Ridgid R8604301B is a compact jobsite cordless handheld blower that exceeds expectations seeing as most users expect cordless blowers to be gas-powered to be powerful. Jobsite blowers are small and lightweight and are built mainly for use on hard work surfaces. 

Product Break Down of Ridgid R8604301B

Therefore, they are not intended for heavy yardwork or expansive landscapes but can be used for small cleanups around the home, making this Ridgid blower perfect for the job. It might be small, but this blower contains many valuable features, and we will be breaking them down in detail in our review guide.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Short battery life
Easy to use and maneuver Battery and charger have to be purchased separately
Compact design allows it to be used in tight spaces Not suitable for blowing wet leaves or heavy debris
Affordable price

Ridgid R8604301B Highlights

Ridgid’s blower might disappoint you if you intend to use it for fall cleanup because its airflow and runtime aren’t strong enough. Instead, it is designed to help you quickly clean up dust, sand, and other dirt from your garage, construction area, and other workspaces.

While you can use it to clear small distributions of leaves or debris from your driveway or deck, you won’t have to worry about an extra battery or charger if you already have a Ridgid power tool because they use the same batteries and charger.

  • Cordless jobsite handheld leaf blower
  • 18V Lithium Ion battery
  • 280 CFM air volume
  • 105 MPH air speed
  • Variable speed control trigger
  • Hex Grip enhanced micro texture handle
  • Lightweight of five lbs
  • 94.5 dB noise rating
  • The package includes a front nozzle, and operator’s manual
  • It does not have the battery and charger in the package.

Ridgid R8604301B Review

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Ridgid R8604301B Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Easy to use and maneuver
Compact design allows it to be used in tight spaces
Affordable price
Short battery life
Battery and charger have to be purchased separately
Not suitable for blowing wet leaves or heavy debris

Being a jobsite leaf-blower, the Ridgid R8604301B has an unsurprisingly compact design that allows for easy usage and storage. As a result of its size, it is one of the smallest 18V blowers out there, because remember that this amount of high voltage is one that is worth investing in.

Even with the batteries put in, the blower rounds up to a weight of just five pounds, making it impressively lightweight and can be used by anyone, regardless of age or size. With an 11-inch nozzle, the blower totals a height of just 23 inches, which allows it to be used easily in tight areas.

Typically, a 280 CFM air volume is considered very low for leaf-blowers. However, the Ridgid blower is just a job site leaf-blower and has a suitable air volume for the blowing it is designed to carry out. 

This air volume allows you to efficiently blow cobwebs, dust, sand, small pebbles, and other debris without sending them flying all over the place. When it comes to these types of blowers, the air volume is more important as it is more about how much debris it can push than how fast it can put it.

As an overall result, it is fair to think about how the 105 MPH airspeed is more than enough to help you get your blowing done quickly, but of course for a small yard, and not a very big one.

On the other hand, it is also a great choice to consider how the R8604301B more has a variable speed control trigger that you can use to control the speed of the blower for various applications. When a machine has cruise control, it means that the company has thought through your comfort and the way that you should grip the handle.

The trigger, however, does not come with a cruise control feature, so you won’t be able to lock in the selected speed. Nevertheless, the variable control trigger is easy to use and resistant enough to let you maintain the same speed while working. You must note that the battery runs out faster when using the full speed, leaving a shorter runtime.

The Ridgid R8604301B has a unique, compact but robust design with an ergonomic handle on top of the battery and motor. This design allows the blower to be carried like a bag, providing more comfort since the two heaviest parts are right below your hand, which is why your muscles will be relaxed.

On another note, the air intake is on the back of the blower, so your clothes would not get sucked in and prevent air from entering to cool the motor. The blower is also fitted with an 11 inches nozzle, a Ridgid jobsite blower extension, that allows it to be easily maneuvered. 

Nonetheless, it might make the blower difficult for tall people to use. A longer nozzle would have provided more precision while blowing. Overall, the blower offers lots of ease and convenience for quick cleanups.

How Has Ridgid R8604301B Evolved?

The R8604301B has evolved from its previous model R860430B, being lighter than it has bee, as the previous model was 7.2 pounds, but this one is five pounds. Which means that the new model that you would use will not feel exhausting for your muscles. 

Evolved by Having a Much Smaller Capacity

The R8604301B model is a solid blower in its category of job site leaf-blowers, having one of the lightest weights and compact designs of any cordless handheld leaf-blower you can find. This makes it perfect for users to carry and maneuver it without tiring out.


Features Breakdown

– 18V Lithium Ion Battery

The Ridgid R8604301B is fitted with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery that supplies its electric power. This battery has a decent runtime of up to 20 minutes on a full charge, giving you enough time to get your blowing done before it goes off, provided you use it at low speed.

On the other hand, you must remember that this blower isn’t meant for lawn care, so you shouldn’t be disappointed by the runtime.

Ridgid R8604301B Leaf Blower Feature Breakdown

If you use it at full speed, the runtime becomes shorter by up to 10 minutes. Besides, not every cleanup will require you to utilize that much power. Which means that to get the most out of the 20-minute runtime, it is advisable to alternate between the normal and full speed while working.

However, another important aspect that you should have in midn is that the Ridgid blower doesn’t come with a battery or charger, so they will have to be bought separately, this may be a bit of a hassle for some people, but if you are buying the machine online, you can also purchase the charger with it.

– Airflow Capacity

The blower has a combined airflow capacity of 280 CFM air volume and a 105 MPH airspeed. The air volume will allow you easily push the dirt and debris while the airspeed will keep it moving. 

This airflow is sufficient to quickly blow leaves and debris in a pile as well as dust, feathers, grass clippings, cobwebs, etc. You can even use it to dry off water from your car or other hard surfaces. A jet engine-style protrusion on the back of the blower also helps to streamline the air to accelerate it further.

Although some would think twice regarding this notion, on the flip side, if you have a small yard, this is the perfect investment, because the machine is a compact one that gets the job done perfectly well. Moreover, you wouldn’t be needing anything that is too big if you have a yard that doesn’t require a machine that is heavy duty and will work on a much greater force. 

– Lightweight

A weight of just five pounds puts the Ridgid R8604301B, as it has 105 MPH cordless blower on the map as an ergonomically advanced blower. Being lightweight is highly beneficial because it would make the blower easy for anyone to handle the blower without wearing out their arm and shoulders or getting fatigued easily. 

Lightweight Ridgid R8604301B Leaf Blower

It is so lightweight that even teens can easily use it if you are seeking for their help, in addition to the elderly members who won’t find it heavy. This means that the product design is one that is showing practicality and lowering the risk of having a muscle cramp, because you would be pulling too much of the weight as the machine is a hand held device. 

– Handle Shape

The blower’s handle is designed in an L shape with the trigger just below it. And according to the manufacturers, it is built with Hex Grip enhanced micro texture to provide maximum comfort and a firm grip while working. 

The reason why this shape of the handle is important is that it would be giving the blower a value, which is by creating an opening underneath where the battery is inserted. This position prevents the battery from being damaged when dropped accidentally, no matter how it hits the ground. 

It also allows enough air to reach the battery efficiently and cool it, as by this, think about how the durability will increase. Generally, this makes the blower a balanced one, but when using it, you need to tilt it to get a good angle if you are blowing the ground because the blower is parallel to it.

– Medium Noise Rating

A noise rating of 94.5 decibels during operation makes this blower very noisy, and it can potentially cause damage to your hearing during prolonged use. Such noise ratings can be expected for gas-powered blowers, but not the battery-powered type, and this might have been one of the major setbacks of this blower if it was intended for lengthy or heavy-duty cleanups. 

So the noise doesn’t have to be a setback if you use it for its intended purpose, because when used extensively, that is when it will be a risky one, but of course if you have a smaller yard, it is not that big of a deal. However, if the noise is unbearable, you can use ear muffs to drown it out.



When comparing the Ridgid 18-volt jobsite handheld cordless blower with other cordless blowers in the market, it might be easy to lose sight of the fact that it isn’t made for heavy-duty cleanups. 

The Ridgid R8604301B delivers excellent blowing performance if used for its intended purpose: blowing hard surfaces and light debris. This blower might be built with a compact, lightweight design, but its power will leave you impressed.

Our Ridgid 18V blower review covers everything there is to know about the device, so you can decide whether to purchase it with confidence. As an alternative, we highly recommend checking our detailed review of the Craftsman BP510 leaf blower.

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