy to use, durable, has superior cutting performance, and offers a professional-looking yard with minimal effort.

While the price might be high for some, it is an excellent investment that provides you with years of service. We hope this review has been helpful to you, and you now have a clearer grasp of the RS630.

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